Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do housewives know about sex? A lot more than you do, apparently

What is it about Housewives that so many people find sexually appealing? Is it the idea that they're these pent-up balls of sexual deviance just waiting to release themselves from their closed-in prisons of mediocrity?

Creative Loafing thinks that the very act of being a housewife makes this sought-after demographic particularly good at sex.

The obvious advantage of not having to go to work is the ability to watch TV for many, many more hours than your breadwinning counterpart. But, there are other advantages.

Ever slept with a housewife and wondered why she’s better in bed than your working wife? It’s because housewives know how sex works–because they are home watching Good Morning America segments like “How Sex Works.”

The segment features an interview with an evolutionary biologist, who answers questions like “have you ever wondered exactly what attracted you to your partner?” and “why do you act the way you do around the opposite sex?”

Dealing with mismatched fetishes

In an ideal world, the person you fall in love with will have the exact same sexual turn-ons as you, but in reality compatibility outside the bedroom does not always translate to compatibility in the bedroom. Perhaps you are really into anal but your husband isn't, or perhaps you enjoy role playing but he just can't get into it without feeling absolutely ridiculous.

Or what happens if your girlfriend figures out that she's basically a masochist? She enjoys the pain caused by nipple clamps and wants you to be rough with her, but since you're not a sadist you don't know how?. Seattle Weekly has the answer.

Wolf understands your discomfort with inflicting pain. "All their lives guys have been taught to not hit girls. But some women want to be manhandled!" She suggests that you "remember that there is a difference between hurt and harm." When you give your girlfriend what she's asking for—even if it looks uncomfortable to you—you're making her happy. Just be sure you don't cross the line and harm her while you're hurting her. Capisce?...

...Wolf advises you to start slowly. Because spankings are already part of your play, she suggests you "up the ante by using a paddle, [but] make sure you know where is safe to hit." Wolf continues, "Increase the swats incrementally. Watch your partner, read the body language, and listen to how they breathe and what they say."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is prostate cancer sexually transferable?

Little known fact: Many think women, because they don't have prostates, are immune from the threat of prostate cancer, but in fact females do have a prostate gland, located in the same area as the G-Spot, called Skene's glands. Doctors think these glands actually start out as prostate glands during pregnancy and as gender develops, they shrink in females while growing in males.

But the question is, does this make a female vulnerable to prostate cancer? And could a male partner with prostate cancer transfer those cancerous cells -- allowing them possibly to latch on to the Skene's glands -- through his semen? The Wall Street Journal attempts to answer this question.

In very rare cases, Skene's glands have become cancerous -- and the tumors cells give off prostate-specific antigen (PSA), just as male prostate cancer does. An article in the International Journal of Gynecological Pathology in 2004 reported the case of an 88-year-old woman who had a three-centimeter mass and an elevated PSA. She received external-beam radiation and was free of cancer a year later. The article noted it was the sixth case of such prostate-type cancers apparently originating in the Skene's glands.

Secondly, a study in 1998 demonstrated that prostate-cancer cells can be found in semen, although not with enough specificity to serve as a diagnostic test.

Still, that doesn't mean that prostate-cancer cells carried in semen could spread cancer to another person. "One person's cancer cells cannot be transmitted to another. Their immune system will kill them," Mark Scholz, the PCRI's executive director, wrote in an email.

The massage oil dilemma: Scented or unscented

While perusing through massage oils, it's not difficult to become quickly overwhelmed by the sheer mass of choices. They range in thickness, scent, targeted area of application, and temperature. Is it all a matter of personal taste, or is there a science to choosing what's best for you?

A columnist at the Herald Tribune takes the scientific approach:

There's an ongoing debate about whether massage with aromas is superior to standard massage, but some evidence suggests that you may get more short-term benefits from a massage with scents. The scent with the most data supporting it: lemon. In addition to getting a massage with a product that includes lemon oil, try using the scent in these ways:

Spray lemon scent on a pillow a couple of hours before bed.

Take a foot bath with lemons in it. Some studies suggest this helps promote relaxation.

Add lemon oil to your bath water.

Rub your body with lemon oil to promote sleep and soothe skin burns.

While there's less research on these, they might be worth a try:

Tea tree oil for topical infection in areas such as the feet or armpits.

Rosemary, which can help improve mental alertness and function by reducing the effect of stress, so you can focus.

Peppermint and lavender. While we suspect these help improve focus or reduce stress, we're still waiting for good scientific studies to find out. But if you like the way they smell, keep them around.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scientific studies support effectiveness of premature ejaculation spray

Over at the Better Sex store we have spray that treats premature ejaculation by utilizing "a lidocaine based, pre-measured spray that reduces the sensitivity of the penis allowing more climax control."

If you had any skepticism as to the effectiveness of the spray, look no further than this article in Science Daily:

Researchers presented data on the spray's efficacy during a presentation of their randomized, Phase 3, double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the 104th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA).

One current treatment for premature ejaculation consists of topical creams with desensitizing agents which dull the penile skin and delay ejaculation. Although effective, these creams require use of a condom and/or washing the cream away before intercourse and they may reduce sexual pleasure. Researchers have shown that a new topical spray, consisting of an aerosol formulation of lidocaine and prilocaine, is effective and easy to use. It selectively desensitizes penile skin, affecting only the non-keratinized skin (the inner lining of the foreskin and the surface of the glans), without adversely affecting the sensation of ejaculation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The myths of anal sex

Anal sex is a delicate point of conversation between couples, with societal norms making it sometimes difficult for partners to broach the subject or define each other's desires and needs. For instance, the term "anal sex" can have a variety of meanings -- from rimming to the use of vibrating butt plugs -- but most people simply think of it as anal intercourse.

But has discussed these facets and myths in an article titled Ten Rules of Anal Sex

1. Anal intercourse is the least practiced form of anal sex.

There are many ways to enjoy the anus erotically. The most common techniques include touching the anal opening while masturbating or stimulating a partner's anus during intercourse or oral sex.

Some people enjoy the sensation of a finger - their own or a lover's - insinuated into their anal opening and gently rotated. Others may prefer the insertion of a dildo or vibrator beyond the anal opening and short anal canal into the larger rectum. Many men, including hetereosexuals, prefer this form of penetration.

Oral-anal lovemaking is popularly known as rimming. The very idea disgusts some people. Others enjoy performing it or allowing themselves to be probed in this special way.

2. Anal stimulation, including intercourse, is not painful if done properly.

The belief that anal stimulation, especially intercourse, has to hurt is a persistent and dangerous myth. Just as pain anywhere in the body indicates that something is wrong, so is the same true of the anal area. With its high concentration of nerve endings, the anus can produce extreme agony when it is mistreated. Yet it can be a source of great pleasure.

When a finger, object or penis is intorduced into the anus, the anal muscles go into spasm, as if fighting off an invasion. Pain will result if the partners do not wait for these muscles to relax. Under sufficient stress they will eventually collapse and the pain subside, unless further damage is done. But, any 'pleasure' afforded from this kind of activity derives mostly from the absence of discomfort.

Maximum anal pleasure requires the elimination of all pain or physical trauma from the anal experience. Self-protection on the part of the passive partner involves being ready to say "no" until he or she is ready to proceed. Readiness is a combination of physical relaxation, usually helped along by plenty of leisurely anal touching, and desire.

Occasionally the anal muscles are relaxes, but the passive partner is still not in the mood. Stimulation should mount only in proportion to the degree of receptivity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One male's impotence drug is a woman's clitoral stimulance

Plenty of medical research has gone into treating male impotence (also, plenty of email (i.e. spam) marketing), but it turns out women may be soon benefiting from this as well. A recent study shows that male impotence medication, when given to females, sometimes helps treat their sexual dysfunction:

The main drugs used to treat male impotence appear to also benefit around 40 percent of women who report sexual dysfunction, suggesting that the medical community should perhaps take a second look at their potential as a viable treatment for women. In a study into the effect of the PDE5 drugs Viagra, Levitra and Cialis on the pudendal arteries that supply the penis, vagina and clitoris with blood, Medical College of Georgia (MCG) researchers showed the drugs relax the arteries in both male and female rats.

Of course there are many ways to stimulate the female's sexual organ, for instance, with Pleasure Clitoral Stimulating Gel

Monday, May 11, 2009

Meghan McCain says GOP needs to lighten up about sex

While she isn't exactly saying that Republicans should run out and buy oral sex mints, Meghan McCain, in her Daily Beast column, addresses the archaic and often harmful rhetoric of the GOP on sex.

This is something I know about firsthand. During my father’s 2000 presidential campaign, a reporter asked how he would feel if I became pregnant and wanted an abortion. He answered that it would be my choice, sending shockwaves throughout the party (because for the GOP there is only one answer, and obviously Senator McCain’s daughter shouldn’t be engaging in sex ever). I’d like to thank that reporter for single-handedly putting me through years of trying to reconcile the fact that when it comes to politics, no matter what you do or who you are, everything is fair game.

But seriously, here was a father, delicately navigating a question about his teenage daughter and being true to the kind of father he had always been, and the Republican Party was outraged. It didn’t matter that my parents raised me to know that, regardless of the mistakes I might make, they would allow me the dignity and courage to make my own choices. That’s the kind of trust my parents have always placed in their children—yet the GOP still needed to get involved and have a say in what I did with my body.

McCain reveals that the first time she ever heard about oral sex was in reference to Bill Clinton, and argues that the party needs to begin discussing better options about birth control and steer away from the Bristol Palinesque fantasy that is abstinence-only education.

If we can’t discuss birth control in addition to abstinence, and in a nonjudgmental way, kids will continue to make bad choices for lack of having access to informed, safe options. Not everyone shares the same beliefs, and more importantly, people don’t always react the same way to their circumstances. Which is why it is so important to encourage honest, open communication about the realities of sex within the party at large, and more specifically, between parents and their children.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ready. Set. Masturbate!

Almost a decade-long tradition, the Masturbate-A-Thon took place in San Fransisco last week and during it some new records were set. The event was founded nine years ago to honor surgeon general Jocelyn Elders, who famously suggested that teens should be taught to masturbate and was promptly fired for it. So how did the results of the competition come out?

This year’s winners packed some serious heat. A new US record was set by Mr. Flint Greasewood. His swimmers went the distance, shooting a whopping five feet. Two world records were set, as well. The Lusty Lady Theater beat the Women’s Tag Team, and Mr. Masanobu Sato broke his own masturbation world record at nine hours and 58 minutes. I know we don’t want a no minute man, but 10 hours?

Of course, if you're going to try to set records in your own home, might we suggest some products that will help you along. Although with toys like the Super Head Honcho Masturbator, it may be hard to last 10 hours, much less 10 minutes, before reaching climax.

The steampunk vibrator

While nobody can match the design and eloquence of Better Sex vibrators (I mean, try to beat the Butterfly Kiss Gspot Vibrator), science fiction geeks will likely experience a nerdgasm over the news that someone has created a steam-powered sex toy.

you're probably asking, does it really work? the answer is you betcha. its been proven to work (and vibrate) off of compressed air, I'm seeking a more powerful boiler than my pressure cooker so I can actually run it off of steam so please let me know if you know of one.

this is prototype so its got some quirks, the engine isn't quite as optimised as I would like (it takes way more pressure than it should to get it working) and the offset weight I need to machine some more.

Something tells me that you'd buy this one for the aesthetics, not for actual sexual pleasure. For that department, stick with these

Friday, May 8, 2009

The economics of fake orgasms

While we all strive to achieve the triple orgasm, there's no denying that the art of faking it is prevalent in the US and elsewhere. But why do we do this? Is it just simple human courtesy?

Leave it to an economist to write a paper on the "Economics of Ecstacy"

In a study in 2008 titled 'The Economics of Ecstasy', Hugo M. Mialon, who teaches economics at Emory University, modelled love-making as a "signalling game" and postulated that "in the act of love-making, a man and a women send each other possibly deceptive signals about their true state of ecstasy". Mialon's study established, among other things, that women are more likely to fake if they are in love than if they are not in love; that men and women who would hate to find out that their partners are faking orgasms are less likely to fake orgasms themselves; and, surprisingly, that more educated men and women are more likely to fake than less educated men and women.

If you think that's bizarre, consider this: In another study conducted by two Newcastle University scholars, it was found that the level of income of a partner directly correlated with the number of orgasms. The richer your sexual partner, the more orgasms you have.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you properly recycling your sex toys?

We're all due for upgrades. A vibrator stops working or you decide you want a bigger and better sex toy for your pleasuring needs. But what to do with your old one? Should you just throw it away?

According to a a column published at Reuters, no you shouldn't

When doing your part to reduce waste by recycling, don't forget to consider what's in the bedroom. If you want to be truly eco-friendly, be adult enough to recycle your sex toys too.

That’s right. ;Don’t you dare throw any electronic arousal device out with the day’s trash. Vibrators and any other toy that runs on a battery should be disposed of with care for the environment or those toys may leak metals and other contaminants into the environment.

Here's some advice on how to best recycle:

1. Remove batteries.
2. Wash the toy with bleach or in your dishwasher.
3. Remove the rubber or plastic and chop it up so it is unrecognizable.
4. The toy's brains are harder to recycle curbside. Save those and recycle them with old computers and other electronics.

Below are some pictorial examples of sex toy recycling:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stormy for Senate

One of our favorite Wicked Contract Girls may run for Senate. Stormy spoke with CNN correspondent Kiran Chetry about her current Listening Tour in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The Draft Stormy Campaign entered its next phase with the Listening Tour, a campaign to persuade the prospective candidate for the Louisiana Senate, Stormy Daniels.

Stormy spoke candidly with CNN about the possibility of running for Senate. It's clear that she's very serious about hearing the needs from the citizens of Louisiana. Draft Stormy believes Louisiana is ready for honesty and perseverance of character in a future Senator and Stormy Daniels may be a perfect fit.

CLICK HERE to check out Stormy's CNN interview. CLICK HERE to see a collection from Stormy's prominent career as a former Wicked Star.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sitewide Sale

300 People Yesterday
Almost 300 people figured out how to work our sitewide sale yesterday. Thanks. It was hard to explain. Almost everything on our site is on sale. Any item a customer places in their cart will be discounted 50% off the most expensive item. Less than 1% of what we sell is not eligible for this promotion. Items such as Liberator Shapes aren't eligible, but most sex toys and vibrators are 50% off until Monday.

We are having this sale to raise cash for our big Summer event. We can't afford to run this kinds of sitewide sale for more than a week so we hope you can figure it out too.

Photo Contest
We included a "take a picture of this poster" icon on our Subway Art Posters currently riding the Long Island Railroad. We received quite a few pictures:

See Subway Art Poster Pictures

So we expanded the idea to take a picture of any Better Sex ad and we will enter you into a $500 photo contest:

See Better Sex Ad Photos

Email your picture to: poster(at)BetterSex(dot)com