Monday, July 21, 2008

Better Sex Ethics

Better Sex Ethics
This article is about Better Sex company ethics. We will write another article soon about the ethics of love and partnership.

Our site, like most large e-commerce sites, is a series of interconnected systems. Here are four examples to give you a quick idea of the scope of these connections:

Better Sex Ad Tool
Better Sex Cart
Better Sex Catalog

Better Sex University

There are close to 30 systems that make up Things can and do go wrong. We work to make things easier for our customers and for our computers, but you would be amazed how hard it is to create simplicity.

We want you to have a great experience where everything works the way it is supposed to all the time, but mistakes will happen. When they do please let us know so we can fix the problem. Here are a ways to alert us:

24/7 Toll Free: 1.800.955.0888

Email Customer Service:

BizRate Survey: We fire surveys when you purchase from us. We will add the BizRate icon soon so you can see past reviews easily. If you would like a response, please be sure to include your email.

Contact Web Team: siiweb @ BetterSex . com (this is how to get in touch with our web team).

Contact Martin: msmith @ BetterSex . com (this is how to get in touch with me, I am the Director for all things Internet).

Better Sex Promise
A few weeks ago I blogged a little about who we are, about our Better Sex Promise. Today's post is a continuation of those ideas. We are ethical people bound by the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). We also recognize the need to protect our investment in your love life. Your love life gets better then we've done our job. If it doesn't then we haven't.

Unexpected things will happen because we are humans dealing with computers. Another way to say this is we are asking for trouble :). When things go bump in the night we will fix them. When you experience a bump we have these requests:

  • Let us know - we can't fix problems we don't know about, so please use the list above to contact us.
  • Assume the best - we are good people who want to help.
  • We will figure it out - eventually - all problems get solved some just take longer than others.
  • Blame the computers - we realize that is a lousy out, but there are ghosts in the machine we've seen them :).

Better Sex Company
I've worked for several corporations during my career. My current job as Director of all things Internet at is one of the most interesting I've ever had. I bet that is not hard for you to imagine. is much like any other business. Our brand is important. Our reputation, established by what we do not our aspirations, is a why we are successful. We obey the Golden Rule because it is who we are and it protects the millions we've spent so I can write these words in this blog.

Life is too short to be anything other than ethical people who care about our products and customers. Here is how we modify the Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you because life is too short to do otherwise.


msmith @ BetterSex . com

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