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New Better Sex Blog Location

Looking for details on our 2009 / 2010 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest? Move over to our new blog location for more info:

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sexual Fantasy Poll

Coworker currently leading our sexual fantasy poll (take it on our home page). Guess we will have to create a "Better Sex In The Office" feature soon.

Take the Better Sex Fantasy Poll (located on the right side of our home page)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Weekend - Better Sex Summer Sale

All good things come to an end. Our Better Sex Summer Sale is no exception. This is the LAST WEEKEND for our summer sale. We have cool things planned for September including Sex in the Shower, so stay tuned. If saving money is important to you, parting with some of it this weekend will end up saving you money in the long run.

Top 5 Sale Best Sellers = Currently Listed on Home Page

Have a great weekend!!!

Martin & Better Sex Web Team


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Time To Get Over the Common Sex Life

There are many reasons for a couple’s sex to falter, whether it comes from major life events or some more common complaints, there should be a way to get out of the doldrums and into sexual ecstasy. Better Sex has compiled some of the most common complaints for dwindling sex and provides the cure. The 8 Cures for the Common Sex Life gives you some of the most common sexual issues and provides a specific suggestion to help evolve your sex life from just so-so to an orgasmic love fest. Some ailments that Better Sex has found a “cure” for are dull and boring, dry, lacking desire, anti-climatic, singular, limp, lacking foreplay and hurried. And just so you can be sure it has worked for others, along with the suggestion comes a quote from other customers who have had the product “cure” the complications that were once taking place in their sex life. Not only do you get the “cures” to the common sex life but also an extra 10% OFF your order when you add any one of the items on the page to your cart, just type in the code 8Cures at checkout!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How safe is your wet sex?

For three steamy months of the year many of us seek cooler atmospheres to get it on, and most of the time that means pools, showers, oceans, and lakes. At Better Sex we want to hear what difficulties you’ve had with water sex. So check out our Water Sex Poll, add your input, save $5 on your order and check out some tips we've added to help you have best (and less challenging) water sex possible.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Better Sex Jargon Story

Value of Crazy Creative Friends
In a previous life, I got to know the uber-talented and funny writers at Imagineering in San Francisco. Imagineering created a very cool game they named Rorshock. Everyone knows the look at the ink blot and a trained Freudian will see your hidden desires and neurosis. Imagineering put a special spin on this idea. They make their blots multiple choice. How you chooose = the strange and funny diagnosis you receive. I love Rorshock and the creative minds at Imagineering (Visit Imagineering's Store not affiliated with Sinclair).

Play Sex Blots

I worked with Imagineering to create our Better Sex Blots game. Same concept at Rorshock. See the blot, read choices and pick your favorite to receive a "diagnosis". Choices will define you as either a Sex Maniac, Sex God, Sex Machine or a Sex Symbol. As you may expect, I am a sex maniac (but in a good way :).

Free Sex Jargon
Imagineering decided their next product would be funny AND factual. They created a little book called Sex Jargon with real definitions of sexual terms. This little orange book is very funny. Here are just a few examples:

  • O Face: Facial expression of someone having an orgasm.
  • Introduce the Captain: to penetrate (the vagina) with the penis.
  • Inhale The Oyster: slang for oral sex.
This little orange book goes on like this for hundreds of definitions and over eighty pages. Don't buy Sex Jargon from us. Let us give it to you for free. Buy just about anything on (anything over $24.00 anyway) and we will thank you with 2 FREE GIFTS. Select Sex Jargon from my friends at Imagineering and I guarantee you will have a good laugh. Our theory is if you can't have a good laugh about your sex life you need to lighten up (and watch one of our adult sex education DVD's).

Have a great 4th of July everyone and send your sex blots or sex jargon ideas to Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com) :).


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberte Buzz in Redbook!

The Natural Contours Liberte was featured in REDBOOK's July 2009 edition. REDBOOK's Sex & Love section acquires all kinds of great information including sex tips, sex & relationship articles and the sex-life road test.

Liberte was touted in their recently released issue as "Our best sex advice ever - Tried & Tested!" We agree and think you will too! Try Liberte today and see if our Gspot sex toy doesn't create as much buzz for you!

CLICK HERE to see our comprehensive product demonstration video.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest - 2009

Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Details - Coming Soon's annual Erotic Fiction Contest will be held in September. In five previous contests Better Sex supported erotic writers with cash awards now totaling over $15,000. Check here and in our new better sex blog after Labor Day.

Better Sex Erotic Stories Book Our 2008 book has been delayed by problems with our printer ( We've had trouble getting our current book published correctly. Those problems seem resolved. We will know for sure when our replacement order of books arrives (should be any day). Now it is time to create our Erotic Fiction Stories II book. This new book will combine winners from our summer and fall 2008 contests. We are shooting to publish our new book in concert with our 2009 Better Sex Erotic Fiction contest.

How the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Works
We schedule "publication slots". Usually we have 3 slots per week for a total of 30 to 40 stories. Each week 3 stories (maybe more this year) compete to win the most community votes that week. The story with the most votes wins a cash prize and inclusion in the finals. We typically have 300 stories from almost as many authors, so winning a publication slot is a significant accomlishment. Winning a week is a very significant accomplishment since it gets your story into the finals and into our next book. Win the finals and you will receive a big check and free copies of our book.

Previous Winners Pre-Contest Deadline = Labor Day
Writers who, in previous contests, won a week of community voting will be granted at least one publication slot IF they send their story (ies) by Labor Day. Previous winners are assured at least one publication slot. Send in 3 great stories and previous winners may have all 3 stories awarded publication slots. Send stories to msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com with "2009 Erotic Fiction" in the subject line. I will confirm receipt within 72 hours. My personal email is martinsellingzoe(at)aol (use this if you don't get a receipt within 72 hours).

New to the Contest Deadline = TBD
We haven't arranged all of our dates for 2009 / 2010 yet, but you may send a story in now and it will go into our open judging pool (stories from writers who've never won before). We are modifying some rules this year, but some remain the same.

  • (C) remains with the author.
  • Submission grants the right to publish story once for community voting IF it is selected.
  • Each week a number of stories will compete for community votes, story with the most votes wins its week.
  • A limited release form will grant limited use to Better Sex. This year, no story without a release form will be judged. Since it is hard to match release to story later please submit release with stories.
  • Download 2009 / 2010 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Release Form Here.
  • Forms can be signed, scanned and emailed to msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com OR they can be faxed to 919.732.5393.
  • PayPal = we've included information for PayPal on our release form this year. We plan to pay 100% of our cash awards via PayPal, so please be sure you have a PP account and include your payment information on your release.
  • Prizes = TBD (we will award cash prizes again, but size of awards is being determined now).
  • Other Prizes = Writers who do a great job helping us get the word out about The Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest on blogs or social networks will be eligible for special cash prizes this year. We need your help to get the word out about great Erotic Fiction and our contest. We will have special blog banners and cash awards for sites that do a great job getting the word out to writers or readers. We are working on these details now. If you would like to be on our list of "Erotic Fiction Supporters" please email Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com. Emailing me NEVER signs you up for any list.
  • Best way to keep up with what is always a dynamic and changing contest is to check back here, or our Better Sex Blog
    , join our email list or follow BetterSexWeb on Twitter.
Good luck and keep writing.


Previous posts that may be of interest: Why I created the Better Sex Fiction Contest

Comments from writers about the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer of FREE Love Sale

The summer is known for its ability to bring two lovers together under the hot, playful sun. And this summer Better Sex is helping to make your summer love sizzle. The Better Sex Summer of FREE Love Sale began last week providing numerous ways to add some excitement to your romance through this hot season! Over 200 sex toys and DVDs are on sale. It's the biggest summer sale we have ever had. Not only are products on sale but there are free shipping options, contests and all new free toys with any $24 purchase.

Getting free products is great but what about winning an iPod Touch preloaded with some of our favorite Better Sex® sex education titles? Enter your e-mail once a month throughout the summer and you have the chance to win one of the three iPods available and have some of our best products right in the palm of your hand.

To make things even easier for the summer we have contests where all you have to do is follow BetterSexWeb on Twitter and Tweet or join our e-mail list to win great products and enjoy special offers.

Love is in the air this summer and we want to help you make summer as steamy as possible.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rabbit Sale = Last Day

We had an email snafu last weekend, a case of our left hand slapping right hand. Email declared our Better Sex Couples Sex Toy Sale and ALL Rabbits Sale over a week early. Managing a web site is a lot like what my friend Tony does for a living. Tony is a behind the scenes guy on Broadway. I knew Tony in college where he set me straight about what it really meant to be on the AV squad (meant you were uber-cool not uber-geek as I incorrectly thought). If you go to a Broadway play and lighting is perfect and stages change exactly when and how they are supposed to chances are my friend Tony (or his friends) are running the scene changing technology.

We couldn't have ended our Rabbit and Couples sale until today because the noise you hear, the hammering and stressed voices, is my team staying up the better part of several nights to work on a new play, the play that starts tomorrow. We are calling this play the Summer of FREE Love and it is going to be massively cool.

BUT, not every Rabbit vibrator is on sale tomorrow as they are now. Some of our couples sex toy selections are coming off sale too, so if you've been thinking about something in either of those categories best to get 'er done tonight.

Summer of Free Love starts tomorrow.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do housewives know about sex? A lot more than you do, apparently

What is it about Housewives that so many people find sexually appealing? Is it the idea that they're these pent-up balls of sexual deviance just waiting to release themselves from their closed-in prisons of mediocrity?

Creative Loafing thinks that the very act of being a housewife makes this sought-after demographic particularly good at sex.

The obvious advantage of not having to go to work is the ability to watch TV for many, many more hours than your breadwinning counterpart. But, there are other advantages.

Ever slept with a housewife and wondered why she’s better in bed than your working wife? It’s because housewives know how sex works–because they are home watching Good Morning America segments like “How Sex Works.”

The segment features an interview with an evolutionary biologist, who answers questions like “have you ever wondered exactly what attracted you to your partner?” and “why do you act the way you do around the opposite sex?”

Dealing with mismatched fetishes

In an ideal world, the person you fall in love with will have the exact same sexual turn-ons as you, but in reality compatibility outside the bedroom does not always translate to compatibility in the bedroom. Perhaps you are really into anal but your husband isn't, or perhaps you enjoy role playing but he just can't get into it without feeling absolutely ridiculous.

Or what happens if your girlfriend figures out that she's basically a masochist? She enjoys the pain caused by nipple clamps and wants you to be rough with her, but since you're not a sadist you don't know how?. Seattle Weekly has the answer.

Wolf understands your discomfort with inflicting pain. "All their lives guys have been taught to not hit girls. But some women want to be manhandled!" She suggests that you "remember that there is a difference between hurt and harm." When you give your girlfriend what she's asking for—even if it looks uncomfortable to you—you're making her happy. Just be sure you don't cross the line and harm her while you're hurting her. Capisce?...

...Wolf advises you to start slowly. Because spankings are already part of your play, she suggests you "up the ante by using a paddle, [but] make sure you know where is safe to hit." Wolf continues, "Increase the swats incrementally. Watch your partner, read the body language, and listen to how they breathe and what they say."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is prostate cancer sexually transferable?

Little known fact: Many think women, because they don't have prostates, are immune from the threat of prostate cancer, but in fact females do have a prostate gland, located in the same area as the G-Spot, called Skene's glands. Doctors think these glands actually start out as prostate glands during pregnancy and as gender develops, they shrink in females while growing in males.

But the question is, does this make a female vulnerable to prostate cancer? And could a male partner with prostate cancer transfer those cancerous cells -- allowing them possibly to latch on to the Skene's glands -- through his semen? The Wall Street Journal attempts to answer this question.

In very rare cases, Skene's glands have become cancerous -- and the tumors cells give off prostate-specific antigen (PSA), just as male prostate cancer does. An article in the International Journal of Gynecological Pathology in 2004 reported the case of an 88-year-old woman who had a three-centimeter mass and an elevated PSA. She received external-beam radiation and was free of cancer a year later. The article noted it was the sixth case of such prostate-type cancers apparently originating in the Skene's glands.

Secondly, a study in 1998 demonstrated that prostate-cancer cells can be found in semen, although not with enough specificity to serve as a diagnostic test.

Still, that doesn't mean that prostate-cancer cells carried in semen could spread cancer to another person. "One person's cancer cells cannot be transmitted to another. Their immune system will kill them," Mark Scholz, the PCRI's executive director, wrote in an email.

The massage oil dilemma: Scented or unscented

While perusing through massage oils, it's not difficult to become quickly overwhelmed by the sheer mass of choices. They range in thickness, scent, targeted area of application, and temperature. Is it all a matter of personal taste, or is there a science to choosing what's best for you?

A columnist at the Herald Tribune takes the scientific approach:

There's an ongoing debate about whether massage with aromas is superior to standard massage, but some evidence suggests that you may get more short-term benefits from a massage with scents. The scent with the most data supporting it: lemon. In addition to getting a massage with a product that includes lemon oil, try using the scent in these ways:

Spray lemon scent on a pillow a couple of hours before bed.

Take a foot bath with lemons in it. Some studies suggest this helps promote relaxation.

Add lemon oil to your bath water.

Rub your body with lemon oil to promote sleep and soothe skin burns.

While there's less research on these, they might be worth a try:

Tea tree oil for topical infection in areas such as the feet or armpits.

Rosemary, which can help improve mental alertness and function by reducing the effect of stress, so you can focus.

Peppermint and lavender. While we suspect these help improve focus or reduce stress, we're still waiting for good scientific studies to find out. But if you like the way they smell, keep them around.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scientific studies support effectiveness of premature ejaculation spray

Over at the Better Sex store we have spray that treats premature ejaculation by utilizing "a lidocaine based, pre-measured spray that reduces the sensitivity of the penis allowing more climax control."

If you had any skepticism as to the effectiveness of the spray, look no further than this article in Science Daily:

Researchers presented data on the spray's efficacy during a presentation of their randomized, Phase 3, double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the 104th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA).

One current treatment for premature ejaculation consists of topical creams with desensitizing agents which dull the penile skin and delay ejaculation. Although effective, these creams require use of a condom and/or washing the cream away before intercourse and they may reduce sexual pleasure. Researchers have shown that a new topical spray, consisting of an aerosol formulation of lidocaine and prilocaine, is effective and easy to use. It selectively desensitizes penile skin, affecting only the non-keratinized skin (the inner lining of the foreskin and the surface of the glans), without adversely affecting the sensation of ejaculation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The myths of anal sex

Anal sex is a delicate point of conversation between couples, with societal norms making it sometimes difficult for partners to broach the subject or define each other's desires and needs. For instance, the term "anal sex" can have a variety of meanings -- from rimming to the use of vibrating butt plugs -- but most people simply think of it as anal intercourse.

But has discussed these facets and myths in an article titled Ten Rules of Anal Sex

1. Anal intercourse is the least practiced form of anal sex.

There are many ways to enjoy the anus erotically. The most common techniques include touching the anal opening while masturbating or stimulating a partner's anus during intercourse or oral sex.

Some people enjoy the sensation of a finger - their own or a lover's - insinuated into their anal opening and gently rotated. Others may prefer the insertion of a dildo or vibrator beyond the anal opening and short anal canal into the larger rectum. Many men, including hetereosexuals, prefer this form of penetration.

Oral-anal lovemaking is popularly known as rimming. The very idea disgusts some people. Others enjoy performing it or allowing themselves to be probed in this special way.

2. Anal stimulation, including intercourse, is not painful if done properly.

The belief that anal stimulation, especially intercourse, has to hurt is a persistent and dangerous myth. Just as pain anywhere in the body indicates that something is wrong, so is the same true of the anal area. With its high concentration of nerve endings, the anus can produce extreme agony when it is mistreated. Yet it can be a source of great pleasure.

When a finger, object or penis is intorduced into the anus, the anal muscles go into spasm, as if fighting off an invasion. Pain will result if the partners do not wait for these muscles to relax. Under sufficient stress they will eventually collapse and the pain subside, unless further damage is done. But, any 'pleasure' afforded from this kind of activity derives mostly from the absence of discomfort.

Maximum anal pleasure requires the elimination of all pain or physical trauma from the anal experience. Self-protection on the part of the passive partner involves being ready to say "no" until he or she is ready to proceed. Readiness is a combination of physical relaxation, usually helped along by plenty of leisurely anal touching, and desire.

Occasionally the anal muscles are relaxes, but the passive partner is still not in the mood. Stimulation should mount only in proportion to the degree of receptivity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One male's impotence drug is a woman's clitoral stimulance

Plenty of medical research has gone into treating male impotence (also, plenty of email (i.e. spam) marketing), but it turns out women may be soon benefiting from this as well. A recent study shows that male impotence medication, when given to females, sometimes helps treat their sexual dysfunction:

The main drugs used to treat male impotence appear to also benefit around 40 percent of women who report sexual dysfunction, suggesting that the medical community should perhaps take a second look at their potential as a viable treatment for women. In a study into the effect of the PDE5 drugs Viagra, Levitra and Cialis on the pudendal arteries that supply the penis, vagina and clitoris with blood, Medical College of Georgia (MCG) researchers showed the drugs relax the arteries in both male and female rats.

Of course there are many ways to stimulate the female's sexual organ, for instance, with Pleasure Clitoral Stimulating Gel

Monday, May 11, 2009

Meghan McCain says GOP needs to lighten up about sex

While she isn't exactly saying that Republicans should run out and buy oral sex mints, Meghan McCain, in her Daily Beast column, addresses the archaic and often harmful rhetoric of the GOP on sex.

This is something I know about firsthand. During my father’s 2000 presidential campaign, a reporter asked how he would feel if I became pregnant and wanted an abortion. He answered that it would be my choice, sending shockwaves throughout the party (because for the GOP there is only one answer, and obviously Senator McCain’s daughter shouldn’t be engaging in sex ever). I’d like to thank that reporter for single-handedly putting me through years of trying to reconcile the fact that when it comes to politics, no matter what you do or who you are, everything is fair game.

But seriously, here was a father, delicately navigating a question about his teenage daughter and being true to the kind of father he had always been, and the Republican Party was outraged. It didn’t matter that my parents raised me to know that, regardless of the mistakes I might make, they would allow me the dignity and courage to make my own choices. That’s the kind of trust my parents have always placed in their children—yet the GOP still needed to get involved and have a say in what I did with my body.

McCain reveals that the first time she ever heard about oral sex was in reference to Bill Clinton, and argues that the party needs to begin discussing better options about birth control and steer away from the Bristol Palinesque fantasy that is abstinence-only education.

If we can’t discuss birth control in addition to abstinence, and in a nonjudgmental way, kids will continue to make bad choices for lack of having access to informed, safe options. Not everyone shares the same beliefs, and more importantly, people don’t always react the same way to their circumstances. Which is why it is so important to encourage honest, open communication about the realities of sex within the party at large, and more specifically, between parents and their children.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ready. Set. Masturbate!

Almost a decade-long tradition, the Masturbate-A-Thon took place in San Fransisco last week and during it some new records were set. The event was founded nine years ago to honor surgeon general Jocelyn Elders, who famously suggested that teens should be taught to masturbate and was promptly fired for it. So how did the results of the competition come out?

This year’s winners packed some serious heat. A new US record was set by Mr. Flint Greasewood. His swimmers went the distance, shooting a whopping five feet. Two world records were set, as well. The Lusty Lady Theater beat the Women’s Tag Team, and Mr. Masanobu Sato broke his own masturbation world record at nine hours and 58 minutes. I know we don’t want a no minute man, but 10 hours?

Of course, if you're going to try to set records in your own home, might we suggest some products that will help you along. Although with toys like the Super Head Honcho Masturbator, it may be hard to last 10 hours, much less 10 minutes, before reaching climax.

The steampunk vibrator

While nobody can match the design and eloquence of Better Sex vibrators (I mean, try to beat the Butterfly Kiss Gspot Vibrator), science fiction geeks will likely experience a nerdgasm over the news that someone has created a steam-powered sex toy.

you're probably asking, does it really work? the answer is you betcha. its been proven to work (and vibrate) off of compressed air, I'm seeking a more powerful boiler than my pressure cooker so I can actually run it off of steam so please let me know if you know of one.

this is prototype so its got some quirks, the engine isn't quite as optimised as I would like (it takes way more pressure than it should to get it working) and the offset weight I need to machine some more.

Something tells me that you'd buy this one for the aesthetics, not for actual sexual pleasure. For that department, stick with these

Friday, May 8, 2009

The economics of fake orgasms

While we all strive to achieve the triple orgasm, there's no denying that the art of faking it is prevalent in the US and elsewhere. But why do we do this? Is it just simple human courtesy?

Leave it to an economist to write a paper on the "Economics of Ecstacy"

In a study in 2008 titled 'The Economics of Ecstasy', Hugo M. Mialon, who teaches economics at Emory University, modelled love-making as a "signalling game" and postulated that "in the act of love-making, a man and a women send each other possibly deceptive signals about their true state of ecstasy". Mialon's study established, among other things, that women are more likely to fake if they are in love than if they are not in love; that men and women who would hate to find out that their partners are faking orgasms are less likely to fake orgasms themselves; and, surprisingly, that more educated men and women are more likely to fake than less educated men and women.

If you think that's bizarre, consider this: In another study conducted by two Newcastle University scholars, it was found that the level of income of a partner directly correlated with the number of orgasms. The richer your sexual partner, the more orgasms you have.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you properly recycling your sex toys?

We're all due for upgrades. A vibrator stops working or you decide you want a bigger and better sex toy for your pleasuring needs. But what to do with your old one? Should you just throw it away?

According to a a column published at Reuters, no you shouldn't

When doing your part to reduce waste by recycling, don't forget to consider what's in the bedroom. If you want to be truly eco-friendly, be adult enough to recycle your sex toys too.

That’s right. ;Don’t you dare throw any electronic arousal device out with the day’s trash. Vibrators and any other toy that runs on a battery should be disposed of with care for the environment or those toys may leak metals and other contaminants into the environment.

Here's some advice on how to best recycle:

1. Remove batteries.
2. Wash the toy with bleach or in your dishwasher.
3. Remove the rubber or plastic and chop it up so it is unrecognizable.
4. The toy's brains are harder to recycle curbside. Save those and recycle them with old computers and other electronics.

Below are some pictorial examples of sex toy recycling:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stormy for Senate

One of our favorite Wicked Contract Girls may run for Senate. Stormy spoke with CNN correspondent Kiran Chetry about her current Listening Tour in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The Draft Stormy Campaign entered its next phase with the Listening Tour, a campaign to persuade the prospective candidate for the Louisiana Senate, Stormy Daniels.

Stormy spoke candidly with CNN about the possibility of running for Senate. It's clear that she's very serious about hearing the needs from the citizens of Louisiana. Draft Stormy believes Louisiana is ready for honesty and perseverance of character in a future Senator and Stormy Daniels may be a perfect fit.

CLICK HERE to check out Stormy's CNN interview. CLICK HERE to see a collection from Stormy's prominent career as a former Wicked Star.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sitewide Sale

300 People Yesterday
Almost 300 people figured out how to work our sitewide sale yesterday. Thanks. It was hard to explain. Almost everything on our site is on sale. Any item a customer places in their cart will be discounted 50% off the most expensive item. Less than 1% of what we sell is not eligible for this promotion. Items such as Liberator Shapes aren't eligible, but most sex toys and vibrators are 50% off until Monday.

We are having this sale to raise cash for our big Summer event. We can't afford to run this kinds of sitewide sale for more than a week so we hope you can figure it out too.

Photo Contest
We included a "take a picture of this poster" icon on our Subway Art Posters currently riding the Long Island Railroad. We received quite a few pictures:

See Subway Art Poster Pictures

So we expanded the idea to take a picture of any Better Sex ad and we will enter you into a $500 photo contest:

See Better Sex Ad Photos

Email your picture to: poster(at)BetterSex(dot)com

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BOGO Me Baby

Buy One, Get One
We may have messed up. We started shouting BOGO on Monday and it was one of those, "What if you created a cool sale and no one came," things. Our thinking, flawed as it clearly was, is BOGO was a well known term. You Buy One and You Get One for FREE or for 50% off or something right. WRONG! Apparently what we created most of all was confusion. Use the links below to see our BOGO (Buy One, Get One) event and tell us how to make it better:

Buy One, Get One Main Page

Buy One, Get One Free Sex Ed

O'gasmic Collection

Buy one, Get One Free, Adult Movies

Help us figure this bad boy out and we will be forever in your debt.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Case Against Divorce

Martin's Case Against Divorce
Does divorce ever make sense? If this recession is anything like the early 1980's divorce rates will decline. Divorce is expensive and expense spreads far beyond money. I wrote a piece entitled The Case Against Divorce on ScentTrail marketing recently. ScentTrail is my personal blog and who knows why late one recent night I attempted to place logic over one of our most illogical decisions. If, I was thinking, one couple can hold, meditate and THINK maybe they can save one of our most valuable gifts - intimate connection with a partner. What is your case against divorce?

Read Martin's Case Against Divorce



Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Day to find the Golden Eggs!

All good things must come to an end. Don't miss your opportunity to find some Golden Eggs! Each Golden Egg is worth 50% off! Plus up to 100 Colored Eggs worth 25% off!

Click Here to check out our Spring Sale!

Pirates II Banned at UMaryland

Upon last summer's release of Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge, Digital Playground handed out copies of the DVD to over 100 college campuses. Over the last several months, campuses have held screenings of Pirates II. A scheduled screening, April 4, at the University of Maryland caused a state senator to threaten the removal of funding from the UMaryland. Some 150 students who purchased $5 advance tickets held a free speech convention Monday, April 6, when administrators cancelled the event.

Student administration issued a statement that they initially viewed the screening as "an opportunity to engage students in a discussion about the national dialogue revolving around pornography." The student union had also invited a Planned Parenthood rep to speak about safe sex.

Undaunted by the cancellation, a group of students and professors held a "Pirates Screening Teach-In" Monday following the convention, drawing some 200 students. Luckily because of the educational components surrounding Monday night's screening, university funding was not endangered. Later administrators at College Park commented on the rogue screening, listing it as "characteristic of a vibrant educational community."

Click Here to check out Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Coolest Internship On Planet Earth

Better Sex Web Internship
Are you broke? Stayed home this Spring Break due to lack of fundage? We can help you make money and LEARN while you do it. Bet UNC, NC State and Duke don't PAY YOU to head to class. The Better Sex Structured Internships do exactly that.

Yes you get to work at what has to be the coolest business on planet earth., a well-loved web site serving hundreds of thousands of customers every year needs your help. We have two Structured Internships starting April 1st 2009 and ending in September.

Who Should Apply
Sentient beings is a must. Solid writing skills, passion and ability to think and respond QUICKLY a must. Technical skills (Photoshop and Dreamweaver) a big plus.

What is a "Structured Internship"
Our Better Sex Interns work for two things: Cash and A Recommendation from Martin Smith, The Director of E-Commerce (me). My recommendations have helped friends, colleagues and co-workers get great jobs (example of Martin's recommendations on LinkedIn). Our interns get coffee for no one. They are expected to learn, learn fast and CONTRIBUTE. We have enough work for an army of interns. Instead of hiring an army we turn down 9 out of every 10 intern applications as we look for the best fit for us.

Sounds Like Work
Yes, Better Sex Interns work hard. The good news is we have the best jobs in the world. We create and sells products to help people have better sex lives including our sex educational DVD's, vibrators and sex toys. How much fun is THAT? Sure you can do an internship at a bank or a car dealer. Wait, no those guys are probably NOT hiring. Our business is rocking. In recessions people give their partners another try. Our business is having its best year EVER!

The nature of our work is fun. Fun is baked in. If you can't have fun here you aren't going to have fun anywhere (trust me).

What is looking for?

Job Title: E-Commerce Structured Marketing Internship (paid)

Reports to:
E-Commerce Marketing Director with dotted line to Web Merchandiser

Based at:
Corporate Office, 402 Meadowlands Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278 (about 10 minutes drive north of UNC)

Job Purpose interns are expected to learn every aspect of e-commerce from merchandising to graphic design. Interns works most closely with Web Merchandiser.

Key responsibilities and accountability

  1. Review and post customer reviews consistent with review guidelines.
  2. Work with the Better Sex Buzz Team to distribute sex toys and coordinate subsequent product reviews from team members.
  3. Place Product of the Month orders and forecast product sales to insure inventory matches demand.
  4. Use internal systems in cooperation with the Web Merchandiser to post product copy, feature and sale information.
  5. Perform price checks to insure’s value promise.
  6. Mine Better Sex forum for good ideas.
  7. Write cool sex things happening now on Better Sex Blog.
  8. Help extend Better Sex social marketing.
  9. Work with the Merchandiser to identify new products to add to developing a prioritized list to add new products.

Develop new skills (Better Sex interns work tasks to develop skills):

  1. Learn Search Engine Optimization from Web Manager, Web Merchandiser and Director of E-Commerce.
  2. Outline social marketing strategy, provide ROI (return on investment) and make specific recommendations.
  3. Attend Martin’s SEO writing camp (read books and blog listings to learn how search engine spiders “see” web sites).
  4. Learn web merchandising. What is cross sale, up sale and what factors (such as product reviews) impact and influence web visitors.
  5. Learn to write product copy.

Better Sex Internship Requirements
Solid writing skills, ability to communicate ideas, passion for web merchandising are required. Ability to write HTML use popular tools such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver a big plus.

Timing interns commit to between 10 and 20 hours per week. Schedule is flexible and some work may be done remotely. Summer interns start in April and finish when school starts in the fall (April to August). Fall interns start in August and finish at the end of the year. Winter interns start in December and finish in the spring.

Interns earn $10 per hour and a letter of recommendation from the Director of E-Commerce upon successful completion.

How Apply
Send your resume to Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com) with "Summer Internship" in the subject. We will confirm receipt and check your availability for an interview.

What about the Sex thing?
If, in this economy, you can't spin experience gained at into a GREAT job then go back to school. I've hired hundreds of people. Getting any job is about who you are and what you can do. is just another consumer product, a really FUN consumer product, but same marketing principles apply. I guarantee your Summer Internship resume will be noticed. What happens after that is up to you (as it always has and will be).

Good luck,


P.S. Background on Martin at his blog: ScentTrial, Twitter: Twitter/ScentTrail and LinkedIn

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Lucky...Last Weekend

Luck of the Irish Ends Monday
Boy that headline doesn't sound good. What we meant to say is our Get Lucky sale, the one we started for St. Patty's day, ends Monday. Every green sex toy we could find is on sale. Sure to tickle your leprechaun, find a pot of pleasurable gold at the end of our sale. Enough bad Irish spin already? Hear that :).

Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest Ends March 31st
Another fastly approaching deadline is our Canyon Ranch Better Sex Testimonial spa weekend. Who doesn't need a serious pampered break right about now? We see your hands raised, but can't take you with us to a special place where your every desire is fulfilled UNLESS YOU ENTER.

Enter Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest

Martin's Podcast
Getting a lot of feedback about hearing my voice. I interviewed silicone valley entrepreneurs Susan and Tim Bratton about how our Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Listen to Martin's Interview with Susan and Tim Bratton

Martin's Back from Vacation
First week back from vacation has to be the hardest in the world. I am in my second week and would crawl back to the coast (if possible). Appreciate every one's good thoughts and support (while I was away). Only good things happen prompting my boss to say, "Why don't you take a vacation more often than once every three years." No problem boss I am there :).

Have a "lucky" weekend everyone.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Martin's Vacation

Beach Time

Three years is too long between vacations. I am out of here and heading toward the North Carolina coast. Actually I am sitting in Panera near my house writing this post. I WILL be out of here soon for a week of R&R on a tiny island off the coast. Have to take a ferry to get there and no cars allowed. This time of year, a full month before even "early season" the island should be quiet. Quiet is exactly what I seek (lol). I would keep my head down and plow through, but I was losing my sense of humor last week. You must have a sense of humor to work at Think about it. Almost everything you say on any given day could have double meaning in our business. If you've been here before you know we take our service to you VERY seriously, but fun is part of any balanced life or business.

I've worked for big guns (P&G, Mars Candy) and I've created several companies. Working for Sinclair and is the most fun I've had in my almost 30 year business career (MAN that makes me feel old). Selling soap and candy is cool, but helping people connect helps you get up in the morning and start another day.

Thanks from Martin

I can take a vacation because has AMAZING customers. You guys pay for my PTO (Paid Time Off). It is much appreciated. Some reading this post may be facing tough times as we head into what seems like a never ending recession / depression. Connection at times like these is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Hug your wife, husband or partner. I don't know when our collective lives we be better. We view our jobs broadly - WE HELP PEOPLE. Our primary mission is to help people connect. Our products are designed to create loving connection. Our business is booming because our mission is most important RIGHT NOW.

I hate advice. Advice always stinks. I will spare you any trite bromides. We want you to know your support, guidance and commitment is something we are grateful for EVERY day (not just when you give us money for things). We must earn your trust, attention and involvement. We try to LISTEN intently and hard when you speak. In the end, if you boil them down, every product we sell is about better communication. Can a sex toy or vibrator communicate? Absolutely is what I am thinking (lol). Everyone reading this post helped us in 2008 and already in 2009. We know that. I know that. THANKS.

Martin's Apology
I've spent much of the year behind. I suspect many reading this know exactly what I am talking about. When you think you are behind you sometimes act like a behind (little pun there :). Slowing down, appreciating small things, taking care requires skill and attention, a skill I am working on. If you tried to reach me and found me slow to respond forgive me. My favorite part of my chosen profession is connecting with our customers, our writers and people with ideas about how to help us. I will work on "less overwhelmed" and "more patient" AFTER vacation (LOL). Know at my core I love dogs, our country, know my limitations and live to serve. Our whole team shares these values and we always get great guidance from our customers.

Last Weekend Of Buzz Team Sale

This is it for our Buzz Team sale. We are also coming to the end of our search for more Buzzers. Buzz Team members get FREE STUFF to write reviews and contribute to If you would like to join us, click on the Free Sex Toys link on the right of our home page.

Get Out Of Town
My team has cool stuff to share with you when I am away. In fact, I suspect they will find all kinds of new ideas to try (one reason why good bosses have to get out of town frequently). I received the gift of a GREAT new team last year. It is testimony to just how good they are that I feel confident to get out of town. Great job guys (they will read this when I am on the beach).

What Will I Do?

I have 10 books and will possibly read two. I will try to put some serious miles on my bike or as many miles as an island can provide (lol) and I will write (working on a book you can read about on ScentTrail my blog if interested). Traffic should be thinned by now, so I AM OUT OF HERE :). Have a great week everybody.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall Fiction Contest Checks

Checks In Mail
Fiction Contest Checks for weeks 6 through the finals went to accounting today. There was a slight delay due to Martin having the flu, but accounting should have check out by mid-week. If you are expecting a Weekly Winner or other prize check it should be to you in about 10 days.

Royalty checks have been mailed for authors we had addresses for. If your story was included in our book ( Erotic Fiction Book), please email Martin if you did not receive a royalty check.

Another Contest Soon
Many authors have asked us about our next contest. We plan another Fiction contest in the Summer.

2nd Book Publication Date
Several have asked about the 2nd book. This book will combine Summer and Fall Better Sex Erotic Fiction winners into a book. We are working on the book now now and it should be ready for publication by May.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We-Vibe Goes To Hollywood

We-Vibe was named Viewer's Choice Toy of the Year in 2008 on Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and now We-Vibe is going to Hollywood.

Canadian sex toy inventors of the We-Vibe have recently been invited to showcase their product at the Oscars, participating in the Oscar gifting suites. This is a new journey for the adult sex toy industry, "proof positive that adult sex toys are going mainstream" ~Bruce Murison, We-Vibe Inventor.

"The We-Vibe is a huge leap forward in the adult toy market - a paradigm shift really - in that the adult toy market now has a vibrator that can actually be shared by a couple while making love," says Murison.

Expand your sexual boundaries with this innovative new product specially designed for heterosexual couples. Click Here to Learn More About the We-Vibe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Sex TV

Better Sex Online Videos
We've taken the lead in using video to help explain sex toys in our Better Sex Video Product Description. We wanted a more engaging way to explain products. We work with sex educators and therapists too. Want to learn about lubrication, ED or Menopause, check out our videos.

Take me to Better Sex Videos page

Thanks For Best Better Sex Valentine...Ever!

Best Better Sex Valentine....Ever!
We hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Your support of made this is best Valentine's in our history. We appreciate your support, encouragement and patronage (i.e. giving us money for things). You have our pledge we will repay your trust with hard work, the best Value for our customers and new creative ideas in 2009. Everyone here is exhausted and happy. I'm even going to get out of town for a week at the beach here soon. I know, and we all know, YOU pay for our ability to continue to serve (and week's at the beach). Thanks seems to fall a tad short, but it is what we have. THANKS from everyone at

Were we perfect?
Nope, not even close, but we wanted to be (and that counts for a lot). We are seeing BizRate customer notes about not delivering what we promise (in our ads). We ALWAYS deliver any promise we ever make. BUT the only way to receive special ad stuff is with a code (called an "extension" in our ads).

Ads are NOT CHEAP. We look at each advertising expenditure HARD especially now. Codes are the PAIN IN THE ASS thing that allows us to allocate your dollars to the right ad. We know using a code is a pain so we provide incentives to remember and use the codes. Shipping is cheaper and free gifts offered in ads are very specific. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you use an ad code, you may ONLY receive free gifts mentioned in the ad. The ad eliminates whatever you see on this page:

Offers vary. Some customers may prefer web offers to advertised offers and BELIEVE ME we are cool with anything you want to do. Just remember if you want what is offered in an ad USE THE EXTENSION by typing that code into our search box or going to our /ad page ( or go to the Better Sex ad page.

Entering Ad Code (extension) such as 8ME143 (a Men's Health ad) into our Search Box will bring up the ad:

That ad is pretty hot, so I will just let you click on the link if you are curious. In any case, you get the idea. Use the code get the deal. Don't use the code and you will receive something else. We ALWAYS have FREE GIFTS, so that is not a worry. Standard Shipping is FREE when you order $59.00 or more online.

Best Deal - Spend $59.00, Get Free Shipping
Our average ad customer buys more than $45 worth of adult sex education videos and sex toys from us. This is $14 away from FREE SHIPPING online. $5.00 of that difference will be eaten up by the ad shipping charge. This means spending $9.00 more (less than the cost of a bottle of Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant), would trigger FREE Standard Shipping.

50% of our Free Standard customers UPGRADE to 2-Day Air for $6.00. Here is what you see in our cart when your order is equal to or greater than $59.00:

For me and 50% of our customers who qualify for free standard shipping, this is a "no-brainer". In for a penny in for six bucks for tracking number, 2 day instead of a week shipping and warehouse picking priority.

Thanks again, we will work to get better in 2009.


Better Sex Buzz Team - We're Hiring

We're Hiring....New Buzz Team Members
We are looking for a few good men and women to become part of our Better Sex Buzz Team. Membership in our Buzz Team is now highly sought after. Free sex toys is one reason. Being Listened to, asked for input, part of a community and team is another reward. We are expanding and changing the Buzz Team in 2009.

Yes, I want to be on the Better Sex Buzz Team, Tell Me How To Join

Better Sex Blog Team
Blogging about relationships, the "man / woman thing" and sex is common and increasingly popular. We are looking for the Best Better Sex Blogs. The Better Sex Blog Team will help in many of the same ways as the Buzz Team AND we will link out to "Recommended Blogs" thus sharing Better Sex Blog Team blogs with our customers and friends.

Yes, I want to be on the Better Sex Blog Team, Tell Me How To Join

Better Sex Price Checkers
Prices may be the most elastic thing on the Internet. We are in the business and can't keep up with them. We can keep up with our commitment to provide the most VALUE and REWARD for our customers, but we need help. We have a limited number of Buzz Team Price Checkers, so if you like to dog out stuff online please help us by joining the team.

Yes, I want to be a Better Sex Price Checker, Tell How To Join

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talking Sex with Sue

Talk Sex Host Sue Johanson Holds Class at the University of North Carolina
Tickets for her show sold out an hour after they went on sale. Sue Johanson, from Talk Sex with Sue on the Oxygen Network, came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tuesday night as part of the “Carolina V-Day Initiative”. UNC students showered Sue with abundant applause after a short introduction following with a standing ovation after Sue demonstrated how to put a condom on using only her mouth, a true show stopper. Before we discuss the end of Talk Sex at UNC, let’s talk a little bit about Sue Johanson.

In 1970, Sue began the first birth control clinic in a Canadian high school. Planned Parenthood counselor, a Human Sexuality instructor, and hosted the Sunday Night Sex Show on the W Network and created Talk Sex With Sue, Oxygen’s top rated sexuality call-in show. In 2008, Sue left Talk Sex (reruns still show on Oxygen).

Sue has visited David Letterman, Conan O’Brian, The Ellen DeGeneres’s show and sat on the couch next to Jay Leno. Sue’s authored three books: Talk Sex, Sex is Perfectly Natural – But Not Naturally Perfect and Sex, Sex and More Sex. She’s earned the Order of Canada in 2001, Canadian knighthood and the Excellence in Education award by The Ontario Institute in 1990.

Now to the Tuesday night show at UNC.

Sue spoke about the human body in detail not provided in traditional sex-ed classes. She stressed the importance of women learning about and understanding their bodies early in life. "Nice Girls Don't Do That" stigma may prevent women from healthy exploration. Sue agrees with Plato’s “know thyself” lesson. She stressed masturbation with the knowledge that "orgasms are grossly over rated". You can’t teach what you don’t know. Men masturbate early and often, Sue noted. “Nice girls” stigma may prevent similar exploration by women. Even nice girls need to share feedback and instruction with their partners, impossible if you don’t know yourself. Experimentation and exploration were common answers to student’s questions.

"Most women do not orgasms every time and if they say they do, they're lying or don't know what an orgasm is," Sue joked. Did you know orgasm and ejaculation are not synonymous for men? Many in the audience didn’t. A man’s penis is created for procreation. Expelling sperm is its job. Yes, sex for men is always good, but sometimes it is GOOD!

Orgasms are like cars. Some orgasms are big, flashy and dramatic. Other orgasms are small, more conservative. Every orgasm is good. Have I had the BIG O? If you don't know, the answer is probably NO. Sue's advice was fun, helpful and well received. Give yourself permission to explore so you know what you need. Once you know, tell others. Orgasms may be over rated, but we vote for having them versus not having them. Sue’s two hour class in Tar Heel country was a night to remember.

Lunch with Sue Johanson
Before Sue's UNC class we took her to lunch at A Southern Season. Sue is just like she is on television - straightforward, funny, specific and honest. She is your grandmother if your grandmother could talk about sex without pulling a single punch (mine sure couldn't LOL). Candor describes Sue to a tee. I was sitting next to her. At one point she grabbed my knee. I must have looked surprised. "I am a touchy person," she said smiling impishly. Immediately warm and sharing, our lunch was full of great conversation and funny one liners. It was funny to hear "dildo" said with such abandoned in The Wethervane inside of A Southern Season (a high end Chapel Hill eatery). Everyone warmed to Sue. She was gracious taking pictures with Sinclair staff, Southern Season wait staff and several locals. Sue's single faux pas was when she called UNC "Chapel Hill University". She also said something about it being the only college around. UNC and Duke are a few basketball bounces away from each other. The room was evenly split based on the immediate reaction to Sue's misstep. Sue didn't realize she uttered fighting words in basketball season in North Carolina so we hustled her out to the balcony for pictures before a skirmish could break out. I couldn't make Sue's class that night, so our Merchandiser wrote up her notes for me (and our blog readers). Sue is real, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Her Talk Sex with Sue show on Oxygen will be missed. Her candor about sex and sexuality is irreplaceable. If Sue visits a college or university near you, catch the show and ask her to show you how she can put a condom on with her mouth.


Sue Johanson Reviews Of Better Sex Products:

Click Here to Learn More about the Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System

Click Here to Learn More about Natural Contours Ideal Massager

Valentine Sale Ends Monday

Better Sex Valentine's Sale Continues
We hope your relationship is so strong even if you missed Valentine's Day on Saturday it doesn't matter. 2.14 is JUST ANOTHER DAY, but some meaningful expression of your love and care is never a BAD idea. Buying something is one way to express care and consideration, but certainly not nearly the only way. Our thought is 2.14 is an excuse, a convenient logic, to try something new. Daily routine is such a powerful thing getting a free "try something new" pass once a year is helpful.

If your relationship is all Eckhart Tolle balanced congratulations. One thing we know from Eckert is whatever you feel is truth. If you feel like you missed an important opportunity on 2.14 then you did. We are keeping our Better Sex Valentine Sale going until Tuesday the 17th. On the surface this may seem goofystupid. Our LAST MINUTE overnight shipping required cut off is Thursday noon, so you could spend a ton of $$ and have your new toy, adult sex education video or Better Sex Essentials lubricant by Valentine.

Don't Pay UPS For Overnight....
That may seem like strange advice since your purchases pay our mortgages, but place your order greater than $60 and upgrade the shipping to 2 day for $6.00. This means your Better Sex Valentine purchase will arrive early next week. SAY NOTHING. Do the usual things for 2.14 - dinner, movie, chocolate, flowers, whatever. Our stuff always ships discreet, so let your partner know you are expecting some office supplies from SI. Office supplies are boring enough that curiosity won't get that cat.

Don't open the package the first night. You will be home from work and dog tired. Let it sit and explain you will look at it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, ask for some clear air, some undisturbed together time. THEN open your "office supplies" and tell your partner you think of them every day not just 2.14. Tell them every financial investment you have is in the toilet, but your investment in her (or him) has always paid magical returns. Who needs new cars, college educations, or the ability to retire as long as you are together. WAIT, strike that last bit as it is way to depressing and not accurate. The stuff that sucks now will get better. All the more reason to STAY HOME and find each other all over again. The price is right and THAT is why we will extend our Better Sex Valentine Sale to Tuesday the 17th.

Better Sex Video Series Mess Up
Yesterday we had a SNAFU on our best selling adult sex education series. Our systems did as they were incorrectly instructed taking the Better Sex Video Series off sale. This was an "our bad" mistake. If you purchased our award winning series yesterday and were charged $39.85 instead of $29.85 we apologize and will be glad to correct via a credit. Contact customer service cs(at)BetterSex(dot)com or call them toll free at 1.800.955.0888 with your order number so we can issue a credit.

Liberator Shapes
Liberator just increased their prices to us, so prices may not be as good as they are right now. We know at $210 this is not a cheap thing. I just got my knee scope bill from December and if I could pay $200 so my knees didn't HURT I would cough up the money (several times over). If you are going to buy one thing from us buy our Better Sex Video Series as those 3 dvds pack the best relationship improvement for the money. If you are going to SPLURGE on one thing, buy The Liberator Ramp and Wedge combination and save your back, knees, shoulders and hips. The cost of replacing those is a tad more than two hundred bucks (lol).

Several of our best sellers have been hit HARD this year wiping out our stock. We have orders in and should be back in stock soon depending on where stock is coming from (usually far off lands). Read my blog riff on replacement ideas for our Valentine Best Sellers that are out. We honor sale prices on back orders and ship on a first-ordered-first-shipped basis. We appreciate anyone who waits to buy from us and understand those who place orders with other sites who are in stock. C'est la guerre and our bad for not buying more. Who knew everyone would WANT our stuff during a recession. Don't misunderstand, we ARE GLAD and we understand. Our average order is less than the cost of dinner and a movie (if you drink anything other than water), so spend a little get a lot. We get it and are increasing our forecasts to reduce out-of-stocks in 2009.

Happy Valentine's Day and THANKS from everyone at and the Sinclair Institute.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Better Sex Buzz Team Competition

We are hiring....New Buzz Team Members
In 2009 we will increase our Better Sex Buzz Team from 45 members to 150. We have 105 openings. Buzz Team members earn free products worth hundreds of dollars for writing reviews and providing helpful information to the web team. Competition for our 105 open slots will begin on Tuesday February 17 and end with a community vote from March 2nd to March 8th.

We are also searching for 50 Better Sex Buzz Blogs.

Full details on how to enter our Better Sex Buzz Team Competition will be posted soon. If you can write, have a blog and like free sex toys (and who doesn't LOL) stay posted.
Better Sex Buzz Team Information (use this link to read about our Buzz Team, NOTE...we are updating this information as I write this so it will change in the next few days but it gives good general background now).


Free 2 Day = 2 Days Left

Procrastinator Deadline
Yes we've reached the end of Valentine 2009, or almost anyway. Orders before noon Wednesday $89.00 or more will be upgraded to 2 Day Air for Free and should arrive in time for Saturday 2.14. I had lunch with our Warehouse Director and he told me we are seeing our usual last minute Valentine spike, but we are in good shape as of today.

"Good shape" means his picking and packing crew are not falling behind. 2-Day air always has picking and packing priority, so we used the same target ($89.00) we used during the holidays. It worked then and it is working now as about half of our customers are opting for the faster shipping (with tracking). At this point, 2 Day Air is really the only option (other than overnight) to have your purchases by Valentine's Day.

Valentine Sale Ending on Monday
If you don't need your adult sex education, sex toys or lingerie by Saturday you can use standard shipping. Keep in mind our biggest Valentine Sale Ever will be ending on Monday morning February 16th so to save some $$$ buy before Monday.

Valentine Giveaway Update
We've been picking and shipping winners in our $10,000 Better Sex Valentine Giveaway every day. Five more drawings to go with a total of 27 winners still to pick.

We've been hit hard on a handful of best selling toys. This always happens at this time of year. Oprah contributed a mighty "Oprah Effect" this year too. Read our 2009 Valentine Best Sellers post for merchandise that is in stock and similar to what is out. If your heart is set on something that is out, not a bad idea to go ahead and place an order as back orders are shipped first-order-first-ship. You will be notified when the product that is currently out comes in and before we ship. We've also included suggestions on our site for alternative to out-of-stock products on our web site's product page. We should have all out-of-stocks resolved by sometime in March (some products take longer than others to arrive). Orders have been placed to fill every merchandising hole and we have a several hundred new products arriving over the next few weeks.

Fiction Contest - 3 Finalists
With a record number of votes, 520, our community selected 3 Erotic Fiction Finalists:

A Safer Life

Lucky Lady

A Valentine Heart


Who do you think should win our $3,000 Grand Prize? Vote in our non-binding community poll. Our 3 judge panel will cast their votes and a winner will be determined by Monday, February 16.

Hope you can make the procrastinator's deadline and thanks for everyone's continued support.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - 3 Days Left

Only 3 Days Left To Vote
In three days three stories will go to a three judge panel to select the $3,000 Grand Prize. Way too many 3's there, but be sure to vote for your favorite and help an unemployed or under-employed writer.

Ahead now: A Safer Life

Followed by: Lucky Lady

Followed by: Seven Months


Valentine 2009 Best Sellers Best Valentine Sellers
Best Sellers this year include perennial best sellers along with some new sex toys. Some best sellers are SOLD OUT for this Valentine. We always fill backorders on a first-ordered-first shipped basis, so if you hvee to have it and it is out go ahead and get in queue. I asked our merchandiser to share some alternatives that can operate on the same pleasure points as out-of-stock toys and are IN STOCK right now and available for THIS VALENTINE:

#1 Better Sex Video Series
Our most popular adult sex education series continues its “best selling” ways. Over 4,000,000 couples have used recommendations from educators, therapists and real people to improve their love lives.

Listen to my thirty minute interview with Susan and Tim Bratton, creators of Personal Life Media, about how The Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Martin's Inteview with Susan and Tim

#2 Dr. Berman’s Aphrodite - Out-Of-Stock (see recommendations below)
What happens when Dr. Berman discuss one of her toys on the Ophrah Winfrey show? We have a tough time keeping it in stock. Back orders will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis so you may want to get in queue. We won’t be back in stock until the end of March, so here are two other suggestions:

#3 Great Sex For A Lifetime
Our “better boomer sex” series seems to be selling beyond its intended audience and that is all good as far as we are concerned (lol). There is enough new information in our latest series owners of The Better Sex Video Series are buying Great Sex For A Lifetime too, again all fine with us. Glad we achieved one of our goals – not to repeat ourselves.

Don't forget to check out our cool Boomer site and play BOOMER BLOTS.

#4 Better Sex Essentials Lubricant
Our “never too rich, too thin or too much lubricant” message seems to be hitting home. Essentials is a clear customer favorite and one of our most reviewed products. Good lubricant is something everyone needs and feels passionately about apparently.

K-Y Your + Mine Honorable Mention
Johnson and Johnson, the creators of K-Y and a few other brands you know, is a little tiny company with a miniscule ad budget. I am kidding, but I am glad we added K-Y’s “personal lubricant” as it is doing exceptionally well too. We may have our Buzz Team do a heads up between K-Y and Better Sex Essentials. If you’ve tried both, email your thoughts to us at siiweb(at)

#5 Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
When Heather told me this vibrator was going to go crazy I thought she was crazy. I thought it looked like an alien. Remember I had the same “it won’t sell” reaction in another life when I saw Magnetic Poetry Kit for the first time. Magnetic Poetry Kit, words on magnets people play with on their fridge, became the Pet Rock of my generation so picking the next big thing is not my forte. Buzz Team LOVES their Butterfly Kisses and they are always a better Wisdom of Crowds indicator than Moi. BTW, we will be including Magnetic Poetry Kit – the fun racy words – soon as it was one of our purchases at the New York Gift Show last week.

#6 Silicone Triple Cock Ring
In my Cock Ring Revolution article I theorized increasing love ring sales means hope for men – we were acting on our unselfish desires to make love fun for our partners. Do cock rings make sex more fun for men too, yes, but how hard is that? No, the real benefit is finding a toy that helps everyone involved. Cock rings in general fit that description and this bad boy is our most popular ring and has been for over a year. If you buy one sex toy this Valentine this is what we would recommend. Actually, we don’t recommend buying one thing. Buy five things because that hedges your bet. ALWAYS hedge your bet on Valentine (read my other Valentine wisdom here). Is this advice self serving, duh, papa needs a new pair of shows here and this is our BIGGEST time of year. But, never depend on one magic bullet to improve your love life. This is a hard lesson to learn. If we knew what worked for everyone every time we would be on a beach somewhere drinking long cold beverages with little umbrellas in them served by….well let’s just stop there as you get the idea.

#7 Exploring Better Sex
There is something very “Indiana Jones” like in this Exploring Better Sex series. I see wearing a vest, one of those safari helmets and a dense jungle for some reason whenever I think of this series. Apparently exploring the jungle that is anyone’s love life, dense confusing jungle, is a trip many want to take this Valentine’s Day. Explore your love life than send your findings to us at siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com. If we get cool riffs and advice we will anonymously share them somewhere on (like we always do).

#8 G-Gasm Delight
This is another “sleeper” story. Finding and stimulating a woman’s g-spot has reached a clear tipping point. We get tons of questions about where, how and why on this topic. We are about to kit this popular vibe with our educational dvd on the same topic, so look for that soon.

#9 Rabbit Super Vibe – Currently Out-of-Stock
We have to put a cape on this Rabbit. Since our Buzz Team got a hold of it and explained how it REALLY WORKS we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock. We are doubling down on shipments and back orders will be filled on first-order-first-filled, so you may want to get in line. If you want some Rabbit pleasure by Valentine’s try these ideas:

#10. B3 Onye
These B3’s are cool, well loved by the Buzz Team and winners of our “high design” award. Our thinking is sex toys should look COOL because if these bad boys are boring there is no hope. Cool has to WORK too and, luckily, B3 Onye (and Tuyo) do both.

Heather created a great kit for Valentine with B3, see it B3 Valentine Kit HERE.

Honorable Mentions

Here are five products that finished just out of the top 10 best sellers:

We-Vibe (great Couples Valentine’s Gift and our Toy Of The Year in 2008 )

Head Honcho (alone on Valentine’s, treat yourself despite my Valentine advice riff).

O’ My Clitoral Stimulating Gel (this product’s name is its benefit)

TILF (yes the Teacher I would like to you-know-what was popular this Valentine)

* Martin

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Better Sex Fiction Contest 5 - Semifinals

13 Erotic Fiction Stories Fight for 3 Slots
After hundreds of stories, thousands of votes and over $1,000 already in prize money to writers who won their week, the 5th Better Sex Fiction Contest comes down a big vote to determine the top 3 stories. Three stories with the most votes move to a 3 judge panel and one will win the largest amateur erotic fiction Grand Prize of $3,000 awarded on 2.16. Voting time is HERE and ends Sunday.


Current Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest standings (changing almost hourly right now):

Story 1: " Naughty or Nice "
Story 2: " A Rule Worth Breaking "
Story 3: " A Safer Life "

Story 4: " Road Trip "
Story 5: " Fantasy "
Story 6: " Getting Personal "
Story 7: " Lucky Lady "
Story 8: " Under Inspection "
Story 9: " Trade "
Story 10: " Behave "
Story 11: " Wet "
Story 12: " Seven Months "
Story 13: " A Valentine's Heart for Adam..& Rick! "

Good luck to all authors!!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

January A Fly By - Valentine's Day Soon

What happened to January?
Does anyone feel like January was a fly by? A day ago it was Christmas now it is only a few weeks from Valentine's Day. We hope time is flying because you found the love life you've always wanted. For us, the time just FLEW. I am heading to the New York Gift Show on Sunday to find cool new stuff for Will be strange to attend as a "buyer" after so many years as an exhibitor (as a co-founder of We will come back with tons of ideas and share some of those here for feedback with our best customers.

In The Meantime....
We accomplished some cool stuff in January even if a tad on the LATE side such as:

Better Sex Valentine's Sale

Add a "Staff Picks" section to our home page and we are figuring out how to populate it. Check it out and give us feedback.

Created a Better Sex $10,000 Valentine Giveaway contest that starts in a week.

Better Sex Valentine Article: Be A Valentine Hero
I wrote this and riffed on how to be a hero this Valentine. I also wrote 500 words on what NOT to do on Valentine's Day if, like moi, you are alone. Send me a Valentine Email and I will, eventually, send one in return.

I say eventually, because underwater is up from where I am right now. Regular Martin post readers know I tend to get behind. My excuse, life is short and I am trying to jam as much cool stuff in as possible (lol)....I wish. I am afraid the truth is much more mundane, there is simply more work to do than there is time or help to do it. I hope, as you read this, you are set for a fun, creative weekend doing something you love with someone you love. I will be on a plane heading to NYC and a show I've only ever attended as a "seller" not a "buyer". Should be fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.