Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Better Sex Halloween Costume Contest

Flickr Better Sex Halloween Costume Contest

Better Sex invites you to enter your halloween costume images in our Better Sex Halloween Costume Contest on Flickr

Enter to win a $200 shopping spree!
See Details Below


Costume Contest Prizes Include

Grand Prize: One $200 Shopping Spree on BetterSex.com determined by community vote of top 5 costumes.

Honorable Mention: We will have a number of 8x10 glossies of stars from Wicked Pictures, the most "Hollywood-like" of the adult film production studios. Each picture is signed "Happy Halloween from Stormy, Kristen or Carmen. As soon as we have an example we will include a picture here.

Hottest Costume: We will have a special prize for the hottest costume, remember the "no nudity" rule.

Who Can Enter?
Any adult (ages 18+) from anywhere on the planet (if you win and live in a place we don't ship we will send you a check for the cash value of our shopping spree).

When Does The Contest End?

Halloween Day October 31st.

No Nudity Rule
Sorry about the "no nudity" rule, and don't blame us. The Federal Government, in its infinite wisdom and because they don't have anything better to do such as make sure we don't all go broke, has a series of complex rules around nudity. Those rules mean we will need to remove pictures with nudity. Sexy is fine. Naked is not.

Here's How To Enter

Step 1: We’re using Flickr to view photos so, if you don't have a Flickr account already, you need to open one (they’re FREE). Then join our Better Sex Costume Contest group.

Step 2: Take your photo and upload it to Flickr! Under privacy options, choose "public," and Tag your photos with " BetterSexCostumeContest " ... it's that easy.

Step 3: In Flickr, click on the photo you'd like to submit. Above the photo is a link to “Send to Group.” Open that link and you should see a list of groups you belong to. Select “Better Sex Costume Contest.” A message will appear that your photo has been added. Click “ok.”

Winner determined by community vote of top 5 costumes.


Better Sex Halloween Contest Rules
As Flickr rules state, the “Better Sex Costume Contest administrator” has the right to remove any photo deemed inappropriate for this contest/group

Note: by adding your photo to our flickr group, you are giving Better Sex permission to display your photo on BetterSex.com or in other online and offline promotions.

Deadline: Halloween Day October 31st.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whoops - Lost Summer Erotic Fiction Winners

We orphaned our Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction winners by mistake. Use the link below if you would like to read the winners from the summer contest and we will have all stories back online in the next few days.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest #5

Submission deadline = Sunday November 1st at midnight.

Better Sex Erotic Fiction 5: Contest Details

Use the link above for contest details, send your erotic fiction to siiweb @ BetterSex . com.

Good Question
Several writers have asked a question about our new limited release form. If you have a signed a 2008 limited release form on file there is no need to sign the new one since we didn't change it that much. Stories not published in our Better Sex Summer Erotic Fiction Contest do automatically roll to consideration for our 2009 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest #5.

We are reading and working on schedules and stories now. Submission deadline for Fall is November 1st at midnight.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Liberator Ramp On Sale

Barbara Streisand Liberates George Clooney
Barbara Streisand used them as a free thinking sex educator in the 2004 feature film Meet The Fockers. Now George Clooney demonstrates them in the new Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading. Hollywood rarely finds trends but they sure amplify them. The New York Post ran an article about how sales of Liberator Shapes Ramp were "burning up" after the Coen brothers art director included the ramp. The piece implies Hollywood's endorsement of "sex toys" bestows some magical "mainstream" approval.

Our customers don't need Hollywood's permission to improve their sex lives. We've seen strong sales of Liberator Shapes for years. Crazy us, we attributed this sales trend to the product's effectiveness (they really work, read Liberator Ramp and Wedge Reviews) and baby boomers being smart enough to recognize a helpful product when they see it. Crazy us.

Here is the thing. These dense foam shapes will help you and your partner discover new sex positions while saving knees, backs and hips. They aren't cheap, but movie hype has their creators seeing stars apparently. They've reduced our cost (so we can reduce yours). They are also sending us samples we can share with our Better Sex Buzz Team. Look for more Buzz Team Liberator reviews soon.

Another cool thing about Liberator Shapes is they are sexual furniture that looks like everyday reading pillows. You can have your Liberators all over the house and most won't have a clue what they are for. Of course if Angelina Jolie uses them in her next film all bets are off and the secret is out. Even if you don't see the Burn After Reading, we guarantee your satisfaction with anything you purchase from BetterSex.com including George Clooney's Liberator Ramp.

Liberator Ramp On Sale

Liberator Ramp And Wedge Combination (our best seller)

Liberator "Get It All" Kit - Exclusive to BetterSex.com

Liberator Great Sex Kit - Exclusive to BetterSex.com

Liberator Kama Sutra Sex Positions Kit - Exclusive to BetterSex.com

Have a great weekend everyone.

msmith @ bettersex . com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

DVD Promo Email

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we sent out a promotional email stating that there were DVDs for $5.95 and up. It was brought to our attention that there were no $5.95 DVDs showing on the landing page where the email directed viewers to. We apologize for that and have fixed the issue. A few of them are listed below with direct links to the product pages.

Sorry for the mix-up and thanks for the feedback!

Jeff L.
Email Marketing Manager

Carmen & Austyn $5.95!

Cute Carmen Luvana, adorable Austyn Moore, and their hot girlfriends take lesbian lust over the edge in this adult movie from Better Sex! Carmen and Austyn start out with a playful redhead that penetrates blonde Austyn with an amazing array of adult sex toys.

Dinner Party $5.95!

There's a fine art to sex, and when you're the owner of a gallery specializing in the erotic, you get to see a lot of art being created. Zara travels from one studio to the next as hungry artists show her their latest lusty projects, even inviting her to participate.

Carmen & Ava $5.95!

Watch Carmen and Ava, two bodacious beauties in non-stop lesbian sex! Irresistable Carmen Luvana plunges her many toys into both openings of her best girlfriend. Sultry Ava Rose uses her strap-on to pleasure blonde, adorable Bree Olson.

Did you miss this email and want to get future email promotions? CLICK HERE
You even get a reward for signing up!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

International Shipping

Better Sex prides itself for our quality, customer service and discretion. We received some feedback from one of our Canadian customers through our fulfillment survey service. This customer brought up a very good point that other international customers may be unaware of.

International Customs
(reference from about.com)

How the process works:

As with all goods coming into Canada, a proper declaration must be made on any items being imported by mail to enable border services officers (BSOs) to correctly assess the incoming goods.

  • When an item is mailed to Canada from abroad, the sender completes a customs declaration form giving the value, origin and a detailed description of the goods.
  • Upon arrival in Canada, all international mail items are presented by Canada Post to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to process through the Agency’s Postal Program.
  • BSOs visually inspect each piece of mail to determine its admissibility and confirm whether it contains dutiable or taxable goods. If the BSO determines that a mail item is not prohibited from entering Canada and is not subject to duties or taxes, the item is released to Canada Post for immediate delivery.
  • Otherwise, the BSO forwards the item for further inspection by the CBSA or by another government department or agency before the item can continue in the postal process.

The description we choose for products are as discreet as possible for the privacy of our customers. These descriptions include: DVD, massager, lotion, battery, swing, game....etc. While it is our intention to maintain each customer's privacy, we must comply with state and federal guidelines.

Better Sex Shipping = use this link for more information concerning our shipping
Country Regulations = use this link for more information concerning international regulations

Monday, September 15, 2008

Super Silicone

Silicone Sex Toys

What makes silicone products so valuable? An easy answer to that question is found in the definition of silicone:

silicone sil·i·cone (sĭl'ĭ-kōn')
n. Any of a group of silicon compounds in solid, liquid, or gel form, characterized by wide-range thermal stability, high lubricity, extreme water repellence, and physiological inertness and used in many medical products, including surgical implants and dental impression materials.

Simply put, silicone is longer lasting, waterproof, and non-porous so it does not promote bacteria growth—plus it feels great! Our customers agree...

Here's a list of some of our Best-Selling Silicone Sex Toys:


A hands-free simultaneous G spot and clitoral stimulator, AND a revolutionary design that can be worn DURING intercourse. Made from silicone and waterproof.

Fleshlight & Better Sex Essentials Gel

This substantial male masturbator is discreet, smooth, soft and snug! Unscrew the top and slide your lubricated penis between the realistically fleshy folds of this super-soft smooth and 8" deep fleshlight.

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring

The Silicone Triple Orgasm Cock Ring is proof that the number of orgasms you and your partner can have is only limited by your supply of batteries and your stamina.

The Cone

Shaped like an upside down ice cream cone, the cone pinpoints vibration. What will really get you going, both literally and figuratively, is The Cone’s powerful 3 Volt 3000rpm gold brush motor with 16 pre-programmed vibration patterns.

Better Sex Essentials™ Lubricant Collection

And last but not least is our new Better Sex Essentials™ Lubricant Collection. This collection includes all our best-selling lubricants! The Gel or Liquid Lubricants are perfect and safe to use with all our silicone products. Don't forget the Silicone Lubricant for those steamy shower sexcapades!

More Silicone Products On Sale = use this link to learn about other cool silicone products.

Design Within Reach

Featured Website: DWR.COM
Every now and again we like to talk about great websites that we don't run or have any relationship with other than admiration. Design Within Reach is a great company and a ray of hope in the universe. If you love design and have some extra cash, cheap is not a word I would use for DWR, then stop by Design Within Reach before Tuesday when their Free Shipping sale ends.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Never Too Rich, Too Thin or Too Much Lubrication

Better Sex Essentials
We've amended a cliché to be funny about an important sexual health issue. Lubrication is an essential ingredient to better sex. You wouldn't think of running your car without regular oil changes. Yes this is yet another example where we treat the objects in our lives better than our own bodies and minds (interesting subject for a future post). We know you can never be too rich, too thin or have too much lubrication.

Passionate About Lubrication
We have 42 very positive reviews on our Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant. If that is not the most reviews we have on a single product it is close. Almost every Buzz Team member has shared their experience.

Read Better Sex Essentials Reviews

Money Back Guarantee
Try one of our Essentials lubricants and if you don't love it and want to write our 43rd positive review we will refund your money. No harm, no foul. Even better, buy 2 bottles of lube and receive a Free DVD, toy or some more lubrication. We are so sure you will love your Better Sex Essentials personal lubricant you get to keep the freebies if you don't feel like you can write the 43rd positive review. Please keep in mind we have a $24 "trigger" on our free stuff, so it takes (2)bottles to choose 2 Free Gifts (with a street value of $30+ usually).

See All Better Sex Lubricants

Or use these links to go directly to your favorite:

Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant

Better Sex Essentials Liquid Lubricant

Better Sex Essentials Silicone Lubricant

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Better Sex Shopping Cart

Creating Clarity About Shipping Costs
A big THANKS to our customers who helped us realize our shopping cart is confusing. There is confusion about shipping costs as I explained in my How Free Shipping Works post. Final shipping costs aren't set until checkout. The cart is an estimate based on the information we know at this early point. We don't know much in the cart. We haven't fully calculated your order total yet so we don't know if you qualify for Free Shipping. We don't know if you are using a promotion code or if you are from a foreign country.

We face a difficult choice when redesigning our shopping cart. Adding information into the cart could slow it down. This is why working with the Web is fun. Everyday (it seems) we face hard choices about the lesser of two evils. In this case, we've decided to keep the cart static, to not slow it down by making it dynamic (i.e. having the correct shipping cost). But, we did add a new graphical element to try and better explain that shipping costs in the cart is only an estimate. Final shipping charges are set on the second step of our check out because by then we know more about your order.

Selecting $6.00 Two Day Air = Growing Trend
Since lowering our Free Shipping "trigger" to $59.00 we've seen a significant increase in 2 Day upgrades. Once you qualify for Free Shipping by having $59.00 or more in your cart, $6.00 pays for UPS 2 Day Air. We may hve the cheapest air option online!

We added a graphical element explaining BetterSexl.com shipping options. Options become final at stage 2 of our checkout:

Here is a close-up of the new element:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Male "Enhancement" Pills Do Not Work

Lies, Damn Lies and Prison for Smiling Bob
In a "there is justice in the world" moment Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals founder Steve Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine of $500,000,000 yesterday. Berkley, creators of the "male enhancement" pill Enzyte, sold an unethical product in a slimy way. Smiling Bob, the character Berkeley made ubiquitous, was synonymous with feeling better about yourself because your penis became larger thanks to Enzyte's magic.

Only there wasn't any magic. Bob was a fabrication along with the product's promise. The company exploited feelings of inadequacy harbored by many men. We receive emails almost daily asking about "male enhancement". Speculating on sources for such absurd feelings would be fruitless. Do these feelings come from our "bigger is always better" culture? Does the idea that we are inadequate come from living in a "pill" epoch where every perceived shortcoming can be overcome by a pill? We may never know where such cultural angst originates, but Smiling Bob's demise may help us end the foolishness, stop the madness.

Genes + Knowledge
There is no avoiding your genes. Your genes may not determine your destiny, but they certainly determine what you have to work with. Do you feel inadequate because of the size of your thumb? Our guess is you never think about the size of your thumb, but, like your penis, its size is set by your genes. Do you take pills to have bigger thumbs? The idea sounds absurd. It sounds like spam you get from a Prince in some country you've never heard of who just needs a little money to free up a vast sum that he will gladly send to you. We don't take pills to make our thumbs bigger nor do we send the prince money. Sending money to Smiling Bob or anyone else to make your penis larger is equally absurd.

If you go to the gym, work with a personal trainer or try to eat right you are shaping your genes. You are working with what nature gave you in the hope you can be "better". There are exercises to make your penis stronger and we will discuss them in future post. This post is about understanding the goal of penis enlargement. Why do men what a larger penis? Why does size matter?

Size matters because quantity over quality is what the Smiling Bob's of the world sell. Smiling Bob's promise is you will be a better lover if your equipment is larger. This is Bob's greatest lie. It is not logical. Here is a short list of some characteristics involved in being a great lover:

  • Ability to care about someone else at least as much as you care about yourself.
  • Communication skills - the ability to send messages and, perhaps more importantly, listening skills that connect you to messages sent by your partner.
  • Knowledge - knowing some basic biology and how you and your partner's body "work".
  • Care - knowing someone intimately requires consideration before, during and after.
  • Skills - think about the first time you do anything, are you as skilled as the 100th time?

Would you put "size of partner's thumbs" anywhere on this list?

Of course not, because the size of your or their thumbs is immaterial, unimportant and no one would think to include it in an inventory of what makes a great lover. Apply that logic to your penis and never give money to the Smiling Bob's of the world. In fact, anyone who tells you the only way you can be adequate or acceptable is to buy their product is a liar, a damn liar and belongs in the cell next to Smiling Bob.

Male Enhancement That Does Work
We believe life is an educational journey. We can always improve. We can learn new things. Education as "male enhancement" has proven results, doesn't come in a pill and takes a little commitment and work. Anything that creates lasting change and value ALWAYS takes something. One of our ad tags is "knowledge is the best aphrodisiac" and it may be the best "enhancement" too.

We can learn how to cook better, play golf better or make love better, but our glass and yours is already more than half full. We can shape our genes but there is never a need to change our appearance because a Smiling Bob sold us a false idol. We are good to go and so are you.

Read more about Smiling Bob's unprecedented sentence at:



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everything is Free Sale *

Better Sex Back To School Special
* For a limited time, purchase the most popular adult sex education DVD's in the world, The Better Sex Video Series ®, and select anything $39.85 or less for FREE. We ran this BTS special for the first time last year and it was popular. Hundreds of products become Freebies. Q: What the most popular customer choice the last time we ran this offer? A: Another copy of The Better Sex Video Series. This result surprised and delighted us too.

Our customers share how our best selling adult sex educational DVD's changed their lives in reviews, videos and emails:

  • Saved Marriages

  • Opened lines of communication about sex

  • Quality of Sex improved

  • Frequency of sex increased

  • Sex became fun again

  • Got out of a sexual rut

Read more customer reviews.     Watch Customer video testimonials.

Want to see some examples of what is FREE when you purchase the Better Sex Video Series? Everything on each of these links is Free, Free and Free when you purchase the Better Sex Video Series today.
Free Adult Sex Education Titles
Free Lingerie
Free Vibrators

How long can we afford to give away everything for free? As much as our customers love this sale our bankers hate it, so "limited time" could be tomorrow (lol).

Thanks to everyone who visited over Labor Day. Our Labor Day 25% off the site sale was a hit. Where you at the beach during our sale? Don't miss the next one, sign up for email or follow us on Twitter.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - Winner

Search for Erotic Fiction Winner Ends In New Zealand
Writing erotica is a global phenomenon. Our 2008 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest received over 400 stories from 9 different countries. This year's winning Story, Beach Break comes from a New Zealand writer. B. B. Giddens. B.B. was very happy to win in 2008 after finishing second in 2007. I received a joyful email from B. B.. She explained she makes a living attending craft fairs and writing. Our prize will help B. B. write more (we hope).

Here are some comments about Beach Break from our 3 judge panel:

  • Connected adventurous couple.
  • Hot and well written sex scenes.
  • Liked sexual variety.
  • Beach worked as "public" and "private" place.
  • Solid pacing.
  • Dialog sounded real and connected
The three judge panel pointed out that all four stories voted by the BetterSex.com community had positive elements. "Really we couldn't go too far wrong," was how one judge described the quality of all four finalists. Other finalists included:

Innocent Corruption by Larissa Lyons

Temple of Venus by Anna Bookner

Snow White and the Vampire
by Annie Kerns

2009 Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest

We will be blogging rules for our 2009 contest this week. The biggest change is our story deadline of November 1st. If you would like to enter our 2009 contest (ending on Valentine's Day), then send your story or stories to:

siiweb @ BetterSex . com

25% Off Everything - Last Day

Labor Day Sale Ends Today
Hope everyone had a GREAT Labor Day. We find these Monday Off vacations a little strange. Monday seems like Sunday and Tuesday definitely feels like Monday. We've taken a peek at our sales from the weekend and it looks like more people visited BetterSex.com than last Labor Day. We appreciate your forgoing the beach to visit us. We didn't want to do ANY programming this past weekend, so TODAY is the lat day of our Labor Day Sale.