Friday, May 30, 2008

Sarah Jessica on Charlie Rose 2

Sarah Jessica Parker on Charlie Rose - Use that link to go to the Charlie Rose site.

Just watched a great interview with Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City writer / producer Michael Patrick King. Sarah Jessica is beautiful and intelligent as always. The real revelation in tonight's interview (video not available yet) was Michael Patrick King. Charlie asked King a great question. How does a man write so well for mostly women characters. King said he channeled emotion and his three sisters trained him.

This video is an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker when the Family Stone was released in 2005. As soon as they post tonight's fascinating discussion we will post it. For now a little SJP goes a long way to getting us ready for THE movie release Friday night.

Don't forget about our new kits inspired by characters from the movie. Bet you can't figure out what kit goes with SJP's character?

  1. Flirty Kit
  2. Sinfully Sweet Kit
  3. Dirty Kit
  4. Let Loose Kit
What kit was meant for Carrie? We aren't telling. See if you can guess and email us at Click the link below to go to our page celebrating the movie.

Better Sex - This link will take you to our home page in case you get lost.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Shoes" Getting Votes

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest

Chaucer's The Aroma of Worked Wood got off to an early lead, but today's (Wednesday) voting favors Sensible Shoes 2. Chaucer week ends Sunday June 1st. Use the links below to read and vote for your favorite:

Submit your erotic story to

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Rules - Use this link to review this year's rules.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

4 Girls From Manhattan

Sex and the City opens May 30

It is pretty cool when four girls from Manhattan can change the world. It doesn't hurt to have four beautiful, smart women, a television show, great writing and everyone's favorite topic (sex). We couldn't wait for the movie's release this weekend. We've created "kits" based on each character. We can't use the character names on our page, but we bet you can guess what character goes with what kit.

If you would like to share your guesses, send an email with "kit characters" in the subject to We will post some of our favs and pony up $100 spree for the "best" guess.

See our "Martini Kits" and guess who inspired the kit. Send guesses to

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Update

Chaucer Week
The first week of the Better Sex Erotic Fiction contest features three stories by Chaucer, a previous Erotic Fiction winner. Chaucer's three stories for this year's contest are:

Read and Vote for your favorite.

Stories are still being accepted. Email your story to

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Rules - use this link to review this year's contest rules.

New erotic stories every Monday! All Summer Long!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Better Sex Secret Sale

Our Memorial Day "Scret Sale" is now over. Don't want to miss the next one?

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Best Sellers Use that link to see our best sellers.

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget to enter our Erotic Fiction Contest. Grand Prize this year is $2,500!

Erotic Fiction Contest - Progress

First Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Stories Go Online May 27th

Chaucer Week starts May 27th
We are reading some great new erotic fiction. Our first three stories from Chaucer will go online the day after Memorial Day. Chaucer is a previous winner for his story Ballet de Paris. We know you will love his new work too. First week is Chaucer week.

Vote every week.
We hope you will come by every week during the summer to vote for your favorite Erotic stories. The Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest will continue through Labor Day.

Writers - Send in your stories. You may win $2,500.
We have about half of our "publication slots" available heading into the Memorial Day weekend, they are going fast. Our contest is a little different than most. We fill slots with great writing as it comes in. The contest doesn't end until Labor Day, but the slots will be allocated well before then. Send your story today to and be sure to write "Fiction Contest" in the subject. All stories receive a note confirming our receipt.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Better Sex Fiction Contest Deadline = NOW

We've received a lot of questions about our Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Deadline. We manage our erotic fiction contest on rolling admissions. We started with 33 open "publication slots", these are places earned by stories for the first round of voting. As of today, 5.20 about half of those publication slots are filled.

We read stories as we receive them. If a story is great we give it a publication slot. If you haven't heard from us it doesn't mean your story will not be published online for community voting. It may mean we just haven't gotten to it yet.

Every writer who submits a story will receive feedback from us. First, we let you know we received your story. Next we let you know if we will use your story or not. If you would like feedback from us on our decision we will be glad to provide a summary of reader feedback. All writers will also receive a 10% off coupon for use on our web site.

It wouldn't surprise us, if last year is any indication, if available slots are filled by early next week. This means the deadline for our contest is really as soon as you can get your story to us. Send stories to and please write "Fiction Contest" in the subject line.

Don't give up. If you are a good writer we will find a way to work with you. Last year there were so many great stories we created our first book Erotic Stories. If you are interested in this year’s contest, we suggest getting your story in as soon as possible.

Writer comments – use that link to see comments from writers we’ve worked with.

Erotic Fiction Writer Comments

2007 Erotic Fiction Winner Comment

We asked previous winners of our Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest to share their experience with the contest. We can share why we created this contest out of passion and love for great erotic writing, but we've all been tained to be good skeptics. We share comments from past writers so you will see how our passion and beliefs guide our actions. This isn't to say we don't mess up (we do), but our intentions are honorable. Here is a comment from Wade creator of the story Going Home.

Writing stories has always been fun for me. The thought of trying to be published however, never appealed to me for that very reason: Writing is supposed to be fun. Getting published, I thought, was hard work and too competitive for my liking. That said, the experience that I had last year with Martin and his team was wonderful. If you have a story in your heart and mind, I encourage you to enter the contest. It's a very pleasant process.
Comments from other writers - click that link if you would like to read more writer comments.

Enter the 2008 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - use that link to learn details about this year's contest.

Better Sex Fiction Contest Examples

The Movie By A.J. Riley (Last Year's Winning Story)

What do I write?
We've had a lot of questions about what to write for our fiction contest. The Movie by A. J. Riley was our winner last year.

Suggested Length
Last year's Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest winning story was just over 1000 words. We had great 3,000 word stories too. As a general rule, stories should be in the 1,000 to 2,000 word range. Writing quality is really the issue. We read a lot of stories and length isn't something we care about or look for. But, this is a contest. As much as I would like to say write 10,000 words I know that a story of that length would have a difficult time because our readers are time compressed as we all are these days. Work in the 1,000 to 2,000 word range unless your story demands more. If you grab your readers they will take the entire ride with you.

Good Luck. Email quesitons to Martin at

Monday, May 19, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction CraigsList Ad

If you missed Better Sex Fiction Contest Ad on CraigsList ad in LA, here it is:

The fourth Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest seeks great erotic fiction writers. Top prize for the competition is over $2,500 and winning stories will be published in a book. We are using this competition to screen writers for ongoing writing assignments. If you don't write erotic fiction but would like to be considered for ongoing writing assignments, send samples of your writing to Copy rights always remain with our authors. Click on the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest link on our home page ( to have your questions answered or email Martin at

Send Erotic Fiction Stories to

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past Better Sex Erotic Fiction Writer Notes

Hearing from writers.
One of our favorite things about creating a new contest is getting back in touch with our writers. It is important to understand why we created the Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest. Certainly we hope that this contest will help us reach new customers, but passion and love for great writing was our guiding force. We formed very strong bonds with many of our writers such as Anya Werner. Anya wrote a great story for our book entitled Ice Cream Sunday and she won a prize the previous year for After Dark. Here is what Anya emailed me today about participating in our contest.

As a full-time freelance writer and editor for non-fiction, I enjoy writing “fun” fiction in my free time, but I had never pursued publication for it until I discovered the Better Sex Erotic Fiction contest I really enjoyed participating in the last two years, largely due to the supportive folks running it. They are the real deal, committed to quality erotic fiction!
- Anya Werner in a 5.14.2008 email

Anya is the reason we created our contest. We want to support writers and she is a great writer. Read After Dark to see for yourself and you can read Ice Cream Sunday in our book from last year's contest.

Better Sex Love Program

A couple of years ago we had a great idea. Create a free Better Sex Love Program. We wanted to move content from our award winning videos such as The Better Sex Video Series online. Sounded easy at the time, but, like most things, there were more hills than we realized.

Better Sex Love Program Arrives!!
Sorry didn't mean to get caught up in hill climbing. The cool thing about our online love program, besides it being FREE, is we hope you will help make it better. Don't make the "I don't want to help face" because it will be fun. If you can't have fun improving you sex life then we need to have a talk about the concept of "Fun". We can hear you thinking, "What’s in it for me." Bet you didn't know when you think those internal thoughts LOUDLY they travel through space and time. Not sure how we will say THANK YOU to those who help, but there will be some special fun gift. This is one of the nice things about working here. There are many fun special fun gifts to choose from.

What kind of help do we need?
We know that question is way to open ended. We need specific feedback such as:

* What worked and helped?
* What didn't work and didn't help?
* What was your favorite single thing (tip, exercise, factoid or whatever)?
* What did we miss?
* If we could make 3 things better what should they be?
* Please describe how you used the program (all at once or in bits and pieces over several days).
* Did you know about us before working the Better Sex Love Program or wee we new to you?
* How did you find the program (search engine, site, email, heard about it over lunch)?

Send comments to Please be sure to say "love program feedback" in the subject line.

Better Sex Love this link to go to our new program.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Writer Royalty Statements

Writer Royalty statements were mailed today. Some writer emails may have changed. If you contributed to our 2007 Erotic Stories book and did not receive a royalty statement today, please email Martin ( and let me know your new email.

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Link

The 4th Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest is on! Writers should submit stories to

* Read Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest Rules

* Read last year's winners in Erotic Stories book.

* Over $4,000 in prizes, most ever!

* Writers receive 10% off coupon for entering their stories.

* Enter as many stories as you like, writers may win multiple prizes.

* Grand Prize Winner will win over $2,500 in cash and prizes

* Copyright is protected by limited relase form

* Privacy is protected by using pen names.

* Subscribe to our privacy protected email list to follow this summer's Erotic Fiction Contest.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Erotic Fiction Contest Starts Now

The 4th Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest starts now. Erotic Fiction Rules and prize summary will be online tomorrow. Send stories to

Sex: The Revolution on VH1

VH1 airs the first part of its four part Sex: The Revolution series tonight at 10:00 pm (EST). Sounds like an interesting show. Here is how VH1 describes it:

In SEX: The Revolution, a four part documentary series, VH1 will boldly explore a time in American history that challenged centuries of traditional morality about sex. A time that eradicated people's fear, loathing and ignorance about sex. A time that promoted unprecedented sexual honesty and expression. And in the end, a time when laws were changed and rulings made to end censorship and legal retribution for people's private sexual behavior. It's a story of incredible styles, scenes, visionaries who pushed the envelope, movements, fanatics, charlatans--but also the story of the people of traditional values who felt threatened by it all, who condemned it, and launched a counter-revolution.
Sounds interesting. Set your DVR's and be sure to check Sex: The Revolution on VH1.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Better Sex Guide

One thing every man and probably every woman remembers is those first fumbling attempts to undress your partner. The bra was a particular trap for many. Struggle usually results from inexperience. Remember when she said, "here let me" and with a deft single stroke that bra fell to the floor? She had experience and knowledge her young partner may not.

This somewhat strained analogy is what the Better Sex Guide is about. Helping someone learn about sex is hard. We don't know what you don't know. You might be a maestro with the bra hinge while another person is all thumbs. In order to guide we need to create groups based on experience or perceived experience. If this sounds like "line 'em up" it is not meant to be. We had to make some assumptions in order to help.

The Guide's three groups are apprentice, transitional and advanced. Only you know where you fit on this sexual skills scale. In reality we are probably all, at least partially and in some ways, in all three groups. Your partner may understand positions and you may know toys. The important thing is finding a way to be smarter together (sexually) than you are apart. Our new Better Sex Guide is here to help you study up on what has to be the best and most rewarding subject - your sex life. Beats shaving a few strokes off your golf game or playing bridge. .

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Erotic Fiction Contest Prizes

$4,100 will be awarded to Erotic Fiction Writers.
Prizes for the 4th Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest were set today. 2008 total prize money will be the most ever. Prizes include cash awards and copies of the 2008 Erotic Fiction Anthology book. Publication of the 2008 Erotic Fiction Anthology will follow the contest. Nineteen stories from the 2007 contest were published by Better Sex Press in the Better Sex Erotic Stories book, an audio CD was also complied. Last year's contest attracted over 300 erotic stories from around the world.

Here is a summary of 2008 prizes:
• 10% off Coupon – Awarded to every writer submitting a story.

• Eleven $100 Awards + 1 Free Book each to Weekly Winners ($1,265 total)
o Determined by community vote.

• Three $100 Awards + 3 Free Books each to 3 Finalists ($345 total)
o Determined by community vote.

• One $2,340 Award + 10 Free Books ($2,490 total).
o Determined by 3 judge panel.

Details for the 2008 contest will go online next week. Those wishing to jump the line may submit stories to, please include "Fiction Contest" in the subject line.

Praise For Ex-es

Praise for Ex-Wives and Ex-Husbands
Chances are 50% of just about everyone reading this Better Sex Blog post is an ex. You may be an ex-husband or an ex-wife, but roughly 50% of every married couple reading this has been through a divorce. Divorce sucks. Anyone that tells you they had a "friendly" divorce is lying, crazy or a better person than moi.

After a bit, and this can take years, you find moments of Zen. Blame, anger and frustration fall away leaving an open space. Lately I've filled that open space with praise and admiration for my ex. Like most things, I came to this idea by thinking about myself (hint that was a problem during our 22 year marriage). What I realize is there is no way I am who I am, be that good, bad or indifferent, without my ex-wife. Unlike Jim Carrey in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we can't erase sections of our experience. Our memories and experiences are all there all the time. Eternal Sunshine begs the question. Would you erase painful stretches leaving peace and party time? My answer now that there is space between divorce pain and this moment is a resounding, "No!” As much as we want the perfect life it is rarely granted. This means tuning the imperfect life is what almost every human must learn to do. You don't get to this moment without every experience, without all the pain and glory.

Contributions made by ex-wives and ex-husbands should not be taken for granted or buried. Ex-wives and ex-husbands contribute catalyst moments, moments that define who and what we are and what we know to be true. Some things may need new input and recalibration. Sex, for most, is one of those things. Divorce means old routines are gone forever. While this can be a REALLY GOOD THING, it can also be scary. We are scared because we fool ourselves into believing in a permanent, fixed universe. No such universe exists of course, change is the only true thing, but our minds seek this illusion over and over again like a thirsty man sees water in the desert. BTW, one of the main functions of our products such as The Better Sex Video Series and Great Sex For A Lifetime is as recalibration tools. They help newly divorced people wipe their slate clean in anticipation of their next sexual journey.

In the midst of my divorce I was lucky to see Buddhist nun Pema Chodron on Charlie Rose. Chrodon's book When Things Fall Apart was a comfort and life saver. What Chrodon helped me see is that things are always falling apart. They come together to fall apart again. Falling apart is nature's natural state, our natural state. The Zen of the world may be in understanding that falling part is ok, ex-wives and ex-husband deserve praise and love and change is a good thing.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Buzz Review GSFL

When you create something you are never sure how it will be received. We are dedicated, intelligent people who've created successful products before, but every new venture is a bit of a crap shoot. That is why it is so gratifying to read Oxygen talk show host Sue Johanson's review of our new Great Sex for A Lifetime 2 DVD set. You can read Sue's review in the blog entry below this one. Can you see us wiping the sweat from our collective brow?

Several Better Sex Buzz Team members also agreed to give us their feedback. Here is a great review from Buzz Team member Video Stu:

Even though the target audience is baby boomers, this video series still contains a lot of information for a young couple. It is no mystery that sex can deteriorate and occur less frequently as a relationship gets older. These videos gave us many ideas on how to prevent that from happening. Listening to actual couples who have been together for years describe their active sex life was reassuring. Despite their busy lifestyles, they make seduction part of their daily routine, which keeps the passion alive. Their relationship strengthens as they recognize sex as a priority rather than a chore.

Looking for an assist in finding the elusive G spot? This first volume of this series has it covered. What about tips on oral sex? Yup, it is in here too! This video displays the building blocks for volume two. It even has a few Kama Sutra positions included to help with either deeper penetration or to experience different sensations. This volume also demonstrates the use of sex furniture and straps that provide for better leverage. It was enjoyable to watch them display how the “other than ordinary” toys actually work, to broaden your horizons from the typical dildo sex toys.

The second volume really hit on some key issues that maybe some couples would otherwise have trouble discussing with each other. Watching this video with your partner is a great way to bring up these topics. There is a chapter where a couple is playing with oral vibrators, which are small vibrators that wrap around the tongue. If you are embarrassed to ask your partner what they think about this toy, you bring up that that it looks like fun during that particular scene. Also, the specific techniques for erotic massage and oral sex are helpful to those who are interested, but not quite sure how to do it. The video explained the different kinds of sex toys, which is helpful for those who are not familiar with the varieties. I would have liked to have seen a chapter about male masturbators, since that was the only thing that was left out. They hit on everything from the rabbit vibrator, realistic and glass toys, to prostate massagers.

Whether you are in your twenties or your fifties, these videos will teach you skills to keep your sex life going strong no matter what else life has in store for you.

Thanks to Video Stu, Buzz Team Member. If you are interested in becoming a buzzer send an email to siiweb (at) bettersex (dot) com and be sure to put "Buzz Team Application" in the subject line. Want to know more about the team? Better Sex Buzz Team Link.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Talk Sex Reviews Great Sex

It is a good day when an educator of Sue Johanson's stature gives your latest creation a positive review. Sue awarded Great Sex For A Lifetime 4 briquettes out of 4, her highest recommendation, on her talk show on Oxygen last night. Sue's review rewards great input from customers and hard work by many Sinclair Institute and team members.

Sue's Review of Great Sex For A Lifetime *
"We don't have a toy in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight – we have something far more useful.

The Sinclair Institute is world famous for its beautiful and informative videos, and this new double-set of DVD's is absolutely brilliant. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is aimed at Boomers or anyone who thinks sex stops at age 30. It does not and these DVD's prove the point.

There are interviews with real couples of all ages, and plenty of explicit examples of sexual techniques – foreplay, oral, and intercourse. The models look like real people, which is a refreshing change, and all of the sex is beautifully shot and extremely informative. Whether you are male or female, this set can help you be a better lover.

OK, I know there is a plethora of pseudo educational films out there, and most of them are trash. Sinclair Institute videos are classy, and loaded with tips and ideas, and the discussions in the program will inspire discussions with your own partner. So forget the porn. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is a much better investment in your sexual future. A 4 briquet winner."

* Sue reviewed Great Sex For A Lifetime on her television show on the Oxygen network Sunday May 4th. Her review is © 2008 Talk Sex Productions and used by permission.