Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Sale Ends Monday

Better Sex Valentine's Sale Continues
We hope your relationship is so strong even if you missed Valentine's Day on Saturday it doesn't matter. 2.14 is JUST ANOTHER DAY, but some meaningful expression of your love and care is never a BAD idea. Buying something is one way to express care and consideration, but certainly not nearly the only way. Our thought is 2.14 is an excuse, a convenient logic, to try something new. Daily routine is such a powerful thing getting a free "try something new" pass once a year is helpful.

If your relationship is all Eckhart Tolle balanced congratulations. One thing we know from Eckert is whatever you feel is truth. If you feel like you missed an important opportunity on 2.14 then you did. We are keeping our Better Sex Valentine Sale going until Tuesday the 17th. On the surface this may seem goofystupid. Our LAST MINUTE overnight shipping required cut off is Thursday noon, so you could spend a ton of $$ and have your new toy, adult sex education video or Better Sex Essentials lubricant by Valentine.

Don't Pay UPS For Overnight....
That may seem like strange advice since your purchases pay our mortgages, but place your order greater than $60 and upgrade the shipping to 2 day for $6.00. This means your Better Sex Valentine purchase will arrive early next week. SAY NOTHING. Do the usual things for 2.14 - dinner, movie, chocolate, flowers, whatever. Our stuff always ships discreet, so let your partner know you are expecting some office supplies from SI. Office supplies are boring enough that curiosity won't get that cat.

Don't open the package the first night. You will be home from work and dog tired. Let it sit and explain you will look at it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, ask for some clear air, some undisturbed together time. THEN open your "office supplies" and tell your partner you think of them every day not just 2.14. Tell them every financial investment you have is in the toilet, but your investment in her (or him) has always paid magical returns. Who needs new cars, college educations, or the ability to retire as long as you are together. WAIT, strike that last bit as it is way to depressing and not accurate. The stuff that sucks now will get better. All the more reason to STAY HOME and find each other all over again. The price is right and THAT is why we will extend our Better Sex Valentine Sale to Tuesday the 17th.

Better Sex Video Series Mess Up
Yesterday we had a SNAFU on our best selling adult sex education series. Our systems did as they were incorrectly instructed taking the Better Sex Video Series off sale. This was an "our bad" mistake. If you purchased our award winning series yesterday and were charged $39.85 instead of $29.85 we apologize and will be glad to correct via a credit. Contact customer service cs(at)BetterSex(dot)com or call them toll free at 1.800.955.0888 with your order number so we can issue a credit.

Liberator Shapes
Liberator just increased their prices to us, so prices may not be as good as they are right now. We know at $210 this is not a cheap thing. I just got my knee scope bill from December and if I could pay $200 so my knees didn't HURT I would cough up the money (several times over). If you are going to buy one thing from us buy our Better Sex Video Series as those 3 dvds pack the best relationship improvement for the money. If you are going to SPLURGE on one thing, buy The Liberator Ramp and Wedge combination and save your back, knees, shoulders and hips. The cost of replacing those is a tad more than two hundred bucks (lol).

Several of our best sellers have been hit HARD this year wiping out our stock. We have orders in and should be back in stock soon depending on where stock is coming from (usually far off lands). Read my blog riff on replacement ideas for our Valentine Best Sellers that are out. We honor sale prices on back orders and ship on a first-ordered-first-shipped basis. We appreciate anyone who waits to buy from us and understand those who place orders with other sites who are in stock. C'est la guerre and our bad for not buying more. Who knew everyone would WANT our stuff during a recession. Don't misunderstand, we ARE GLAD and we understand. Our average order is less than the cost of dinner and a movie (if you drink anything other than water), so spend a little get a lot. We get it and are increasing our forecasts to reduce out-of-stocks in 2009.

Happy Valentine's Day and THANKS from everyone at and the Sinclair Institute.


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