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Better Sex - Free Gifts

How To Use A Better Sex Promotion Code
99% of orders on qualify for a free gift. Something of value for free is part of our business model. Every year our production schedule has two columns. One column is new full length features such as The Better Sex Video Series ® or our newest feature Great Sex For A Lifetime. The other column is filled with features we create to give away for free.

Free does not have to equal "bad". Many customers tell us they buy from because of our free gifts. We rotate our free gifts on Monday morning always trying to add new and exciting freebies. We include DVD's we've created, adult features, sex toys, vibrators and lubrication. Our customers asked us to include something free from each product category, so we try to do that.

What is free on Better Sex today? = use that link to see what is free today.

Promotion Codes
If you use a "source" or "promotion" code you may change your free gifts options. You can check free gifts associated with any code at the bottom of our "Free Gifts Page" without limiting your free gift choices.

  1. Type a promotion code such as 8PB193 into the box on the bottom of the free gifts page.
  2. You will see a pop up with the free gifts assigned to that code (in this case the 2 Art Of's).
  3. If the free gifts that pop ups are different than the ones on the page, you will need to use your code to receive those gifts.

What if I Don't want those Free Gifts
If you would rather have free gifts outlined on our Free Gifts page, don't do anything. When you land on our site you are painted with a "general" code. Gifts associated with our general code reside on the Free Gifts page. The gifts on the Free Gifts page are the gifts you will be offered on the next to the last stage of our check out if your merchandise total is >$24. We hate that you don't get to choose your free gifts until almost the last checkout step and are working on fixing this too (lots to fix).

How To Use An Ad Code
Once you type your code into the search box or our Buy From An Ad tool you are "painted" with that code and those free gifts. Your code may provide other benefits such as special shipping rates and product prices. Whatever is outlined in the ad will happen if you "paint" yourself with the code. There are three ways to get "painted":

1. Type the code into our search box and click the "Buy" button.

2. Type the code into our ad tool click the "buy" button.

** We do not recommend typing ad codes into our cart. Better to use our Buy From An Ad tool or type your code into our search box on the upper left.

Ad Code Steps
  1. Type your code in our search box.
  2. Or go to our Buy From An Ad feature and type in your code.
  3. The ad that corresponds to that code should pop up.
  4. You can buy directly from the ad.
  5. Click t he box next to the product you want and click
  6. You will need to confirm your free gift choice on the next to the last step of our check out (this is always where free gifts are confirmed).

A. Free Gifts This area confirms the free gifts associated with that ad.
B. Coupon This is the "coupon" where you select what you would like to buy by clicking on the box.
C. Buy Button The "Buy Now" button confirms you choices and confirms you choice.

We realize this is a lot to take in. Trying to make the web work like a print ad is not easy (as it turns out). We are working on making the "buy from an ad" process much easier.

Really Confused?
Shipping charges vary with the amount you purchase and the codes you use. Shipping is free if you have $59 or more in our cart (used to be $75) and some ads have different shipping charges. You will see the correct shipping charge after you login.

8PB193 Ad (above)

In the example below, I've qualified for Free Shipping. I live in North Carolina so I am being charged Sales Taxes. Our company is located in NC, so we must charge sales tax to NC residents (only). The (A) area is where special offers are confirmed. When you use an Ad Code you will see it confirmed in this area.

Check Out Example Using 8PB193
Here is the cart for 8PB193. Note how the "estimated" shipping charge is $7.95. This is wrong. The ad promises, and the customer will receive, a shipping charge of $6.00. Many ad customers bail at this stage because they think we've not delivered on a promise. We always deliver on promises, but our website doesn't always get the memo.

The cart is stupid and static. It doesn't know that a code has been entered. When I login my correct shipping charge is confirmed on step 2 of the checkout in the (B) area.

Why So Confusing?

Imagine you've built a large house. You uncork a bottle of wine, sit out on your deck and watch a beautiful sunset. You live in the house for a few months and realize you need a new door to the utility room. The utility room is in a hard place to put a door now that the house is built.

Our web site needs a new door. Our cart, the inaccessible utility room in my example, needs to explain how our shipping charges vary. I am afraid this is a "my bad" situation. I designed the cart that is there now (as my IT guys have reminded me on numerous occasions). We have new better designs in the hopper now and it should only be better in a few weeks. Once the house is built even adding a new door is a big deal.

Thanks for your patience and BizRate Comments. Your comments helped me see how confusing this area in our cart is. We look at our site so much we can't see it the way our best customers do. In my recurring dream, always works, is easy to understand and everyone gets what they want on the first try.

Then I wake up and know there is work to be done :).

msmith @ bettersex . com

P.S. Our customers are smart, so I know I will receive notes about when exactly do you use the promotion code box in our cart. That box is for special web promotions. Writers who contribute to the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest receive 10% off when they type "fiction" into that box. I also have secret codes I share with people who help us. More on these and other secrets later.

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