Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Weekend Win 2 iPods

Win "His" and "Her" iPods with Better Sex Videos
This is the last weekend of our iPod contest. One lucky person will win 2 iPods pre-loaded with our latest adult sex education titles guaranteed to improve your love life. Can having The Better Sex Video Series® on an iPod touch that you can actually watch in bed improve your love life? Can't hurt right? That is what we are thinking. Now if he is watching "his" in one room and she is watching "hers" in another it may not work the way we are thinking. Well, wait a minute here. She is watching. He is watching. Yeah that will work.

Can't Win If You Don't Double Opt In
When you sign up for the contest we send you an email. YOU MUST CLICK ON THAT EMAIL TO BE IN THE DRAWING. Not sure if you double opted in? Safest thing to do is use the link below to register again and click on the email we send.

I want the iPod's - Take me to the form darn it.

I Never Win...
I hear you. I never win contests either. Lottery where are you when I really need you? This is why we built in special secret codes for everyone who enters. Even if you don't take home the iPods you can still save some money. One day soon let's grab a beer and we can figure out how to win the lottery.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
My boss asked me what I would do if I won the lottery today at lunch. "Continue to work for," I said without missing a beat. She laughed. If I won the lottery I would pay people to help me create SurfCure is the not-for-profit I am working on (with friends and not a lot of time or money) to help patients facing serious health challenges share the tips and tricks they learn. If you would like to know more about SurfCure you can go to my blog post about it at ScentTrail (my blog) or check out our place holder at SurfCure is a little stuck in the mud right now, so let me know if you have ideas or thoughts.

Have a great weekend everyone.

msmith @ bettersex . com

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