Friday, November 16, 2007

Join The Cock Ring Revolution

What kind of mood was I in when I wrote the Cock Ring Revolution article? I was beret wearing, Miles riffing, gloved fist extending and full revolution creating mad. You see I was sitting in bed staring at the flat screen waiting for a restful night. A song we all love by The Who, The Doors or The Beatles was playing on TV attached to some infomercial-ready slicer or dicer or something. I was trying to hum my mantra and stay Eckert Tolle cool, but it wasn't working. I fired up my laptop and let fingers fly.

Article writing in anger is never a good thing. You slur participles and hang infinitives. Bad things can happen. On the positive side, this revolution of mutual pleasure flowing from an assortment of love rings with powerful vibrating bullets is all good. Hard to say when we first realized there was, as the song says, something "goin' on". My thinking on this, and see if you can follow what is admittedly black hole logic here, is that guys are getting smarter. Open the doors and let us in we are seeing some light. The light is telling us to listen up, hear what is being said and channel what is in the room. Find ways to please our partners and presto chango more fun and pleasure for us. Who knew being selfless could be so, well, rewarding? Gandhi sure. Mother T probably, but average guy who used to be in a band, plays golf and smokes ugly cigars? I don't think so. All revolutions eventually include the clueless and we are there on cock rings gentlemen. Tipping point is behind us. Enlightenment lies ahead.

Funny ironic voice aside, there is hope for old dogs. I hope you will read about THE REVOLUTION and share your riffs, funny ironic voices and Tolle cool.

Peace, Martin