Friday, September 19, 2008

Liberator Ramp On Sale

Barbara Streisand Liberates George Clooney
Barbara Streisand used them as a free thinking sex educator in the 2004 feature film Meet The Fockers. Now George Clooney demonstrates them in the new Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading. Hollywood rarely finds trends but they sure amplify them. The New York Post ran an article about how sales of Liberator Shapes Ramp were "burning up" after the Coen brothers art director included the ramp. The piece implies Hollywood's endorsement of "sex toys" bestows some magical "mainstream" approval.

Our customers don't need Hollywood's permission to improve their sex lives. We've seen strong sales of Liberator Shapes for years. Crazy us, we attributed this sales trend to the product's effectiveness (they really work, read Liberator Ramp and Wedge Reviews) and baby boomers being smart enough to recognize a helpful product when they see it. Crazy us.

Here is the thing. These dense foam shapes will help you and your partner discover new sex positions while saving knees, backs and hips. They aren't cheap, but movie hype has their creators seeing stars apparently. They've reduced our cost (so we can reduce yours). They are also sending us samples we can share with our Better Sex Buzz Team. Look for more Buzz Team Liberator reviews soon.

Another cool thing about Liberator Shapes is they are sexual furniture that looks like everyday reading pillows. You can have your Liberators all over the house and most won't have a clue what they are for. Of course if Angelina Jolie uses them in her next film all bets are off and the secret is out. Even if you don't see the Burn After Reading, we guarantee your satisfaction with anything you purchase from including George Clooney's Liberator Ramp.

Liberator Ramp On Sale

Liberator Ramp And Wedge Combination (our best seller)

Liberator "Get It All" Kit - Exclusive to

Liberator Great Sex Kit - Exclusive to

Liberator Kama Sutra Sex Positions Kit - Exclusive to

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