Thursday, August 21, 2008

Better Sex Fiction Contest - Last Weekend To Vote

Erotic Fiction Semifinals Round 2 - Vote Now
Want to read some great hot erotic fiction this weekend? Want to do a good deed this weekend? How often do you get to do something fun that also helps others? Go to our Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction Contest and vote for your favorite story. Almost 300 people voted last weekend and 4 anxious authors await your feedback.

Every vote counts. 3 stories will move to the finals (winner from last week, winner from this week and the story with the next most votes). Your vote could make the difference. Even better, we pay you to vote. Use the promotion code Ivoted in our cart and we will pay you $5.00 to vote (as a credit on your order). Don't forget to click "update cart" to confirm the discount.

Contest Change
A story was removed from our contest this morning after our algorithm detected unnatural voting patterns.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

disqualifying a contestant? way to keep them honest in today's world of cheats (china gymnastics). way to go better sex!