Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberte Buzz in Redbook!

The Natural Contours Liberte was featured in REDBOOK's July 2009 edition. REDBOOK's Sex & Love section acquires all kinds of great information including sex tips, sex & relationship articles and the sex-life road test.

Liberte was touted in their recently released issue as "Our best sex advice ever - Tried & Tested!" We agree and think you will too! Try Liberte today and see if our Gspot sex toy doesn't create as much buzz for you!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Contest - 2009

Better Sex Fall Erotic Fiction Details - Coming Soon's annual Erotic Fiction Contest will be held in September. In five previous contests Better Sex supported erotic writers with cash awards now totaling over $15,000. Check here and in our new better sex blog after Labor Day.

Better Sex Erotic Stories Book Our 2008 book has been delayed by problems with our printer ( We've had trouble getting our current book published correctly. Those problems seem resolved. We will know for sure when our replacement order of books arrives (should be any day). Now it is time to create our Erotic Fiction Stories II book. This new book will combine winners from our summer and fall 2008 contests. We are shooting to publish our new book in concert with our 2009 Better Sex Erotic Fiction contest.

How the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Works
We schedule "publication slots". Usually we have 3 slots per week for a total of 30 to 40 stories. Each week 3 stories (maybe more this year) compete to win the most community votes that week. The story with the most votes wins a cash prize and inclusion in the finals. We typically have 300 stories from almost as many authors, so winning a publication slot is a significant accomlishment. Winning a week is a very significant accomplishment since it gets your story into the finals and into our next book. Win the finals and you will receive a big check and free copies of our book.

Previous Winners Pre-Contest Deadline = Labor Day
Writers who, in previous contests, won a week of community voting will be granted at least one publication slot IF they send their story (ies) by Labor Day. Previous winners are assured at least one publication slot. Send in 3 great stories and previous winners may have all 3 stories awarded publication slots. Send stories to msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com with "2009 Erotic Fiction" in the subject line. I will confirm receipt within 72 hours. My personal email is martinsellingzoe(at)aol (use this if you don't get a receipt within 72 hours).

New to the Contest Deadline = TBD
We haven't arranged all of our dates for 2009 / 2010 yet, but you may send a story in now and it will go into our open judging pool (stories from writers who've never won before). We are modifying some rules this year, but some remain the same.

  • (C) remains with the author.
  • Submission grants the right to publish story once for community voting IF it is selected.
  • Each week a number of stories will compete for community votes, story with the most votes wins its week.
  • A limited release form will grant limited use to Better Sex. This year, no story without a release form will be judged. Since it is hard to match release to story later please submit release with stories.
  • Download 2009 / 2010 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Release Form Here.
  • Forms can be signed, scanned and emailed to msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com OR they can be faxed to 919.732.5393.
  • PayPal = we've included information for PayPal on our release form this year. We plan to pay 100% of our cash awards via PayPal, so please be sure you have a PP account and include your payment information on your release.
  • Prizes = TBD (we will award cash prizes again, but size of awards is being determined now).
  • Other Prizes = Writers who do a great job helping us get the word out about The Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest on blogs or social networks will be eligible for special cash prizes this year. We need your help to get the word out about great Erotic Fiction and our contest. We will have special blog banners and cash awards for sites that do a great job getting the word out to writers or readers. We are working on these details now. If you would like to be on our list of "Erotic Fiction Supporters" please email Martin (msmith(at)BetterSex(dot)com. Emailing me NEVER signs you up for any list.
  • Best way to keep up with what is always a dynamic and changing contest is to check back here, or our Better Sex Blog
    , join our email list or follow BetterSexWeb on Twitter.
Good luck and keep writing.


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer of FREE Love Sale

The summer is known for its ability to bring two lovers together under the hot, playful sun. And this summer Better Sex is helping to make your summer love sizzle. The Better Sex Summer of FREE Love Sale began last week providing numerous ways to add some excitement to your romance through this hot season! Over 200 sex toys and DVDs are on sale. It's the biggest summer sale we have ever had. Not only are products on sale but there are free shipping options, contests and all new free toys with any $24 purchase.

Getting free products is great but what about winning an iPod Touch preloaded with some of our favorite Better Sex® sex education titles? Enter your e-mail once a month throughout the summer and you have the chance to win one of the three iPods available and have some of our best products right in the palm of your hand.

To make things even easier for the summer we have contests where all you have to do is follow BetterSexWeb on Twitter and Tweet or join our e-mail list to win great products and enjoy special offers.

Love is in the air this summer and we want to help you make summer as steamy as possible.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rabbit Sale = Last Day

We had an email snafu last weekend, a case of our left hand slapping right hand. Email declared our Better Sex Couples Sex Toy Sale and ALL Rabbits Sale over a week early. Managing a web site is a lot like what my friend Tony does for a living. Tony is a behind the scenes guy on Broadway. I knew Tony in college where he set me straight about what it really meant to be on the AV squad (meant you were uber-cool not uber-geek as I incorrectly thought). If you go to a Broadway play and lighting is perfect and stages change exactly when and how they are supposed to chances are my friend Tony (or his friends) are running the scene changing technology.

We couldn't have ended our Rabbit and Couples sale until today because the noise you hear, the hammering and stressed voices, is my team staying up the better part of several nights to work on a new play, the play that starts tomorrow. We are calling this play the Summer of FREE Love and it is going to be massively cool.

BUT, not every Rabbit vibrator is on sale tomorrow as they are now. Some of our couples sex toy selections are coming off sale too, so if you've been thinking about something in either of those categories best to get 'er done tonight.

Summer of Free Love starts tomorrow.