Monday, June 30, 2008

Better Sex Promise

I voted and put my code in the box. I got nothing! No big deal, only a buck or two, but I might have spent more otherwise. I know it is easy to make the process complicated enough to shake off most people, and it worked with me. It just wasn't worth the back paging and reading for a buck. But it does tarnish your image of customer service. There are a lot of good sites out there with similar products. Think about it. - A customer note on Monday -

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Our Better Sex PromiseWe appreciate this customer's note. I've already apologized for the inconvenience and offered assistance in an email to this customer, but I want to make sure that our community knows where we stand on some important issues.

  1. Helping people is our business and our golden rule.
  2. Sometimes our web site violates rule #1, we know this and are always working on making our online experience easier and better. 90% of our site renovations come from suggestions made by our customers. There will always be room for improvement, so we understand our site will never be completed, never be finished.
  3. We are ethical people who love what we do.
  4. We don't believe in just good customer service. We strive for outstanding customer service by fixing problems quickly, with empathy, apology and care.
  5. Talk is cheap, consistent and repeatable actions define who we are and what we are about.

The Greatest Jobs In The World
We know better, happier lives result from reducing barriers to intimacy. We tackle difficult subjects with courage and passion because we know even small changes bring real rewards. The customer's note above points out there are many other sites. We expect no quarter for being one of the first online adult sex education sites. But we do have a key difference to most of our competitors. We create award winning titles such as The Better Sex Video Series and Great Sex For A Lifetime.

We create tools to help couples create a better sex life. Being creators as well as people who sell the creations of others means our goals are different. Our primary goal is to learn to serve our customers better. Making money is an important secondary goal. Money in the form of profit allows us to continue to serve.

We don't drive fast cars and live in big homes. Every year we write a big check to DKT International to help their not-for-profit mission of family planning and Aids prevention around the globe. We look at DKT's work as a natural extension of our mission. If our profits can help fund such vital communication in places where communication itself is a challenge then it is money well spent. Each year writing that check means we walk out talk.

Our last promise is together we can make a difference one couple at a time. Almost before you realize it these days positive work makes an impact on our larger community. Can we make mistakes? Yes. Can we make it hard to work with us when we mean to make it easy? Yes. Do you have other options? Always. Can you find a group of people, a company, that invests more to help you and your partner have better sex? Never.

This is why we have the greatest jobs in the world.

Thanks for your support. Please reach out to me at any time if you've been well served and want to share your story or if you have a problem and need help. Your stories, comments, ideas and involvement are what give our mission meaning and value.


Martin Smith
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When there is a customer service problem, I plug in our responsive customer service team. If you would like to cut out the middle man (me) here is how to reach of one of the best customer service groups I've ever had the privilege of working with:

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