Thursday, September 18, 2008

DVD Promo Email

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we sent out a promotional email stating that there were DVDs for $5.95 and up. It was brought to our attention that there were no $5.95 DVDs showing on the landing page where the email directed viewers to. We apologize for that and have fixed the issue. A few of them are listed below with direct links to the product pages.

Sorry for the mix-up and thanks for the feedback!

Jeff L.
Email Marketing Manager

Carmen & Austyn $5.95!

Cute Carmen Luvana, adorable Austyn Moore, and their hot girlfriends take lesbian lust over the edge in this adult movie from Better Sex! Carmen and Austyn start out with a playful redhead that penetrates blonde Austyn with an amazing array of adult sex toys.

Dinner Party $5.95!

There's a fine art to sex, and when you're the owner of a gallery specializing in the erotic, you get to see a lot of art being created. Zara travels from one studio to the next as hungry artists show her their latest lusty projects, even inviting her to participate.

Carmen & Ava $5.95!

Watch Carmen and Ava, two bodacious beauties in non-stop lesbian sex! Irresistable Carmen Luvana plunges her many toys into both openings of her best girlfriend. Sultry Ava Rose uses her strap-on to pleasure blonde, adorable Bree Olson.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking into this. I admit, I was a little annoyed to find no DVDs at $5.95 however I've always been very impressed by the quick response by employees there. Most places would ignore feedback from visitors. That is one of the main reasons I shop at I wound up buying 3 DVDs last night! Thank you for caring what your customers feel.
Michael from Maryland

Better Sex said...

Thanks for your comment Michael we count on help from our customers. Our customers are our 6th man/woman. They come off the bench to help us play better every time. We made an honest human error here and moved to fix it as soon as our customers helped us realize the error. Our customers are the best. They care about us and we will always return the favor. I am very proud of everyone on our web team. They work hard, have fun and care. I can say "great job" to my team all day long, but notes like yours mean much more. They expect me to be their chief cheerleader and I am (lol). Earning kudos after an error is the best because it eliminates any fear going forward. I owe you a beer for such a nice note because you helped ME too.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Director E.Commerce
msmith @ BetterSex . com