Monday, March 23, 2009

Coolest Internship On Planet Earth

Better Sex Web Internship
Are you broke? Stayed home this Spring Break due to lack of fundage? We can help you make money and LEARN while you do it. Bet UNC, NC State and Duke don't PAY YOU to head to class. The Better Sex Structured Internships do exactly that.

Yes you get to work at what has to be the coolest business on planet earth., a well-loved web site serving hundreds of thousands of customers every year needs your help. We have two Structured Internships starting April 1st 2009 and ending in September.

Who Should Apply
Sentient beings is a must. Solid writing skills, passion and ability to think and respond QUICKLY a must. Technical skills (Photoshop and Dreamweaver) a big plus.

What is a "Structured Internship"
Our Better Sex Interns work for two things: Cash and A Recommendation from Martin Smith, The Director of E-Commerce (me). My recommendations have helped friends, colleagues and co-workers get great jobs (example of Martin's recommendations on LinkedIn). Our interns get coffee for no one. They are expected to learn, learn fast and CONTRIBUTE. We have enough work for an army of interns. Instead of hiring an army we turn down 9 out of every 10 intern applications as we look for the best fit for us.

Sounds Like Work
Yes, Better Sex Interns work hard. The good news is we have the best jobs in the world. We create and sells products to help people have better sex lives including our sex educational DVD's, vibrators and sex toys. How much fun is THAT? Sure you can do an internship at a bank or a car dealer. Wait, no those guys are probably NOT hiring. Our business is rocking. In recessions people give their partners another try. Our business is having its best year EVER!

The nature of our work is fun. Fun is baked in. If you can't have fun here you aren't going to have fun anywhere (trust me).

What is looking for?

Job Title: E-Commerce Structured Marketing Internship (paid)

Reports to:
E-Commerce Marketing Director with dotted line to Web Merchandiser

Based at:
Corporate Office, 402 Meadowlands Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278 (about 10 minutes drive north of UNC)

Job Purpose interns are expected to learn every aspect of e-commerce from merchandising to graphic design. Interns works most closely with Web Merchandiser.

Key responsibilities and accountability

  1. Review and post customer reviews consistent with review guidelines.
  2. Work with the Better Sex Buzz Team to distribute sex toys and coordinate subsequent product reviews from team members.
  3. Place Product of the Month orders and forecast product sales to insure inventory matches demand.
  4. Use internal systems in cooperation with the Web Merchandiser to post product copy, feature and sale information.
  5. Perform price checks to insure’s value promise.
  6. Mine Better Sex forum for good ideas.
  7. Write cool sex things happening now on Better Sex Blog.
  8. Help extend Better Sex social marketing.
  9. Work with the Merchandiser to identify new products to add to developing a prioritized list to add new products.

Develop new skills (Better Sex interns work tasks to develop skills):

  1. Learn Search Engine Optimization from Web Manager, Web Merchandiser and Director of E-Commerce.
  2. Outline social marketing strategy, provide ROI (return on investment) and make specific recommendations.
  3. Attend Martin’s SEO writing camp (read books and blog listings to learn how search engine spiders “see” web sites).
  4. Learn web merchandising. What is cross sale, up sale and what factors (such as product reviews) impact and influence web visitors.
  5. Learn to write product copy.

Better Sex Internship Requirements
Solid writing skills, ability to communicate ideas, passion for web merchandising are required. Ability to write HTML use popular tools such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver a big plus.

Timing interns commit to between 10 and 20 hours per week. Schedule is flexible and some work may be done remotely. Summer interns start in April and finish when school starts in the fall (April to August). Fall interns start in August and finish at the end of the year. Winter interns start in December and finish in the spring.

Interns earn $10 per hour and a letter of recommendation from the Director of E-Commerce upon successful completion.

How Apply
Send your resume to Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com) with "Summer Internship" in the subject. We will confirm receipt and check your availability for an interview.

What about the Sex thing?
If, in this economy, you can't spin experience gained at into a GREAT job then go back to school. I've hired hundreds of people. Getting any job is about who you are and what you can do. is just another consumer product, a really FUN consumer product, but same marketing principles apply. I guarantee your Summer Internship resume will be noticed. What happens after that is up to you (as it always has and will be).

Good luck,


P.S. Background on Martin at his blog: ScentTrial, Twitter: Twitter/ScentTrail and LinkedIn

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Lucky...Last Weekend

Luck of the Irish Ends Monday
Boy that headline doesn't sound good. What we meant to say is our Get Lucky sale, the one we started for St. Patty's day, ends Monday. Every green sex toy we could find is on sale. Sure to tickle your leprechaun, find a pot of pleasurable gold at the end of our sale. Enough bad Irish spin already? Hear that :).

Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest Ends March 31st
Another fastly approaching deadline is our Canyon Ranch Better Sex Testimonial spa weekend. Who doesn't need a serious pampered break right about now? We see your hands raised, but can't take you with us to a special place where your every desire is fulfilled UNLESS YOU ENTER.

Enter Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest

Martin's Podcast
Getting a lot of feedback about hearing my voice. I interviewed silicone valley entrepreneurs Susan and Tim Bratton about how our Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Listen to Martin's Interview with Susan and Tim Bratton

Martin's Back from Vacation
First week back from vacation has to be the hardest in the world. I am in my second week and would crawl back to the coast (if possible). Appreciate every one's good thoughts and support (while I was away). Only good things happen prompting my boss to say, "Why don't you take a vacation more often than once every three years." No problem boss I am there :).

Have a "lucky" weekend everyone.