Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What do housewives know about sex? A lot more than you do, apparently

What is it about Housewives that so many people find sexually appealing? Is it the idea that they're these pent-up balls of sexual deviance just waiting to release themselves from their closed-in prisons of mediocrity?

Creative Loafing thinks that the very act of being a housewife makes this sought-after demographic particularly good at sex.

The obvious advantage of not having to go to work is the ability to watch TV for many, many more hours than your breadwinning counterpart. But, there are other advantages.

Ever slept with a housewife and wondered why she’s better in bed than your working wife? It’s because housewives know how sex works–because they are home watching Good Morning America segments like “How Sex Works.”

The segment features an interview with an evolutionary biologist, who answers questions like “have you ever wondered exactly what attracted you to your partner?” and “why do you act the way you do around the opposite sex?”

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