Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Better Sex Shopping Cart

Creating Clarity About Shipping Costs
A big THANKS to our customers who helped us realize our shopping cart is confusing. There is confusion about shipping costs as I explained in my How Free Shipping Works post. Final shipping costs aren't set until checkout. The cart is an estimate based on the information we know at this early point. We don't know much in the cart. We haven't fully calculated your order total yet so we don't know if you qualify for Free Shipping. We don't know if you are using a promotion code or if you are from a foreign country.

We face a difficult choice when redesigning our shopping cart. Adding information into the cart could slow it down. This is why working with the Web is fun. Everyday (it seems) we face hard choices about the lesser of two evils. In this case, we've decided to keep the cart static, to not slow it down by making it dynamic (i.e. having the correct shipping cost). But, we did add a new graphical element to try and better explain that shipping costs in the cart is only an estimate. Final shipping charges are set on the second step of our check out because by then we know more about your order.

Selecting $6.00 Two Day Air = Growing Trend
Since lowering our Free Shipping "trigger" to $59.00 we've seen a significant increase in 2 Day upgrades. Once you qualify for Free Shipping by having $59.00 or more in your cart, $6.00 pays for UPS 2 Day Air. We may hve the cheapest air option online!

We added a graphical element explaining shipping options. Options become final at stage 2 of our checkout:

Here is a close-up of the new element:

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