Monday, May 5, 2008

Talk Sex Reviews Great Sex

It is a good day when an educator of Sue Johanson's stature gives your latest creation a positive review. Sue awarded Great Sex For A Lifetime 4 briquettes out of 4, her highest recommendation, on her talk show on Oxygen last night. Sue's review rewards great input from customers and hard work by many Sinclair Institute and team members.

Sue's Review of Great Sex For A Lifetime *
"We don't have a toy in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight – we have something far more useful.

The Sinclair Institute is world famous for its beautiful and informative videos, and this new double-set of DVD's is absolutely brilliant. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is aimed at Boomers or anyone who thinks sex stops at age 30. It does not and these DVD's prove the point.

There are interviews with real couples of all ages, and plenty of explicit examples of sexual techniques – foreplay, oral, and intercourse. The models look like real people, which is a refreshing change, and all of the sex is beautifully shot and extremely informative. Whether you are male or female, this set can help you be a better lover.

OK, I know there is a plethora of pseudo educational films out there, and most of them are trash. Sinclair Institute videos are classy, and loaded with tips and ideas, and the discussions in the program will inspire discussions with your own partner. So forget the porn. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is a much better investment in your sexual future. A 4 briquet winner."

* Sue reviewed Great Sex For A Lifetime on her television show on the Oxygen network Sunday May 4th. Her review is © 2008 Talk Sex Productions and used by permission.

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