Monday, September 8, 2008

Male "Enhancement" Pills Do Not Work

Lies, Damn Lies and Prison for Smiling Bob
In a "there is justice in the world" moment Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals founder Steve Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine of $500,000,000 yesterday. Berkley, creators of the "male enhancement" pill Enzyte, sold an unethical product in a slimy way. Smiling Bob, the character Berkeley made ubiquitous, was synonymous with feeling better about yourself because your penis became larger thanks to Enzyte's magic.

Only there wasn't any magic. Bob was a fabrication along with the product's promise. The company exploited feelings of inadequacy harbored by many men. We receive emails almost daily asking about "male enhancement". Speculating on sources for such absurd feelings would be fruitless. Do these feelings come from our "bigger is always better" culture? Does the idea that we are inadequate come from living in a "pill" epoch where every perceived shortcoming can be overcome by a pill? We may never know where such cultural angst originates, but Smiling Bob's demise may help us end the foolishness, stop the madness.

Genes + Knowledge
There is no avoiding your genes. Your genes may not determine your destiny, but they certainly determine what you have to work with. Do you feel inadequate because of the size of your thumb? Our guess is you never think about the size of your thumb, but, like your penis, its size is set by your genes. Do you take pills to have bigger thumbs? The idea sounds absurd. It sounds like spam you get from a Prince in some country you've never heard of who just needs a little money to free up a vast sum that he will gladly send to you. We don't take pills to make our thumbs bigger nor do we send the prince money. Sending money to Smiling Bob or anyone else to make your penis larger is equally absurd.

If you go to the gym, work with a personal trainer or try to eat right you are shaping your genes. You are working with what nature gave you in the hope you can be "better". There are exercises to make your penis stronger and we will discuss them in future post. This post is about understanding the goal of penis enlargement. Why do men what a larger penis? Why does size matter?

Size matters because quantity over quality is what the Smiling Bob's of the world sell. Smiling Bob's promise is you will be a better lover if your equipment is larger. This is Bob's greatest lie. It is not logical. Here is a short list of some characteristics involved in being a great lover:

  • Ability to care about someone else at least as much as you care about yourself.
  • Communication skills - the ability to send messages and, perhaps more importantly, listening skills that connect you to messages sent by your partner.
  • Knowledge - knowing some basic biology and how you and your partner's body "work".
  • Care - knowing someone intimately requires consideration before, during and after.
  • Skills - think about the first time you do anything, are you as skilled as the 100th time?

Would you put "size of partner's thumbs" anywhere on this list?

Of course not, because the size of your or their thumbs is immaterial, unimportant and no one would think to include it in an inventory of what makes a great lover. Apply that logic to your penis and never give money to the Smiling Bob's of the world. In fact, anyone who tells you the only way you can be adequate or acceptable is to buy their product is a liar, a damn liar and belongs in the cell next to Smiling Bob.

Male Enhancement That Does Work
We believe life is an educational journey. We can always improve. We can learn new things. Education as "male enhancement" has proven results, doesn't come in a pill and takes a little commitment and work. Anything that creates lasting change and value ALWAYS takes something. One of our ad tags is "knowledge is the best aphrodisiac" and it may be the best "enhancement" too.

We can learn how to cook better, play golf better or make love better, but our glass and yours is already more than half full. We can shape our genes but there is never a need to change our appearance because a Smiling Bob sold us a false idol. We are good to go and so are you.

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