Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Better Sex on Father's Day?

Thinking about your parent's having sex is creepy and strange. As sentient beings we know we didn't just materialize so our parents "knew" each other at least once. We can safely say that any tiny element of this conversation will always be a bridge too far. There isn't enough therapy money to pay for those sessions.

But, children are not the only people who celebrate Father's Day. Spouses, partners, second, third and fourth wives pay attention to good old dad for one Sunday in the year. That Sunday, in case you missed all the department store hype and the increased number of men's fragrance ads, is this Sunday June 15.

We will leave the bad ties, bottles of Old Spice and golf balls aside since they are the usual suspects. Here our suggestions for gifts for dad from the person who made him eligible for this day (or the current equivalent):

1. Better Sex Video Series
This is a risky gift on Father's Day because it can seem like a complaint. Presentation is the key. Pitch the gift of our adult sex education series as your desire to get better sexually for him and you may help him get better for you. We recommend using the term "explicit demonstrations" because that will register in the male brain quickly. Watching people have sex is darn close to actually having sex and it beats golf and baseball (for most men). Don't dwell on the suggestions from sex educators and therapists since those are there for you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). If you can get past the tricky part of this gift, we bet you have the best sex you've had in years. In fact, that is our guarantee.

2. Clone-A-Willy (Currently part of our Summer Sale)
Creating a cast of your partner's willy will be fun and confidence building. The actually process of casting your partner with the Clone-A-Willy kit can be challenging. We have a free video with a demonstration of casting entitled Advanced Sex Play. We are working on a way to combine this free DVD with Clone-A-Willy. There will be instructions soon on our Clone-A-Willy page about how to receive this free demonstration DVD. If you've purchased Clone and need this DVD email customer service at cs@bettersex.com and they will get a copy out to you. Please include your order number and "Clone Demo DVD" in the subject line.

3. Liberator Shape
This can be another tricky gift. The negative interpretation of receiving a sex position aid is "you are getting older." No one likes to hear or even think that, so present our best selling Liberator Wedge and Ramp as a way to discover new sex positions. We recommend not saying anything about saving knees and hips.

4. Kindle Her Desire Kit
This is one of those double gifts - something for him our Double Dolphin love ring and something for you O Stimulating Gel. I could make a good argument that both gifts favor you, but let's not go there. We do know that the Dolphin's beak vibrating against your clitoris produces new found pleasure (just read the reviews on the Double Dolphin page for more on this). Cock Ring Revolution = use that link to learn more about love rings.

5. The Lick
We wanted to include a wild idea for Father's Day and The Lick is it. This tongue-like vibrator looks like a certain rock star's famous lips. The Lick vibrates and does who knows what. Guaranteed to get him to smile and laugh on Father's Day, try The Lick and then tell us what this bad boy really does. The Lick is so new we haven't been able to send it out to our Buzz Team yet, so you could be the first "lick" review ever written. That claim and $4 will get you coffee at Starbucks we know, but how often do you get to be the first at something? Not nearly often enough is our thinking. Looks like fun and his day should be about fun, go give him a lick this Father's Day.

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