Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Better Sex Is The First To Bring You What's Called Slipping

Sitting in front of our televisions from 1966 to 1969, we were propelled forward in time to the 23rd century where Star Trek followers “boldly went where no man has gone before”, on the starship Enterprise, led by Captain James T. Kirk. The science fiction fantasy that Star Trek sparked began to come true in the summer of 1967 as NASA launched the Lunar Orbiter 4 to map the surface of the moon. The findings of the Lunar Orbiter would later be used for the first “walk on the moon” by Neil Armstrong.

The opportunity for making your most intimate fantasies come true is all around you. Better yet, you don’t need the technology of NASA (or pharmaceutical companies) to discover it. You might need some helpful suggestions and creative ideas. We’ve got the answers.

In 1967, Venera 4 became the first probe the interior of Venus's atmosphere. But I want you to think about probing the interior of “VENIS”. Very Erotic Non-Insertive Sex

VENIS is a highly erotic sexual technique that has men and women turning “foreplay” into the “the play”. VENIS sexual-enhancement techniques were originally developed to teach adolescents about safer sex, but have since turned into a cult of carnal wonder for couples.

Here’s the catch: “no penetration allowed”. Sexual pleasure without intercourse is the simple point of VENIS. It's an exciting alternative for anyone who's looking to spice up a lackluster love life. It’s an opportunity not to just treat erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation but eliminate it as a concern.

Technique for Tonight From Better Sex: Slipping Party

Turn on some sexy music with a dance beat. While he is sitting on the edge of a chair or bed approach him either dressed in very scant lingerie or completely naked holding a bottle of silicone lube or massage oil. Better Sex Buzz Team recommends a one hand pump type bottle of personal lubricant like Better Sex Personal Lubricant for easy application. Hand him the lube and then undress him seductively in any way you see fit.

Then give him the rules:

1. He can squirt the lube anywhere he wants on himself or you.
2. He cannot touch you with his hands and he can only touch himself
3. As the woman, you can use your hands or the lube anywhere at anytime
4. No penetration

Ask him to apply the lube or oil on your breast, thighs and buttock or on his naked body in select areas. Once you are well oiled, and slick to the touch, rub your body against his – your back to his front, your front to his front. He has no limitations, accept under no circumstance is he allowed to touch you with his hands, and there can never be penetration, so be creative with these rules. At some point when you are really hot, straddle the place on his leg where it meets his hip, then, undulate and rub your clitoris on his thigh. If you can’t hold back any longer, you have permission to touch his privates but eventually ask him to take over as you get closer to orgasm so you can really focus on achieving that euphoric pulse. If your man is so inclined you can add a little twist to the slipping party called “the hook”. Have him stand up and lean back against the wall. Reach around or through his open legs and place you finger or a mini vibrating bullet or vibrating egg in or around his anus to really put him over the edge.