Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex: The Revolution on VH1

VH1 airs the first part of its four part Sex: The Revolution series tonight at 10:00 pm (EST). Sounds like an interesting show. Here is how VH1 describes it:

In SEX: The Revolution, a four part documentary series, VH1 will boldly explore a time in American history that challenged centuries of traditional morality about sex. A time that eradicated people's fear, loathing and ignorance about sex. A time that promoted unprecedented sexual honesty and expression. And in the end, a time when laws were changed and rulings made to end censorship and legal retribution for people's private sexual behavior. It's a story of incredible styles, scenes, visionaries who pushed the envelope, movements, fanatics, charlatans--but also the story of the people of traditional values who felt threatened by it all, who condemned it, and launched a counter-revolution.
Sounds interesting. Set your DVR's and be sure to check Sex: The Revolution on VH1.

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