Monday, August 4, 2008

Better Sex - How Free Shipping Works

Better Sex Cart = Misleading
Our cart contains a "shipping estimate". In fact, $7.95 is the most you will pay for standard shipping. The cart is not dynamic. Shipping cost actually vary from $0.00 to $7.95, so the cart represents the worst case scenario (the most you will ever pay for Standard Shipping).

Your order may qualify for Free Shipping (when you purchase $59.00 or more and/or when you respond to an email offering Free Shipping), but you won't see $0.00 in the shipping costs until after you login. This is confusing and we are working to fix it. Good rule is, ignore the cart. Your actual costs will be confirmed after you login.

In the example above (A) tells me my order qualifies for Free Shipping while (B) says I will pay $7.95. (B) is wrong and misleading. After I login or select "guest" I see the correct charge ($0.00) confirmed at stage 2 of our checkout.


Select your shipping option
$0.00 for Standard Shipping

(2 week average)
$6.00 for Priority Mail
(3 business days average)
$6.00 for 2 Day Air
(Guaranteed Delivery by 08/07)
Tracking Number provided via email.
$14.00 for 1 Day Air
(Guaranteed Delivery by 08/06)
Tracking Number provided via email.

Orders requesting next day delivery and placed by 2:45 EST will arrive next day except during Holiday shipping periods.

The Fix
Our first step is to fix the language so it is clear that the shipping cost you see in our cart is only an estimate and a worst case estimate at that. We hope to have new language up in this area in a few days. Thanks to everyone who helped us understand just how confusing this area is and big THANKS to those who pressed on and saw the correct shipping charge on step 2 of their checkout.

50% Free Shippers upgrade to 2 Day
About 50% of customers who qualify for Free Shipping pay $6.00 to upgrade to 2 Day UPS. 2 Day UPS includes tracking (standard United States Postal Service does not) and you know when your package will arrive.

Remember Picking Time
Orders placed after about noon EST will make it out to a UPS truck on the following day. Keep that in mind when you upgrade. 2 Day can take as many as 3 days depending on what time of day you placed your order.

Want Free Shipping = Subscribe to Email
If you are interested in Free Shipping, be sure to subscirbe to our email list. Email customers receive special offers every week. If you were on our email list today, you received a Free Shipping on all orders email. Use the link below to sign up for our emails if you don't want to miss the next special offer.

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