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Better Sex - Free Gifts

How To Use A Better Sex Promotion Code
99% of orders on qualify for a free gift. Something of value for free is part of our business model. Every year our production schedule has two columns. One column is new full length features such as The Better Sex Video Series ® or our newest feature Great Sex For A Lifetime. The other column is filled with features we create to give away for free.

Free does not have to equal "bad". Many customers tell us they buy from because of our free gifts. We rotate our free gifts on Monday morning always trying to add new and exciting freebies. We include DVD's we've created, adult features, sex toys, vibrators and lubrication. Our customers asked us to include something free from each product category, so we try to do that.

What is free on Better Sex today? = use that link to see what is free today.

Promotion Codes
If you use a "source" or "promotion" code you may change your free gifts options. You can check free gifts associated with any code at the bottom of our "Free Gifts Page" without limiting your free gift choices.

  1. Type a promotion code such as 8PB193 into the box on the bottom of the free gifts page.
  2. You will see a pop up with the free gifts assigned to that code (in this case the 2 Art Of's).
  3. If the free gifts that pop ups are different than the ones on the page, you will need to use your code to receive those gifts.

What if I Don't want those Free Gifts
If you would rather have free gifts outlined on our Free Gifts page, don't do anything. When you land on our site you are painted with a "general" code. Gifts associated with our general code reside on the Free Gifts page. The gifts on the Free Gifts page are the gifts you will be offered on the next to the last stage of our check out if your merchandise total is >$24. We hate that you don't get to choose your free gifts until almost the last checkout step and are working on fixing this too (lots to fix).

How To Use An Ad Code
Once you type your code into the search box or our Buy From An Ad tool you are "painted" with that code and those free gifts. Your code may provide other benefits such as special shipping rates and product prices. Whatever is outlined in the ad will happen if you "paint" yourself with the code. There are three ways to get "painted":

1. Type the code into our search box and click the "Buy" button.

2. Type the code into our ad tool click the "buy" button.

** We do not recommend typing ad codes into our cart. Better to use our Buy From An Ad tool or type your code into our search box on the upper left.

Ad Code Steps
  1. Type your code in our search box.
  2. Or go to our Buy From An Ad feature and type in your code.
  3. The ad that corresponds to that code should pop up.
  4. You can buy directly from the ad.
  5. Click t he box next to the product you want and click
  6. You will need to confirm your free gift choice on the next to the last step of our check out (this is always where free gifts are confirmed).

A. Free Gifts This area confirms the free gifts associated with that ad.
B. Coupon This is the "coupon" where you select what you would like to buy by clicking on the box.
C. Buy Button The "Buy Now" button confirms you choices and confirms you choice.

We realize this is a lot to take in. Trying to make the web work like a print ad is not easy (as it turns out). We are working on making the "buy from an ad" process much easier.

Really Confused?
Shipping charges vary with the amount you purchase and the codes you use. Shipping is free if you have $59 or more in our cart (used to be $75) and some ads have different shipping charges. You will see the correct shipping charge after you login.

8PB193 Ad (above)

In the example below, I've qualified for Free Shipping. I live in North Carolina so I am being charged Sales Taxes. Our company is located in NC, so we must charge sales tax to NC residents (only). The (A) area is where special offers are confirmed. When you use an Ad Code you will see it confirmed in this area.

Check Out Example Using 8PB193
Here is the cart for 8PB193. Note how the "estimated" shipping charge is $7.95. This is wrong. The ad promises, and the customer will receive, a shipping charge of $6.00. Many ad customers bail at this stage because they think we've not delivered on a promise. We always deliver on promises, but our website doesn't always get the memo.

The cart is stupid and static. It doesn't know that a code has been entered. When I login my correct shipping charge is confirmed on step 2 of the checkout in the (B) area.

Why So Confusing?

Imagine you've built a large house. You uncork a bottle of wine, sit out on your deck and watch a beautiful sunset. You live in the house for a few months and realize you need a new door to the utility room. The utility room is in a hard place to put a door now that the house is built.

Our web site needs a new door. Our cart, the inaccessible utility room in my example, needs to explain how our shipping charges vary. I am afraid this is a "my bad" situation. I designed the cart that is there now (as my IT guys have reminded me on numerous occasions). We have new better designs in the hopper now and it should only be better in a few weeks. Once the house is built even adding a new door is a big deal.

Thanks for your patience and BizRate Comments. Your comments helped me see how confusing this area in our cart is. We look at our site so much we can't see it the way our best customers do. In my recurring dream, always works, is easy to understand and everyone gets what they want on the first try.

Then I wake up and know there is work to be done :).

msmith @ bettersex . com

P.S. Our customers are smart, so I know I will receive notes about when exactly do you use the promotion code box in our cart. That box is for special web promotions. Writers who contribute to the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest receive 10% off when they type "fiction" into that box. I also have secret codes I share with people who help us. More on these and other secrets later.

Vaya Con Dios Randy Pausch

Not His Last Lecture
If you missed Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch's (Oct. 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008) last lecture, go to YouTube now and watch it.

Link to Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

Randy's "last lecture" will be watched by millions and it will be watched over and over again. Randy's "Last Lecture" is not really his last lecture. Randy shares secrets. Secrets we all may know, but his passionate helpful reminder serves notice. Randy will get and keep your attention. His subtitle is how to achieve your dreams. We are closer to achieving ours after watching this extraordinary man and GREAT teacher. Want to be closer to your dreams? Use the link above to watch the lecture.

You may have to live on Mars not to have heard about Randy Pausch's struggle with cancer. I hate "struggle with cancer" because it sounds like Greek Wrestling with cancer getting 2 points per take down. "Fight" is a better word. Randy lost his fight last week, but we are all better wrestlers thanks to coach Pausch.

We've blogged about Sex and Cancer and it is not one of our most popular blog topics. That is probably because people think of sex and cancer (i.e. mortality) as "hard" things to discuss, to think about. The real lesson from Randy Pausch might be we live well when we talk about what is important, the straight hard stuff of life. Families, loved ones, our sense of accomplishment and place in the world and an active care for our communities form the pillars of our lives. Order around these pillars and life has meaning, joy, magic and love. Tackle the hard things with honesty, care and love and you will know what it is to really live.

We hope you know what it is like to really live. Even if you do, a quick pep talk with coach Pausch is not a bad idea.

Link to Last Lecture By Randy Pausch


Better Sex - Free Shipping Test

$59.00 Free Shipping Trigger Test

We lowered our free shipping "trigger" yesterday from $75 to $59. When you manage a web site "triggers" are things that, when reached (or clicked), make other things happen. We are testing this lower price point for free shipping because:

  • We've received BizRate notes from customers asking for a lower trigger.
  • We know the economy sucks and we want to do our part to have it stink less. You have to put gas in your car, a roof over your head and food on the table. Not far after those necessities, we hope, is a little something for you and your loving partner from us.
  • Our competitors are clustered around this trigger point and sometimes they know something we don't (and vice versa).

Even though we give a big chunk of our profits to charity every year, we are a for profit company. That means we hope lowering a price point like our free shipping trigger will help more people use this feature. It is a tricky balancing act. You lose money on the one hand (lowering from $75 to $59) in order to make money on the other (if more people utilize free shipping). In the past, we haven't done a great job of explaining the benefits of reaching the free shipping trigger. Since our trigger is now below our average order, just about everyone will be eligible for free shipping during the test.

Benefits of Free Shipping
Our standard shipping is United States Postal Service (USPS)and thanks to increased postal rates, standard shipping is now $7.95. This is what you receive free when the total of your merchandise is equal to or greater than $59. USPS is slow and there is no tracking. If you aren't in a hurry USPS is a good option and Free is a hard price to beat.

The Cool Part of Free Shipping - Cheap Upgrades
We have smart customers many of whom have already figured out that when they qualify for free standard shipping they can pay $6.00 to upgrade to 2 Day UPS (with tracking number and arrival in 2 - 3 days) and spend $14.00 (tracking and get your order in 1 to 2 days).

UPS Benefits
All UPS upgrades include tracking numbers (via email) and you know exactly when your discreet package will arrive from us. "Discreet package" means the UPS driver (or anyone else) will have no idea you ordered from us. UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes, but you can use USPS express for faster deliver to a P.O. Box. Is it worth $6.00 to upgrade to UPS? Our customers vote "Yes" to this since about half the orders that qualified for Free Shipping upgrade. Your call.

Promotion Codes, Free Gifts and Shipping Costs
You may see our ads in USA Today, Men's Health or Cosmo. When you type a promotion code and click "update cart" to confirm the code in our cart your free gifts and shipping costs may change. The confusing part, and we are working on this, is those changes are not confirmed in the cart. The cart, at this time, does not reflect the effect of the promotion code. You will see promotion code changes confirmed on step two of the checkout.

Check Better Sex Free Gifts = use this link to check what is free on any given day, same as the link at the top of every page that looks like this:

More on Free Gifts soon....

Thanks for your support and let us know if you like the lower trigger on free shipping.

msmith @ bettersex . com

Monday, July 28, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - New Stories

Read Housesitters
Housesitters by last year's winning author A. J. Riley won last week's vote. Use the link above to read HouseSitters.

New stories are going up this morning including:

A. Erotica by Madison Page

B. Blindfold by Elle Buchanan

C. Stay with Me by Wade

Vote for your favorite now. Only 2 more weeks left in our Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction Contest. Semi-finals will start on Monday August 11th. Weekly winning stories will compete against each other to make it into the 3 story final.

Better Sex Summer Sale - Bestsellers!

Surprising New Contenders in the Bestsellers Top 10!

Our Better Sex Video Series - 6 Volume Collection took the #9 spot pushing out the Clitoral Hummer from last week. And the #10 spot is currently being dominated by Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo beating out Fluff and Fold from last week as well! See below for more details.

Click here to see the full TOP 10 Bestsellers List!

Better Sex Video Series® 6-Volume Collection

Better Sex knows that making love is an art. And like any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result. Each of us, no matter how "experienced", can benefit from learning new skills. If you are ready to venture into a new world of intimacy, join the millions of people who have already ordered the Better Sex Video Series ® and discover just how great lovers are made.

Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo

Made out of high quality rubber, this adult sex toy has a very real flesh feel, is hand painted with life-like veins, and is constructed with attention to detail from the tip of the penis down to the bulbous balls. A suction cup at the base of the penis allows you to mount this penis sex toy anywhere you want and have hands-free fun.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Break A 3 Way Tie

Vote before Monday and break the tie...
Week 9 has 3 erotic fiction stories neck and neck. Your vote could break the tie. Here is where voting stands as of 1:35 EST on Friday.

Story A: "The HouseSitters"

Story B: "A Close Shave"

Story C: "Road Trip"

Week 9 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Stories use that link to see all 3 stories. Be sure to cast your vote before Sunday at Midnight. We will post the winner of Week 9 here on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Better Sex Web Team

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Most Unusual Place Poll

Take our Most Unusual Place Poll

What is the most unusual place you've ever done the wild thing?
Personally, I am not an elevator, movie or restaurant person. It is not that I am not creative, at least I hope that isn't what it means. Opportunity and desire have never met in a very unusual venue.

This is not true for our customers. The last time we riffed a "most unusual place" question we included an "other" entry and received great reponses from all around the world. My favorite was the story of a young couple who made love on a Hong Kong park bench as elders went through their usual Tai Chi next to them. From the three or four sentences this customer wrote I could see the foggy morning rolling into the park while a group of Tai Chi exercisers slowly, gracefully moved through their routines paying no mind to the couple on the bench.

Is your story more "unusual" than a Hong Kong park bench?
Share your most unusual places story and we will aoonymously publish them here and maybe on If we use your story, we will be sure to send along special THANKS.

Email your most unusual place you've made love to siiweb @ bettersex . com.


Web Team
siiweb @ bettersex . com

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Better Sex iPod Touch Contest

Enter Better Sex Sweepstakes

You can't win if you don't DOUBLE OPT IN!
People seem to be digging our Win a "His" and "Hers" iPod Touch contest. We like to say anyone can give away an iPod only we can give an iPod guaranteed to improve your love life because we include copies of The Better Sex Video Series ® and our newest feature Great Sex For A Lifetime) on our contest iPods.

Problem is about 50% of people entering aren't clicking on the confirmation email. We use a 2x opt-in process to make sure our content goes to those ADULTS who want it. Believe me, we hate spam too and would never want to contribute (ever) or be seen as a spammer. This extra step creates security, but it may also create frustration for about half our contest people because if you can't win if you don't double opt-in.

Better Sex Fiction Contest Update & Fall Contest Details

Reading the blog, I see the date for letters to go out (see note below) to people who submitted stores has passed, but I haven't heard anything regarding my submissions. I entered three stories prior to the release form being a part of the application process--I think when I entered it was something you would send to us.

I also understand that you have other contests lined up, or rather, that you had enough submissions for more than one.

thanks for your time, making a great website, and offering the contest in the first place.


MB is right we are way behind on notification. The Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest for Summer is over and full. We have not been able to get notes out to everyone due to the crush of entries and other duties. We received enough great stories to fill 3 contests and will be contact authors about our Fall Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest as soon we se see daylight (hopefully in the next few weeks).

Other Publications Rule = Relaxed
We will relax this rule and allow stories submitted to us to be published on other web sites and remain eligible for the Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest.

Fall Contest Deadline = November 1st
We will manage the Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest differently. Instead of using rolling admissions, we've set a deadline of November 1st for story submissions. This will allow us to read all submissions before awarding publication slots.

Better Sex Fall Contest Slots
We think there will be about 40 publication slots for the Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest. The contest will extend through January with semi-finals in February (at least that is the plan now).

Limited Release
Our Limited Release will not change, so, if you would like to expedite your entry, please use the link above to review the release, sign and fax to 919.732.5393, sign, scan and email to msmith @ BetterSex . com or mail to Sinclair Institute, Attn: Fiction Contest, West Campus, 402 Millstone Drive, Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Writers who submitted stories may use the code "fiction" in our cart to save 10% on their order. Don’t forget to click “update cart” as this action confirms the discount.

Msmith @ BetterSex . com

P.S. Thanks for the kind words MB, you made our day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Better Sex Ethics

Better Sex Ethics
This article is about Better Sex company ethics. We will write another article soon about the ethics of love and partnership.

Our site, like most large e-commerce sites, is a series of interconnected systems. Here are four examples to give you a quick idea of the scope of these connections:

Better Sex Ad Tool
Better Sex Cart
Better Sex Catalog

Better Sex University

There are close to 30 systems that make up Things can and do go wrong. We work to make things easier for our customers and for our computers, but you would be amazed how hard it is to create simplicity.

We want you to have a great experience where everything works the way it is supposed to all the time, but mistakes will happen. When they do please let us know so we can fix the problem. Here are a ways to alert us:

24/7 Toll Free: 1.800.955.0888

Email Customer Service:

BizRate Survey: We fire surveys when you purchase from us. We will add the BizRate icon soon so you can see past reviews easily. If you would like a response, please be sure to include your email.

Contact Web Team: siiweb @ BetterSex . com (this is how to get in touch with our web team).

Contact Martin: msmith @ BetterSex . com (this is how to get in touch with me, I am the Director for all things Internet).

Better Sex Promise
A few weeks ago I blogged a little about who we are, about our Better Sex Promise. Today's post is a continuation of those ideas. We are ethical people bound by the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). We also recognize the need to protect our investment in your love life. Your love life gets better then we've done our job. If it doesn't then we haven't.

Unexpected things will happen because we are humans dealing with computers. Another way to say this is we are asking for trouble :). When things go bump in the night we will fix them. When you experience a bump we have these requests:

  • Let us know - we can't fix problems we don't know about, so please use the list above to contact us.
  • Assume the best - we are good people who want to help.
  • We will figure it out - eventually - all problems get solved some just take longer than others.
  • Blame the computers - we realize that is a lousy out, but there are ghosts in the machine we've seen them :).

Better Sex Company
I've worked for several corporations during my career. My current job as Director of all things Internet at is one of the most interesting I've ever had. I bet that is not hard for you to imagine. is much like any other business. Our brand is important. Our reputation, established by what we do not our aspirations, is a why we are successful. We obey the Golden Rule because it is who we are and it protects the millions we've spent so I can write these words in this blog.

Life is too short to be anything other than ethical people who care about our products and customers. Here is how we modify the Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you because life is too short to do otherwise.


msmith @ BetterSex . com

Better Sex Sweepstakes - Why US Only?

Why USA Only?

We owe our Canadian customers an apology. We sent an email about our iPod contest, a contest Canadians can not enter, last week. My bad and I hope our loyal friends to the North and South will forgive me. Sweepstakes law is variable by state and country. It is also complicated and a true pain. We read an entire book to understand United States limitations, requirements and issues. Here is what one of our customers told us today about Canadain law:

Many thanks for your response - I only formed the question as a "curiosity" as I am fully aware of the complexities of Canadian laws so please don't waste a lot of time on this issue---besides I have never won anything anyway.

Have a great day
Legal limitations are why we created our Better Sex Sweepstakes as a USA only event. We are thinking about ways to create a "make-up" for non-USA customers and will find a material and fun way to say sorry for the mistake.

Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.

msmith @ bettersex . com

Surprising New and Not-so-New Best-Sellers

Some new contenders have emerged in our Summer Sale Top 10! To check out the rest to make the list, go to our Summer Sale Top 10 Blog.

G-Gasm Delight Vibrator

With its slim, contoured 7" long shaft and bulb-shaped 1 1/2" wide power head, this user-friendly vibe is a must-have for anyone's collection. The enlarged head contains a powerful egg vibrator for focused stimulation of the G-Spot, clitoris, or prostate. Don't forget that this baby is also waterproof for more outside the bedroom fun! It's obvious why this is a long-time staff favorite.

Exploring Better Sex Video Series™

Start your journey on a sensuous "Exploration Of Pleasure" that will take your breath away with excitement! Our exclusive Exploring Better Sex Video Series™ — the uncensored 3-DVD set that will help you discover, achieve and enjoy a whole new world of ultimate sexual pleasure and satisfaction! This new addition to our educational collection has won the hearts of our customers. Find out why today!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Better Sex Sweepstakes

Win 2 iPod Touch Players
Since is all about helping couples we thought it would be dumb and potentially damaging to only give away one iPod Touch. The best way to promote harmony is to give away 2 iPod Touch Players. As usual we wanted to create an iPod touch contest with a unique twist.

Anyone can give away an iPod Touch, but only we can give a way 2 iPod Touch players guaranteed to improve your love life. Our iPod Touch players are preloaded with The Better Sex Video Series ® (His) and Great Sex For A Lifetime ™ (Hers). Our customers tell us watching our videos have "saved their marriage", help them get out of sexual ruts and found new pleasure and joy. We guarantee you love life will improve too.

Our contest goal is to introduce to new people. Entering is safe and secure. We never sell, rent or share our email addresses and that policy applies to this contest. Almost forgot, you may enter the contest multiple time and entering more than once does increase your chances of winning. Follow the link below to read complete contest legalese.

The first time you enter you will receive a confirmation email. You've not entered the contest until you confirm your email. Every day that you enter you receive a daily secret code you may use to save big bucks at The secret code is good even on Summer Sale products that may be up to 60% off already.

Enter the Better Sex Sweepstakes Now!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Sale Weekly Top 10

Our Summer Sale 2008 is in full swing—Don't miss out on these awesome deals! Check out our customer faves with last week's Top 10:

Better Sex Video Series® Sexplorations DVD Collection

The Better Sex Video Series' real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy.

Better Sex™ Advanced Sex Techniques II Collection

The Better Sex Advanced Techniques 2 Series is where adventuresome lovers turn to "rev up" their sexual power!

Better Sex For A Lifetime®

Better Sex for a Lifetime is a new age adult sex education video series that explores sexuality for mature, loving couples.

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring

The Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring is proof that the number of orgasms you and your partner can have is only limited by your supply of batteries and your partner’s stamina.

Pearl Panther Rabbit Vibrator

The Pearl Panther clitoral vibrator distributed by Better Sex has a soft jelly head and is perfectly curved and contoured to target a woman's G-spot.

Great Sex For A Lifetime™ DVD Collection

Now, right this minute, is the time for you and your partner to learn new simple mind blowing orgasm tips and new sexual techniques guaranteed to excite. A better sex life is here…if you want it.

Exploring Better Sex Video Series™

The intimate knowledge you'll gain from these DVDs...the erotic tips, turn-ons and techniques you'll see demonstrated...will help you make your sex life more incredibly exciting than ever before!

G-Gasm Delight Vibrator

With its slim, contoured 7" long shaft and bulb-shaped 1 1/2" wide power head, this user-friendly vibe is a must-have for anyone's collection!

Clitoral Hummer Waterproof Vibrator

Take the plunge....And get soaking wet with orgasmic joy every time the Waterproof Clitoral Hummer Vibrator from Better Sex dives in deep.

Fluff and Fold

This laundromat spins delicious romance and delirious sex in this adult movie staring Jessica Drake!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Better Sex Fiction Contest - Sleepless Wins

A Sleepless Night by Heather Line won Week 6 of the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest

New stories went up today including:

A. A Dark Stormy Night or Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me by Dee Guisée
B. Delicious by
Roxanne Rhoads
C. Flat Tire (The Adventures of Jarenda Monroe) by L. R. Stewart

We are working on author notifications this week (week of July 7th) and hope to have notes out to all writers by Friday.

msmith @

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Sale Poll Results

Pearl Panther Wins Customer "Sale" Vote

Thanks to the over 500 people who casts votes and sent us emails letting us know what items they would like to see added to our Better Sex Summer Sale.

In addition to the Pearl Panther, we added over 70 new sale items including:

All Lucid Dreams Vibrators

New Sex Toys For Men
(I am writing an new article entitled Better Sex For Him, look for it soon).

Hottest Sex Ed Titles

Liberator Ramp and Wedge
Hard to put Liberators on sale because they are expensive to us too, but a customer requested to add this set (our best sellers) to our summer sale so we knocked a little off. All of our Liberator Shapes include free standard shipping. The tricky part is bulky shapes can only be shipped via US Postal Service. Can't jam a bunch of foam on a plane, so USPS standard (free) and 3 day are the only shipping options on these cool and well loved shapes. Our system will offer UPS because computers have to be the dumbest things on the planet (can't live with them can't kill them), but we can't send these bad boys (Liberator) in a metal tube at 30,000 feet (bad things happen...remember Snakes On A Plane this is FOAM on a PLANE...HELP....).

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring
Another customer suggestion. Don't forget to read my article on the Cock Ring Revolution.

Better Sex Video Series
Our ground breaking, award winning 3 DVD series is guaranteed to help your love life as it has already helped over 4,000,000 couples. I was speaking to an Internet entrepreneur the other day who told me our series saved her marriage. Stories like hers are why we are here. Don't head to divorce court before you spend less than the cost of dinner and a movie to create a new sex life with our DVD's. Will a new sex life save your marriage - maybe and at 25% off what do you really have to lose? A little side note, divorce costs much more! Good luck and please tell me your story since that kind of feedback really helps motivate everyone here. Email me at msmith @

Great Sex For A Lifetime
Our newest title is already well loved and supported by our customers. Take a look and share your reactions and thoughts.

Oral Sex, Sex Positions and More On Sale
We have many of our most popular sex education titles on sale too. Curious about the G-spot, is there really sex after 40 (YES) and new sex positions that can help your lovemaking get out of a rut? Click through the coolest, best, hottest, greatest, best (wait already said that) and, as Sue Johanson said, "classiest" adult sex ed titles on the planet. Yes I work here and am a tad biased. These DVDs are who we are and what we do. We know they've helped thousands (millions actually) and they can help you too.

Better Sex Satisfaction Guarantee
Not everyone loves everything we do. We understand this. Think, for just a second, about the task we face. We need to develop engaging, instructive and informative DVD's about sex. That mission would be hard to do for fishing, something everyone does in pretty much the same way. See how hard such a mission is for something everyone may do in very unique ways such as sex? Our reviews say we hit the mark more than we miss. Remember any purchase on our site is backed by our 90 day no questions asked guarantee. We never make a distinction if a product is on sale. Our guarantee applies to any and all purchases made on always.

If you would like to read more about who we are, what we stand for and why our passion and commitment is your biggest guarantee read my post Better Sex Promise.

Thanks to everyone who voted last week, sent suggestions via email and who help with input and ideas. I am listening to Simon and Garfunkel singing Homeward Bound as I finish this blog post. We wish you all a safe path home where your "love lies waiting silently for you".

msmith @

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Update

Traffic Jammed - Week 5 Winning Story
Our first international victory belongs to Traffic Jammed a story that made us want to be stuck in traffic. Our congratulations and a check is headed to Oh Canada. Author Lynn Lake actually mailed our limited release to us explaining there were no faxes that far north yet. We think she was only half kidding.

Read Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Winning Stories
- Use this link to read all 5 winning stories.

Read and Vote For Week 6 Stories
Week 6 stories awakens old and new passions, discusses a first sexual experience and ends with a sleepless night. Use these links to read and vote for your favorites:

Haven't Heard From Us?
All authors should have received a receipt for stories received. We had a few bumps when the contest started, but the last few weeks evryone seems to be hearing from us. If you are wondering if your story is in the contest, we are only a week out right now, so not all stories have been selected. Our goal is to have all stories selected and author's notified the week after the 4th. Just as we use a "rolling" admission cycle we read in batches too.

Great Writing, Great Stories
The death of the written word is grossly exaggerated based on contest submissions. We could fill three contests with quality writing, exciting narrative and engaging stories (and that is our plan). We know how hard it can be to write without reward or encouragement. In fact, our desire to create rewards for hard working writers is why this contest got started. Now the reward is ours since we get to read fantastic encouraging work. Thanks to everyone who sent us their work and please be patient as we work through the last available slots and send notes to every author.

Great work everyone!!! Thanks.