Friday, May 9, 2008

Better Sex Guide

One thing every man and probably every woman remembers is those first fumbling attempts to undress your partner. The bra was a particular trap for many. Struggle usually results from inexperience. Remember when she said, "here let me" and with a deft single stroke that bra fell to the floor? She had experience and knowledge her young partner may not.

This somewhat strained analogy is what the Better Sex Guide is about. Helping someone learn about sex is hard. We don't know what you don't know. You might be a maestro with the bra hinge while another person is all thumbs. In order to guide we need to create groups based on experience or perceived experience. If this sounds like "line 'em up" it is not meant to be. We had to make some assumptions in order to help.

The Guide's three groups are apprentice, transitional and advanced. Only you know where you fit on this sexual skills scale. In reality we are probably all, at least partially and in some ways, in all three groups. Your partner may understand positions and you may know toys. The important thing is finding a way to be smarter together (sexually) than you are apart. Our new Better Sex Guide is here to help you study up on what has to be the best and most rewarding subject - your sex life. Beats shaving a few strokes off your golf game or playing bridge. .

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