Monday, September 24, 2007

5 Tips For Better Sex Tonight

Tip # 1: Respect

Most people agree that one of the biggest pleasures in a relationship is through mutual respect. Developing intimacy requires developing a healthy respect for your mate. Remember what it was that drew you to our partner in the first place. What makes him/her feel like “home” to you? When you have these answers, treat them like mantras you repeat silently throughout the day. Over time, it will become an unconscious act. In those moments when you and your partner are not seeing eye-to-eye -- and these happen for everyone -- the memory of why you are with him/her will renew the respect you have.

Tip # 2: Adult Movies

Adult Movies are a helpful method for spicing up your sex life. Whether or not you have a partner, watching adult films can certainly assist you in improving your skills as a lover, but many of the how-to videos and DVDs are extremely educational from a scientific standpoint. Many feature commentary by medical doctors and licensed sex therapists, who offer invaluable knowledge about how the male and female body functions during sex. In addition, you are often able to view real couples putting lessons they learned into practice, which serves to demonstrate that we are all capable of having satisfying sex lives.

Tip # 3: Fellatio

Fellatio is the technical term for oral sex performed on a man. Its root is from the Latin verb meaning “to suck.” For many men, oral sex is a more intense experience than intercourse. This is due to the concentration of stimulation to the penis by mouth, tongue, and hands. Each man has different areas of concentrated sensitivity, so it’s important for a man to communicate what is pleasurable to him during oral sex. If he is not comfortable speaking out loud about his needs, he should gently guide his lover either with his hands or let her know when she’s doing the right thing by making some oral indication such as telling her he likes what she’s doing or sometimes even just a moan will send the message!

Tip # 4: Prolonging Pleasure

As a general rule, the longer the stimulation, the larger the release. This is true physically as well as mentally. In order to prolong pleasure during lovemaking and prevent male orgasm from occurring too soon, it’s important to start slowly. Even just talking to each other about the sex you’d like to have is a turn-on, and can initiate arousal. Once you begin to touch, you may wish to begin with a backrub or deep kissing before moving to intercourse. Once you do begin making love, you can also bring a man back from the brink of orgasm with a squeezing technique. Just prior to his orgasm, put your thumb on one side of the base of the penis and the tips of your index and middle fingers on the other side, then squeeze.

Tip # 5: Sensual Massage

Sexual technique is not always about doing super tricks in bed. Much of lovemaking occurs before the act of intercourse even begins. In part, knowing how to be a good lover means knowing how to touch. Sensual massage is a wonderful way to connect to your partner, and to learn what feels good to him/her. It is also a very bonding act. Three basic types of massage can be practiced. There’s a general soothing massage, where you simply use oils or lotion and gently rub your lover’s body head to toe. In a body to body massage, you use your own body to assist in the massage, sliding up and down his/he back, using hair, nails or even playful bites. Some massage sessions may progress to masturbating your partner as part of the rub-down. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions as you massage or establish ahead of time what type of massage you will give/receive so that both of you achieve the maximum pleasure.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Better Sex Wants To Know You!

Help Us, Help You!

In order to better give you what you need in the realm of sex education, adult toys and adult movies we would love to learn more about you. Learning just a few thing will help us better give you products that you will enjoy using and videos that will help you have better sex. It will also help us with our upcoming productions and video series so that we can give you the information you want.

Please take the time to answer the few multiple choice questions located about 3/4 way down the page in the right hand column.

Thank you for you help.
Better Sex Buzz Team

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Casting Call - Baby Boomer Better Sex Casting Call announced a casting and resource call to baby boomers today with a contribution deadline of October 19th .Baby Boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964, are asked to contribute to a new sex education production. “Our videos feature couples who share sex secrets on camera supported by professional sex therapists and educators,” explained Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce for the Sinclair Institute and

The company is issuing an open casting call searching for roughly thirty boomer couples and individuals. “Boomers with a great story to tell about their loves, desires and passions are just as important as couples who will share their sex secrets,” explained Mr. Smith, “because our productions are about relationships, connection, communication and life. It is certainly possible to be happy when your sex life is rewarding, but reverse the equation and happiness can be hard to find.”’s casting call extends beyond couples interested in appearing in the company’s new project. “In addition to people, we are searching for great period pictures, home movies and original art work from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that will help enrich our production” Mr. Smith said. The company is searching for original photographs, movies and art work that can help create a sense of time and place moving from the fifties to present day.

“Our new project focuses on the endless creativity of baby boomers,” said Mr. Smith. “Many members of our team are boomers so our connection creates a desire to create something great. As always, we know we will receive support, suggestions and passion from our friends, customers and community,” concluded Mr. Smith.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Better Sex Ad Contest

Web 2.0 Gets Sexy with $5,000 prize for Better Sex Ad Contest Makeover

Today The Sinclair Institute and its web site announced a new video contest with a top ad contest prize of $5,000. “We are searching for a new way to tell the story of our Better Sex Video Series, the best selling adult sex education title ever created,” said Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce for Sinclair and

Hillsborough, NC, August 11, 2007 --( Today The Sinclair Institute and its web site announced a new video contest with a top prize of $5,000. “We are searching for a new way to tell the story of our Better Sex Video Series, the
best selling adult sex education title ever created,” said Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce for Sinclair and “We love the spirit of Web 2.0 video sharing sites. We know there is a creative mind out there that can help us see the Better Sex Video Series in a new way,” explained Mr. Smith.

The Better Sex Video Ad Contest launched on August 1st and will run until October 1st. Short video entries of up to five minutes will be judged by a panel of advertising experts on quality, originality and appeal. Find complete contest rules and an entry form at . “We receive feedback daily about our products, web sites and ideas,” Martin said. The Sinclair Institute, founded in 1991, specializes in sex education for adults.

“We know the world is very different than when our company was founded in the early 1990’s, but sex remains a difficult topic,” Mr. Smith continued, “and it is hard to have a happy life without a rewarding sex life.” Over 4,000,000 couples have purchased the ground breaking video series and Sinclair has revised the three volume video set several times including a complete recreation in 2005. “We feature real couples in our videos, so asking our customers how to tell our story is a natural,” Martin explained.

“Sinclair is not the first company to turn to its customers and ask amateur video artists to help tell a story, but our contest is bound to be the sexiest,” Martin claims. Sinclair wants to tap into the cultural zeitgeist about adult sex education. “I remember being herded into the gym, boys only of course, in elementary school for ‘the talk’ that was so laughable, incomplete and frightening it is a wonder any of us were able to have children,” Mr. Smith remembered. “That silly talk and millions like it launched Sinclair and, now we want our customers to share their vision for how we can make Web 2.0 sexy,” Mr. Smith concluded.

Better Sex Video Series Limited Edition

Today The Sinclair Institute and its web site announced a new limited edition version of their award winning adult sex education series The Better Sex Video Series. The Better Sex Video Series is the best selling adult sex education DVD set in the world with over 4,000,000 satisfied customers. “A new couple tries our videos about every fifteen minutes,” explains Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce for

“We conducted a poll that told us 30% of our customers never tried using a ring during sex,” explained Mr. Smith. “That was a surprising statistic since we’ve received strong reviews from customers who tried rings,” said Martin.

An article on SexInfo entitled Increasing Orgasm During Intercourse states

When it comes to having orgasms, women and men are very different. During intercourse, the friction between the penis and the vagina gives men direct stimulation. Women, on the other hand, receive indirect stimulation (of the clitoris) during intercourse. This is why most women (70%) do not orgasm during intercourse unless some form of direct stimulation is given to their clitoris.

(Complete article link on request)

Rings provide “direct stimulation” and many women report the ability to orgasm for the first time during intercourse after trying a ring. “Our mission is to help couples have better sex,” explains Mr. Smith, “so we bundled products that achieve that mission in order to help couples try new things,” Martin said. “Free stuff may help couples get outside their sexual routine because there is no financial risk associated with experimentation and that is why we included one of our best selling rings in this Limited Edition Better Sex Video Series bundle,” Martin concluded. plans to offer the Limited Edition Better Sex Video Series for the month of August.

Sexy Adult Costume Trend Seen By

Sinclair Institute sees a trend in sexy costumes that may be translated as Halloween all year long. "It is not surprising that a generation weaned on Star Wars, Superman and Batman would incorporate costumes into their love life in growing numbers," explains Martin Smith Director of E-Commerce at the Sinclair Institute, the parent company of "As actors know, you feel what you wear. Costumes are an easy way to add a new wrinkle in what may have become old routines. Our adult costume sales tripled last year, and we’ve added over 50 new varieties of sexy costumes this year to take advantage of the trend" said Mr. Smith.

Why we dress the way we dress is a complex psychological issue. Ernst Harms in an article for the American Journal of Sociology states:

Dress is not only an expression of modesty but also precisely of its opposite, sexual attraction; this can be shown to be one of the most elementary motives of dress, and cannot be interpreted either as adornment or as protection.

…Besides the sexual-interpersonal relationship, the most important social influence on dress is what we may call the element of "costume."

The Psychology of Clothes
Earnest Harms
American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 44, No. 2

Adult costumes such as naughty school girls, bad cops, sexy superheroes and barely dressed maids create space between lives stuffed with too many emails, raising children, hard stressful work, paying the mortgage and the other frantic activities associated with modern living. "Costumes allow couples to sublimate the boring for the surreal," Mr. Smith commented. "Something that helps couples find new spark in their intimate relationship is highly reinforcing. When something works, word spreads and sales triple," according to Mr. Smith. This is why believes that it is now Halloween for adults all year long.