Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Better Sex New Years Poll

What is your New Year's Sexual Resolution?
Want to dsicover your g-spot or maybe find a new partner in 2009? No matter what you want to do, we want to know about it. As an added bonus, you get to see what everyone else wants to accomplish, sexually speaking, in 2009.

Take the BetterSex.com New Year's Sexual Resolution Poll

#1 Option Now = HAVE BETTER SEX....yes, we can help with that! Receive $5.00 off for taking the Better Sex New Year's Resolution Poll today (use link above).

Better Sex Holiday Ipod Winner

iPod Christmas Present for Auto Parts Worker
C. Burton from Indiana won our Better Sex Holiday iPod Contest. This wasn't a great holiday for the Burton family since the car business is not doing well. There were few presents under the tree this year. This hard working auto parts manufacturer let us know how much he appreciated having something special to give his wife. Everyone at BetterSex.com and The Sinclair Institute wishes Mr. Burton and his fellow auto workers a Happy New Year and a better 2009!

Better Sex Valentine's Giveaway
Our "bail out" idea is to create the biggest Valentine's Giveaway event ever. We are planning the first Better Sex $10,000 Valentine Giveaway Contest right now. Our Valentine contest will feature brand name toys such as Liberator Shapes, SportsSheets and Cyberskin. Every day in February we will give away an estimated $1,000 worth of cool stuff guaranteed to improve your love life. If you are already a member of our community, you are automatically included. If you would like to be included, sign up for our email today and don't forget to double opt in. Use this link:

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We will have a special Better Sex Valentine Giveaway sign up area soon.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BetterSex.com Says Happy Holidays

Ho, Ho, Ho, hmmmmm............
What would Santa say if he landed in our living room? I think he would be glad we put more interesting things out for him and Mrs. Claus than a cookie. Santa needs to have a fun sex life too and try some new moves after all that hard work. Mrs. Claus watch out your Santa is heading home.

BetterSex.com Happy Holiday Sale

We knew Santa couldn't shop until 12.26, so we are continuing our Biggest Sale Ever with over 350 of our best sellers up to 50% off. Last year we were visited by quite a few late Santa’s, so Happy Holidays. If all this holiday fun has you in the doghouse with your special someone, visit our Happy Holiday Sale and surprise them AFTER 12.25. Our gifts can be a good surprising ANYTIME of the year (LOL or Ho, Ho, Ho). Just ask Mrs. Clause.

Better Sex Santa says THANKS to our customers for hitting a new sales record last week. Our customers support is magical and you guys are the best! Our thought is let's wrap up in a warm blanket in front of a fire with someone we love because then life is good. Life is always easier and better than we think and our customers proved it again last week. I turn another year older in about 8 days now. How thousands of our customers knew EXACTLY what to get me for my 51st birthday I have no idea. I am very grateful and wish each and every one of you a loving holiday and joy in the New Year.

Don't Forget
Our Free Standard Shipping at $59.00 has been such a BIG hit we are keeping it on. Right now, we have our free 2 day on hold but may bring it back in time for Valentine's Day. If that shipping option (free 2-day at $89.00) helped let me know and we will bring it back.


Director & Stock Holder
Sinclair Institute

Friday, December 19, 2008

Better Sex Holiday Deadline

Holiday Deadline Is Here
We have arrived at the procrastinator’s holiday. Today is December 19th and almost the last day of our Free 2 Day Shipping on all purchases over $89. To say that option has been popular would be a VAST understatement. Our customers have been on that t-bone like a pack of hungry dogs.

Procrastinator's Reward
I too am a procrastinator. I meant to mail my father's present from the office today....didn't happen. I went on an interesting journey for my father this year, a web journey. I wanted a signed book written by a billionaire and had no idea how to achieve it, so I "crowd sourced" it. Crowd sourcing is putting a question out to the web and letting a Wisdom of Crowds thing happen to help solve a problem. You can read the entire story on ScentTrail, my personal blog if you are interested. Finding Ted Turner, was a fascinating journey. Now I just have to get the book in the mail headed to the desert.

Monday = Free Overnight for $100

I know as I write this some of you will think, "Wait until Monday." That, in no way, is my advice. One thing I recognize is a deadline and I know I am there on my gift for my dad and you guys are there if you desire some Better Sex for the holiday. If you are reading this on Saturday BUY TODAY and buy enough for FREE 2 DAY ($89). Getting into the warehouse queue earlier this time of year is better than later (believe me).

If you don't need some lovin' by 12.25 then remember we comp your standard shipping at $59.00. I know $59 can seem like a lot in this economy, but it is less than dinner and a movie and pleasure from our gifts last MUCH longer (guaranteed). Everything you buy on BetterSex.com comes with our no questions asked money back guarantee and if we comp the shipping you have risk little.

Don't Worry
This is a tough time of year. Lots of parties, deadlines, thinking about the New Year and crazy stuff going on. What I know, for sure, is stuff happens (and I was thinking of another word lol). If stuff happens to your order with us we will fix it. If you get that shinny cool toy and it isn't everything you expected, let us know and we will make it right. Worry about love not your BetterSex.com order, and we can help you not worry so much about Love too :).

Buzz Team
If you are interested in helping us change the world, be sure to sign up for our Buzz Team. We've had exciting conversation with manufacturers about sending prototypes to our Buzz Team for their feedback BEFORE products go to market. How cool would that be? We've already helped one manufacturer decided to completely reformulate a toy. If you like to be involved, get free stuff and write your opinions (in very specific ways) join our Buzz Team.

How to join the Better Sex Buzz Team.

Quick Note to BetterSex.com Web Team
This has been an amazing year for BetterSex.com. Every team member but me is new. The GREAT news is every new team member is AMAZING. I am very proud of how a bunch of new people came together to learn fast, support each other and help our customers. I call web changes "scene changes" and, just as in the theater, scene changes can get crazy and complicated. We didn't miss a scene change this year despite some serious bumps. GREAT JOB GUYS! I am proud to work with every one of you and am looking forward to 2009.

Happy Holidays
I am heading for some out patient knee surgery next week. This is the cost of every five yard carry in high school football (never get old is my advice), so, before I am under anesthesia, I wanted to THANKS to everyone who purchased from BetterSex.com this year. Even if you didn't help World Peace by buying a sex toy from us, we appreciate your involvement, support, ideas and care. You don't have to give us money to be part of our family, but those were always MY favorite relatives (LOL). My birthday is January 1st. I could tell my cheap relatives easily. They gave me 1 present to cover both occasions (Christmas and my New Year's Day birthday). Our BetterSex.com customers are GENEROUS people who mean the world to us. We see our mission as serving you and hope we've helped, in some way, this year. We will look to improve and help next year too.

Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays,


Monday, December 15, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Book

Summer Erotic Fiction Book + Fall Erotic Fiction Book
We've decided to combine winners from our Summer 2008 and Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest into one book. Normally, the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contests are further apart. We wanted our 2009 contest to close on Valentine's Day 2009, so we launched our Fall Erotic Fiction Contest soon after our summer contest closed. Our plans to launch the book from our summer contest by this holiday season have been taken over by events. We will combine the books into one and hope to have it to press in April 2009.

Royalty Checks - Confirm Address
We are working on royalty checks from the first book and audo CD this week. Emails are going out today (Monday 12.15) and tomorrow (Tuesday 12.16) requesting writers to confirm their addresses. If you contributed to our book but did not receive an email by Wednesday, please send your current email to:


Link to 2007 BetterSex.com Erotic Fiction Book

Link to 2007 BetterSex.com Erotic Fiction CD

Link to 2007 Combination of Book + CD

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better Sex White Album

New BetterSex.com Look
Today we've launched a new look and feel for our web site. Our internal name for this new site is the Better Sex White Album. When you see our new home page design you will understand the name. Six years ago we changed web design ethos for adult toy web sites. We know sex toys, vibrators and our adult sex education dvds are just like any other products. Well that is not entirely true, our products are much more fun, but the way we sell our products should be on par with brands we all know and trust such as Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and Target. This is the philosophy we created six years ago. We are proud to create and sell the best sex toys around and our customers are proud too. Our idea caught fire and many competitors adopted clean lines, clear presentation and a "branded" approach. One sure way to judge success of an Internet idea is to see who copies and improves it. We salute our competitors for intelligent adoption of an important idea - sex toys are cool, fun and nothing to ever be ashamed to purchase. We take care of the world as we take care of ourselves and a little pleasure is never a bad thing.

Mainstream Sex Toys
There is little doubt sex toys are moving mainstream. When you go to a movie such as Burn After Reading or Zack and Miri Create A Porno and they intelligently discuss Liberator Shapes, Fleshlights and Rabbits you know sex toys are mainstream and coming to a Walgreen’s near you soon. We've helped create this trend and are glad we, the collective we, can buy sex toys without shame. We think it will be a bit before Walgreen's understands what makes a great sex toy such as the We-Vibe, but mainstream will join the party we helped start sooner rather than later.

Better Sex Mission
Our mission is to help couples find, create and improve their sex life. We know better sex leads to better relationships and vice versa. Even when we mess up, we always start with our desire to help. I restate this here, regular readers of this blog will know I am little crazy about service, because from our mission flows everything including development of the Better Sex White Album web site design.

Customer Suggestions
Many changes in our new design were suggested by customers. We love customer suggestions because we don't have to worry if we are doing the right thing. Making it easier to communicate, buy from and contribute to BetterSex.com is always our intention. Your feedback helps, so please keep emailing us your ideas, thoughts, reactions and etc... If you really want to help, join our Better Sex Buzz Team. Our Buzz Team helps us know what really works (or doesn't). They are an invaluable resource and special members of our growing community. Use the link below to find out more about how to join our Buzz Team:

Tell me more about the Better Sex Buzz Team?

Feedback on Better Sex White Album
Please send feedback on our new look and feel to siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com. We will have special THANKS and, as always, we appreciate the help. Use the link below to go to see our new look and feel:

See Better Sex White Album Web Site

Thanks for everyone's help. We couldn't have created this new album (web site) without your help!

Great effort by Better Sex Web Team and our IT Support Team too! Great job guys!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Fall Fiction Contest Update

5 Weekly Winners...So Far
We are almost half way through our Better Sex Fall Fiction Contest. Fall Fiction Ends on Valentine's Day 2009. $100 checks have gone out to every winner but 1. One weekly winner in our fall contest also has a story in our BetterSex.com Erotic Fiction Anthology so his check will be combined his licensing check.

Fall Fiction Contest - Judges Work Is Now Complete
The Fall Fiction Contest is now complete and author's notified. The number of stories for our Fall Fiction Contest were up significantly, less than 1 in 100 submitted stories have been selected. All authors may use "fiction" in our cart to receive 10% off any order they place (be sure to click "update cart" as that action confirms your discount).

"Fiction" = 10% off any writer order AND writer's may share this code with friends, good through Valentine's Day 2009.

Vote Now
This week we get personal early and silently. Be sure to vote for your favorite:

Getting Personal by By Elise Logan
Bright and Early By L.C. Pine
Silent Satisfaction By Scott Douglas

Royalty Payments - Notice
If your story was featured in our 2007 BetterSex.com Erotic Stories Anthology, you will be receiving a royalty check. Checks are being cut and mailed this week. If your story was featured in our book, please be sure to provide your current mailing address to msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com.

Honest Voting
We had an accusation of voter fraud last week and checked our algorithms closely and carefully and did not see evidence of fraud. Stuffing ballots is something we take VERY seriously and want to make sure every contestant knows to be sure to tell their friends to vote within our guidelines. In our last contest, we had to eliminate a writer because his friends stuffed his ballot box. We were forced to remove his story and he was not eligible for the fall contest. Please be sure your friends know they may only vote for your story once.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Berman Center® Line

Better Sex™ introduces The Berman Center® Line!

Dr. Laura Berman has been working as a sex educator, author and therapist for over a decade and now runs the Berman Center® in Chicago, a state-of-the-art facility for sexual health using a mind-body perspective.

Pleasing, quiet and ergonomic designs along with Better Sex™ discreet shipping make The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection® a must-have line of intimacy products. The Berman Center® Line includes everything from kegel exercisers to remote-controlled stimulators to dilator sets.

Click Here to start your personal collection today.