Thursday, August 14, 2008

Silicone Triple - Gold Medal Sex Toy

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring Wins Gold
It was a close race. The touch at the end of the pool had three sex toys breaking the world record in a neck-and-neck race. Alas, there could only be one winner. One Gold Medalist. It was exciting to see the Silver Medalist from the last games, the Silicone Triple, edge out the new contender and previous world record holder, the Rabbit Super Vibrator and Head Honcho. We had a chance to speak with the Silicone Triple after his victory and here is what he said:

"Wow what a day. We had a great race. I followed the Rabbit Super Vibe off the turn and thought there was no way to catch him since he's beaten me before. I did feel him fading about midway through the last lap. I poured it on figuring I could breathe later," the Silicone Triple said laughing.
Certainly that was one of the closest races this announcer has ever seen. The Silicone Triple just wanted it more. Great races from all three competitors. What is next for the Silicone Triple?
"My people are speaking with people. We will be announcing a major endorsement deal in the lubrication category soon. Right now I am just looking to head home and see my family," the Silicone Triple said as he toweled his head and headed toward the locker room.

See all race competitors = use this link to view all competitors.

Silicone Triple - Gold Medal (25% Off)

Rabbit Super Vibrator - Silver Medal (15% Off)

Head Honcho = Bronze Medal (10% Off)

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