Thursday, June 26, 2008

Better Sex Summer Sale - VOTE NOW

You Vote - We Discount
Our Summer Sale is going great, so thanks to everyone who is shopping with us. We've had a few things go on back order, but our supplies are holding for now. This is good because it means our original guesstimates on stock were pretty good (we get to keep our jobs, YES).

We were in a meeting the other day thinking about how to make our Better Sex Summer Sale our biggest ever. What could we do to really tear the roof off. One of the web team suggested asking our customer what they want. Duh, what a great idea. I might not be the smartest team leader on the planet, but I know a great idea when I hear one.

Take Our Better Sex Summer Sale Poll

Use that link to vote for what you want on sale. Top three products will be reduced by at least 25% on July 1st. Don't see what you want on our ballot?

email suggestions for products to put on sale to

Save An Additional 10% - Ends Monday June 30th
There is a special code you may use for an additional 10% off as a THANK YOU for voting. Find the code on the top of the poll. You've probably used similar codes on other sites. You type in the code in our source and promotion box in the cart, click "update cart" and receive an additional 10% off along with our thanks for voting.

Top 3 products with the most votes go on sale July 1st.

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