Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vaya Con Dios Randy Pausch

Not His Last Lecture
If you missed Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch's (Oct. 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008) last lecture, go to YouTube now and watch it.

Link to Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

Randy's "last lecture" will be watched by millions and it will be watched over and over again. Randy's "Last Lecture" is not really his last lecture. Randy shares secrets. Secrets we all may know, but his passionate helpful reminder serves notice. Randy will get and keep your attention. His subtitle is how to achieve your dreams. We are closer to achieving ours after watching this extraordinary man and GREAT teacher. Want to be closer to your dreams? Use the link above to watch the lecture.

You may have to live on Mars not to have heard about Randy Pausch's struggle with cancer. I hate "struggle with cancer" because it sounds like Greek Wrestling with cancer getting 2 points per take down. "Fight" is a better word. Randy lost his fight last week, but we are all better wrestlers thanks to coach Pausch.

We've blogged about Sex and Cancer and it is not one of our most popular blog topics. That is probably because people think of sex and cancer (i.e. mortality) as "hard" things to discuss, to think about. The real lesson from Randy Pausch might be we live well when we talk about what is important, the straight hard stuff of life. Families, loved ones, our sense of accomplishment and place in the world and an active care for our communities form the pillars of our lives. Order around these pillars and life has meaning, joy, magic and love. Tackle the hard things with honesty, care and love and you will know what it is to really live.

We hope you know what it is like to really live. Even if you do, a quick pep talk with coach Pausch is not a bad idea.

Link to Last Lecture By Randy Pausch


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