Monday, June 30, 2008

Better Sex Promise

I voted and put my code in the box. I got nothing! No big deal, only a buck or two, but I might have spent more otherwise. I know it is easy to make the process complicated enough to shake off most people, and it worked with me. It just wasn't worth the back paging and reading for a buck. But it does tarnish your image of customer service. There are a lot of good sites out there with similar products. Think about it. - A customer note on Monday -

Best ways to reach us if you have a problem:
24/7 Toll Free: 1.800.955.0888 or (customer service email)

Our Better Sex PromiseWe appreciate this customer's note. I've already apologized for the inconvenience and offered assistance in an email to this customer, but I want to make sure that our community knows where we stand on some important issues.

  1. Helping people is our business and our golden rule.
  2. Sometimes our web site violates rule #1, we know this and are always working on making our online experience easier and better. 90% of our site renovations come from suggestions made by our customers. There will always be room for improvement, so we understand our site will never be completed, never be finished.
  3. We are ethical people who love what we do.
  4. We don't believe in just good customer service. We strive for outstanding customer service by fixing problems quickly, with empathy, apology and care.
  5. Talk is cheap, consistent and repeatable actions define who we are and what we are about.

The Greatest Jobs In The World
We know better, happier lives result from reducing barriers to intimacy. We tackle difficult subjects with courage and passion because we know even small changes bring real rewards. The customer's note above points out there are many other sites. We expect no quarter for being one of the first online adult sex education sites. But we do have a key difference to most of our competitors. We create award winning titles such as The Better Sex Video Series and Great Sex For A Lifetime.

We create tools to help couples create a better sex life. Being creators as well as people who sell the creations of others means our goals are different. Our primary goal is to learn to serve our customers better. Making money is an important secondary goal. Money in the form of profit allows us to continue to serve.

We don't drive fast cars and live in big homes. Every year we write a big check to DKT International to help their not-for-profit mission of family planning and Aids prevention around the globe. We look at DKT's work as a natural extension of our mission. If our profits can help fund such vital communication in places where communication itself is a challenge then it is money well spent. Each year writing that check means we walk out talk.

Our last promise is together we can make a difference one couple at a time. Almost before you realize it these days positive work makes an impact on our larger community. Can we make mistakes? Yes. Can we make it hard to work with us when we mean to make it easy? Yes. Do you have other options? Always. Can you find a group of people, a company, that invests more to help you and your partner have better sex? Never.

This is why we have the greatest jobs in the world.

Thanks for your support. Please reach out to me at any time if you've been well served and want to share your story or if you have a problem and need help. Your stories, comments, ideas and involvement are what give our mission meaning and value.


Martin Smith
Director of
Company Stockholder

Office Phone: 919.732.6005 (ext. 232)
Cell: 919.360.1224

When there is a customer service problem, I plug in our responsive customer service team. If you would like to cut out the middle man (me) here is how to reach of one of the best customer service groups I've ever had the privilege of working with:

We also have a 24/7 toll free line:


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Better Sex Summer Sale - VOTE NOW

You Vote - We Discount
Our Summer Sale is going great, so thanks to everyone who is shopping with us. We've had a few things go on back order, but our supplies are holding for now. This is good because it means our original guesstimates on stock were pretty good (we get to keep our jobs, YES).

We were in a meeting the other day thinking about how to make our Better Sex Summer Sale our biggest ever. What could we do to really tear the roof off. One of the web team suggested asking our customer what they want. Duh, what a great idea. I might not be the smartest team leader on the planet, but I know a great idea when I hear one.

Take Our Better Sex Summer Sale Poll

Use that link to vote for what you want on sale. Top three products will be reduced by at least 25% on July 1st. Don't see what you want on our ballot?

email suggestions for products to put on sale to

Save An Additional 10% - Ends Monday June 30th
There is a special code you may use for an additional 10% off as a THANK YOU for voting. Find the code on the top of the poll. You've probably used similar codes on other sites. You type in the code in our source and promotion box in the cart, click "update cart" and receive an additional 10% off along with our thanks for voting.

Top 3 products with the most votes go on sale July 1st.

Thanks for your help,


Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Barn Burner

Week 5 is another close race, an old fashion barn burner between all stories.

Petula Ceasar's hot professor puts a new spin on laundry in Right On Schedule.

Lynn Lake makes getting stuck in traffic fun in Traffic Jammed.

Chris Phillips changes your life with a simple Afternoon in the Park.

Hot stories for a hot summer. Last week we were visited by a very erotic Snow White, some pesky dwarfs and a Vampire. Use the link below to read weekly winning stories for each week in the Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction Contest.

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Stories Weekly Winning Stories

Don't forget to vote in this week's Ali vs. Frasier erotic fiction smack down.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Update

Tuesday June 24th

Snow White Wins Better Sex Erotic Fiction Week 4
Snow White, sexual dwarfs and a lusty Vampire won the most votes we've had this year barely edging out a great story by a previous fiction contest winner. Use the link below to read last week's winning story:

Snow White and the Vampire by Annie Kerns

Congratulations to Annie for writing such an innovative story. Many writers have asked about the correct length, the word count, for our contest. Annie's story is one of the shortest this year. With a word count of just under 500 words Snow White and the Vampire proves that word count is not the most important issue. Several previous winners emailed how innovative and interesting they found Annie's idea. Great titles are also always good and Snow White and the Vampire is a great title.

Week 5 Stories are up and include:

A. Right On Schedule by Petula Caesar

B. Traffic Jammed by Lynn Lake

C. Afternoon in the Park by Chris Phillips

Our poll software, PollMonkey, has been acting up again. It was impossible to vote on Monday because the poll was frozen. Apparently our Monkey needed more bananas (translation an upgrade in our account). Vote counts for week 5 will start now and we will monitor the tool and the contest closely. If we need to add an extra day to this week's stories to make up for the inability to vote yesterday we will. We will see where vote counts are by the end of the week and post notice here and on our site if we need to extend.

Summer Erotic Fiction Contest Now Closed to new entries
We've received hundreds of great stories. The Summer Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest is now closed to new entries. Any story received after today will be read for our next contest tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall.

We will be setting the schedule for the rest of the contest in the next few days. We will be able to confirm publication slots and email authors we will be holding to our next contest in the next week or so.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction Contest - Update

Wednesday June 18th - Another Tight Race
Week four is proving to be another tight fiction story race. Use links below to read and vote for your favorite erotic fiction this week:

Story A. Temple of Venus by Anna Bookner

Story B. Deadly Kiss by Sirena Stoneburgh

Story C. Snow White and the Vampire by Annie Kerns

First Checks In Mail Soon
Spent the morning organizing $100 check requests for Chaucer, Larissa Lyons and Buffy Christopher. Winning authors from Weeks One, Two and Three.

Read their winning Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Stories.

Each week's winning authors receives a $100 check, their story goes into our semi-finals and will be published in our 2008 Erotic Fiction book. 2007 Erotic Fiction Book & Audio CD

Several writers have asked to be paid with PayPal. GREAT idea! We will use PayPal for our next contest especially for smaller cash prizes. By the time we cut these $100 first round checks we've probably spent $200. PayPal will also be much faster than our current manual process. Whoever suggested this idea....THANKS.

Submission Problems Resolved
Submissions are coming to and
Our email hurdles of last week seem to be resolved. We working on email receipts for several authors whose stories we received yesterday. We are also reading for week seven and eight right now.

When do the finals start?
We've tentatively scheduled the Better Sex Erotic Fiction semi-final community voting rounds for Mid-August. The community will determine three finalist. A 3 judge panel will pick the Grand Prize Winner.

What is the submission deadline?
September 1st is the deadline for story submissions. Publication slots for our Summer contest will fill up before September 1st.

What if I send my story in after your contest is full?
Any story not selected for our Summer Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest will be considered for our next erotic fiction contest. Our preliminary plans are to have our 2009 contest earlier. In fact, we may start in November and end on Valentine's Day 2009.

We need a long weekend at the beach before the next contest. We love reading the great writing we receive. It is inspiring. We've always wanted an Erotic Fiction Contest that ends on St. Valentine's Day. No time like the present, so send in your stories even if we are "full". We will post a note here when all summer slots are filled.

What will I hear from you?
Every writer contributes something important and valuable to Even if we do not use your story, we appreciate and support your writing. Every writer will receive a note from me (Martin) with reasons why we did not use their story in our summer contest. Each writer will also receive our thanks and a special discount code.

I hope these notes do not seem like "rejections". There are many reasons why a story may not be right for this contest. Veteran writers know this and will write regardless since writing is a particular kind of addiction. Many contest writers are first-time erotic fiction writers. My advice to first time writers is to keep writing.

Writing is a lot like riding a bicycle. You never forget how and the more you do it the easier it gets. As you might imagine, we are swamped and reading as fast as we can and still keep our day jobs of running a sizable web site. Please be patient and know we are on your side. Every writer who submits a story will hear from me, but it may take several weeks. My goal is to have notes to all writers by start of semi-finals in Mid-August.

Thanks and keep writing,


Friday, June 13, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Update

Monday June 16th Update

Penny's Pleasure won week 3 in the closest voting so far 45% to 43%.

Submission Problems Resolving
We received several stories over the weekend and are in the process of sending confirmations. Some stories came to our alternate address and some came to or It appears that some writers ISPs were blocking our return receipts. This is not an uncommon problem with our URL. Please be sure to check your "spam" folders if you have not received a receipt from us. You should receive a receipt from within 48 hours (72 hours over the weekends).

Vote for Week 4 Stories
Monday morning poll problems are resolved. Votes cast before 12:30 on Monday will need to be recast. Here are Week 4 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest stories:

A. Temple of Venus by Anna Bookner
B. Deadly Kiss by Sirena Stoneburgh
C. Snow White and the Vampire by Annie Kerns

Use the links above to vote for your favorite or Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Stories use that link to our summary page with all three stories.

Submit stories to

Friday June 13th Note

What should you do if you've sent in a submission, but haven't received a response in two weeks? Does some overflow problem exist that I should be aware of? Has anyone else noticed a total absence of contact like I have? I see new stories posted, I see entries being awarded winning slots, but I haven't even been informed as to whether or not my story has been received.... Any advice or insight?
Got this anonymous note on our blog today. Several writers have had trouble getting their stories to us. If you have not received a note from me (Martin) saying we have your story then we do not have your story. Every story we know about receives a note from me. Several authors have had to try several times and we are not sure why. As an alternative, you may use my personal email address martinsellingzoe @ (just remember to take the spaces out).

If you have heard from us that we have your story then the next thing to look for is feedback on whether we will or will not use your story. Right now we are only two weeks out, so there are many stories to be selected. The fact that you've not received a second note from us does not mean your story will not be in the contest.

We've received several hundred stories to date for 33 publication slots, so not all stories will make it to the contest. Our plan is to provide feedback to authors who enter but are not selected, but life is a little crazy right now. Many well written stories may not make it into the contest. I read a great story the other day that, in book form, would work great. As a quick online read it didn't work at all. I left the word count loose because I don't mind 5,000 words of great writing. As a general rule, shoot for 1,500 to 3,000 words. The hardest part of writing is editing, believe me I know the truth of this rule, but in this format stories that exceed 3,000 words have a tough time.

We received a comment that implied our contest is fake. I take comments like that very personally. I am a writer too and created this contest to support other writers. We don't make money from this contest and it is a lot of work. I created the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest to support struggling writers, amateur writers and people who want a venue and encouragement. I am sorry that we are having email problems (our internal email system as been off and on for several days), but please know that we created this contest because we love great erotic writing.

Erotic Fiction Writer Comments
I asked writers we've worked with to share comments about their interaction with us and you can read their comments at the link above. Reading what our writers said made me feel like the work was well worth it. As a writer who spends hours of uncompensated time pouring over my work, work that I will be glad to share with anyone interested, I would NEVER NEVER hurt fellow writers. I am using every resource I can muster to help. Please be patient.

I apologize for current frustrations voiced by some about getting stories to us. If you have not received a receipt, we don't have your story. martinsellingzoe @ (my personal email) is an alternative email some authors have used successfully. Not all publication slots are filled at this time. It is our intent to provide feedback to everyone, but please be patient.

One final note, if you would like to speed the process please review, sign and fax our limited release along with your story. Fax is 919.732.5393. You may also sign, scan and email the release. One author has mailed it to us at Sinclair Institute, 402 Millstone Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278. When you write for us, you always retain your (c). The limited release allows us to run your story in our contest once for free. Every step after that makes money. How and what we pay is outlined in our Contest Details page.

One final final note, if you submit a story over the weekend, please wait until Monday before panic sets in. I don't check my work emails much on Saturday and Sunday (if I can help it).

One final, final, final note. We've received some GREAT erotic stories already. Your writing is what makes this contest fun.


msmith @
martinsellingzoe @

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Better Sex on Father's Day?

Thinking about your parent's having sex is creepy and strange. As sentient beings we know we didn't just materialize so our parents "knew" each other at least once. We can safely say that any tiny element of this conversation will always be a bridge too far. There isn't enough therapy money to pay for those sessions.

But, children are not the only people who celebrate Father's Day. Spouses, partners, second, third and fourth wives pay attention to good old dad for one Sunday in the year. That Sunday, in case you missed all the department store hype and the increased number of men's fragrance ads, is this Sunday June 15.

We will leave the bad ties, bottles of Old Spice and golf balls aside since they are the usual suspects. Here our suggestions for gifts for dad from the person who made him eligible for this day (or the current equivalent):

1. Better Sex Video Series
This is a risky gift on Father's Day because it can seem like a complaint. Presentation is the key. Pitch the gift of our adult sex education series as your desire to get better sexually for him and you may help him get better for you. We recommend using the term "explicit demonstrations" because that will register in the male brain quickly. Watching people have sex is darn close to actually having sex and it beats golf and baseball (for most men). Don't dwell on the suggestions from sex educators and therapists since those are there for you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). If you can get past the tricky part of this gift, we bet you have the best sex you've had in years. In fact, that is our guarantee.

2. Clone-A-Willy (Currently part of our Summer Sale)
Creating a cast of your partner's willy will be fun and confidence building. The actually process of casting your partner with the Clone-A-Willy kit can be challenging. We have a free video with a demonstration of casting entitled Advanced Sex Play. We are working on a way to combine this free DVD with Clone-A-Willy. There will be instructions soon on our Clone-A-Willy page about how to receive this free demonstration DVD. If you've purchased Clone and need this DVD email customer service at and they will get a copy out to you. Please include your order number and "Clone Demo DVD" in the subject line.

3. Liberator Shape
This can be another tricky gift. The negative interpretation of receiving a sex position aid is "you are getting older." No one likes to hear or even think that, so present our best selling Liberator Wedge and Ramp as a way to discover new sex positions. We recommend not saying anything about saving knees and hips.

4. Kindle Her Desire Kit
This is one of those double gifts - something for him our Double Dolphin love ring and something for you O Stimulating Gel. I could make a good argument that both gifts favor you, but let's not go there. We do know that the Dolphin's beak vibrating against your clitoris produces new found pleasure (just read the reviews on the Double Dolphin page for more on this). Cock Ring Revolution = use that link to learn more about love rings.

5. The Lick
We wanted to include a wild idea for Father's Day and The Lick is it. This tongue-like vibrator looks like a certain rock star's famous lips. The Lick vibrates and does who knows what. Guaranteed to get him to smile and laugh on Father's Day, try The Lick and then tell us what this bad boy really does. The Lick is so new we haven't been able to send it out to our Buzz Team yet, so you could be the first "lick" review ever written. That claim and $4 will get you coffee at Starbucks we know, but how often do you get to be the first at something? Not nearly often enough is our thinking. Looks like fun and his day should be about fun, go give him a lick this Father's Day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Week 3

Innocent Corruption wins Week 2 Erotic Fiction Voting

** Wednesday June 11th Update **
Penny's Pleasure 44% and Bert and Betty 42% are neck and neck with Hollywood Heights getting votes now too.

Week 3 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Stories are live:

Vote for your favorite today.

Better Sex Summer Sale

Go to Better Sex Summer Sale
Summer has arrived in North Carolina with record heat, $4.00 gas and air conditioners that run all night long. The better news is our Summer Sale starts NOW.

Summer Sale Details
We have over 130 products up to 60% off while supplies last. The last part of that sentence, "while supplies last", is important since, for the first time, we've included new products in our Better Sex Summer Sale. We have no sales history on these newbies, so we bought what we thought made sense. Our guesstimates should mean we have plenty, but since some of these products have to have boat fare to reach us when you see something you like the safest bet is to buy it now.

2 Free Summer Sale Gifts
We have some great free gifts for anyone buying $24 or more (and that is just about everyone) including: Screaming O Love Ring, Petal Pusher Vibrator (one of our best sellers) and 6 Amazing Sex Techniques DVD and 26 Incredible Sex Positions DVD (two new educational titles).

Getting Your 2 Free Gifts
Our current free gift system is awkward and we know it and apologize for it. Go to this page to see your free gift options

Free Gifts with Ad or Catalog Codes
When you use a promotion code from one of our advertisements or catalog, the free gifts you are offered may be different than what is on our "free gifts" page. Please keep that in mind.

Select Free Gifts - Last Page of Checkout
Free gifts are always offered on the last page of check-out just before the confirmation. That location at the very end of our checkout process is the awkward part. Hang in there and you will be able to select 2 cool gifts.

Take me to the Better Sex Summer Sale - use that link to go direclty to our sale area.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tailgunners $14.95 - Last Days

Tailgunners Review
Here is what our in-house movie critic had to say about Tailgunners.
"While the script for this flick can be offensive at times and some of the F/X is less than convincing, this three hour plus fantasy about American Women fighting the World War II axis powers is pretty sexy stuff. There are eleven imaginative incendiary numbers that really give customers a lot of return on their investment."

The story revolves around wannabe fighter pilot Austyn Moore who wants to fight the Nazi menace. Carman Luvana plays the villain making "Tokyo Rose" like broadcast praising the enemy and creating far fetch plots to bomb New York. After much intrigue, Austyn finds herself behind enemy lines playing a game of sexual chess with villain Carmen. The two women duel and, no surprise, the good girl wins. Carvmen Luvana's Tokyo Rose (or whatever the German equivalent would have been) rides a bomb into the ocean. It that sounds familiar it is a direct lift from Slim Pickens famous ride in Dr. Strangelove. Our reviewer continues, "Yes this one is silly and stupid in parts, but the movie moves at a quick pace and the sex scenes are fast and furious."

Tailgunners for $14.95 - Last Days - Use this link to save more than 50% on Tailgunners.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Erotic Fiction Week 2

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Update

Sensible Shoes wins "Chaucer" Week. Read Sensible Shoes.

Three new stories by Larissa Lyons are online now:

Vote for your favorite.

Send your erotic stories to

Read contest guidelines - use this link to read our contest guidelines.

Sex and the City Movie Review (She Said)

Sex and The City Movie Review
We asked a male staffer and a female staffer to attend Sex and the City's movie opening this weekend. He Said - click that link to read our male staff member's review. Here is our "She Said" movie review.

Sex and the City Movie Review (She Said)
As an avid, dedicated fan to the series, I greatly enjoyed Sex & the City’s debut to the big screen. I caught the movie’s premiere Friday afternoon with my mother, one of my best friends. I would recommend bringing either your close-knit girlfriends as the movie (and series) is huge on the importance of friendship or your man if (and only if) he could use a little lesson in what not to do in your relationship—the Sex and the City movie will not be a must-see for most guys.

Last Chance Soulmate?
The movie dives headfirst into how commitment and sex directly affect relationships. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) never lets Steve (David Eigenberg), or anyone else for that matter, forget how busy she is and neglect causes a huge transgression. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) remains faithful to her boy toy Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) in what becomes a very dry, sexless and completely un-Samantha-like disaster. And then there’s Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), in her on-again-off-again ride of a relationship with Mr. Big (Chris Noth). Carrie and Mr. Big decide to get married. No kneeling, no ring, no romance. Vogue asks to feature Carrie in their upcoming nuptials section. Those who know the series were collectively thinking, “Bad move Carrie.”? Bringing me to wonder who the movie’s trying to make look worse…the men or the women? Are the girls staying with their men no matter what for fear they are their last chance soulmate?

Friendships and Relationships
While I have many opinions on the way the relationships in this movie played out, I can enjoyed the bonds of the friendship between the four women was beautifully played here — a real tearjerker. It was inspiring to watch women support friends even when they may have disagreed about their choices. The four women take at trip to Mexico to make sure Carrie is okay after a huge mistake is made on Big’s part. At which point, the women reflect on their relationships and why women lose sight of themselves to keep their men. While no eureka moment is reached, they do realize the importance of supporting of one another. Men, take note—if you don’t meet the approval of your partner's friends…you’re on shaky ground.

Valley of the 20-something Dolls
The one thing about this movie I truly didn’t understand was Louise (Jennifer Hudson). Was Louise intended to be the next doe-eyed, love-struck girl turned fashion diva extraordinaire only to have a “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” moment and return home to St. Louis? With the Cinderella-esque ending, where does Sex and the City have to go? I appreciate that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and even Samantha have happily ever after, but what happens after happily ever after? What do the up and coming group of 20-something single girls have to look forward to?

All in all, I did love this movie…I laughed, I cried…I critiqued—it happens. I severely missed seeing Carrie and Big get their happy ending in the series and am ecstatic they finally got over all their issues and were able to be together. Hopefully there will be another chapter in Sex and the City to answer all the unanswered questions—or at least analyze them to death in the way that only women can.

Sex and the City Movie Review

Sex and the City
The Sex and the City movie is a big deal around We love all the "sex is back" coverage and will blog on that soon. We've set up a special Sex and the City area on our site with fun ideas for how your sex life can be hotter than the characters in the movie. We also thought it would be fun to share reviews from a male and female staff member.

Sex and the City Movie Review - (he said)
I saw Sex and the City on a Sunday afternoon in a small theater with about 100 mostly women. I enjoyed the television series because the writing was always crisp, the women's characters well drawn and the sex was erotic and hot. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it with some caveats:

  • The sex is not very hot.
  • The movie plays long.
  • Watch the DVD's first

Sex is Not Hot
What is with Samantha? For even casual fans of the HBO series Samantha's sexual appetites are well known. She never has sex in this movie! Having Samantha distant, she lives in LA, and monogamous took heat out of the movie. The film's producer and writer, Michael Patrick King, must have been worried about a NC-17 rating. The sex left in looks cut down, quick and not shot very well. No one, with the exception of Smanatha's next door neighbor (who we never meet or get to know), looks like they are having much fun. There are a few moments of passion between Mr. Big and Carrie, but there is much more time trying on dresses. What is Sex and the City without hot, almost shocking sex? The good news is the relationship between the "sisters" is deep, entertaining and instructive (if you are a man).

The Movie Plays Long
A half an hour could have been left on the editing room floor. There are three "try on dresses" catwalk sequences. There is a long and mostly depressing trip to Mexico and a lot of apartment decorating that could have been shaped, sharpened and cut. There is also a new intriguing character, Jennifer Hudson as Louise, who has little to do and not much screen time. The idea of passing the baton to the next generation of twenty-something women trying to find love in New York is present but not well executed.

Watch the DVD's First
The movie assumes you know about the series. If don't know Miranda is uptight, Samantha is a slut and Carrie is looking for love in all the wrong men then some of the movie will not make much sense. Seems crazy to do homework for a movie, but you will enjoy it more if you know the "why" behind some of the movie's conventions.

I realize these caveats sounds like I do not like the movie. I liked seeing characters I knew so well reunited. I liked seeing how differently women bond than men and I liked seeing the ever-present fifth character of the film (New York). I would recommend Sex and the City - the movie, but take a date.