Wednesday, September 17, 2008

International Shipping

Better Sex prides itself for our quality, customer service and discretion. We received some feedback from one of our Canadian customers through our fulfillment survey service. This customer brought up a very good point that other international customers may be unaware of.

International Customs
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How the process works:

As with all goods coming into Canada, a proper declaration must be made on any items being imported by mail to enable border services officers (BSOs) to correctly assess the incoming goods.

  • When an item is mailed to Canada from abroad, the sender completes a customs declaration form giving the value, origin and a detailed description of the goods.
  • Upon arrival in Canada, all international mail items are presented by Canada Post to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to process through the Agency’s Postal Program.
  • BSOs visually inspect each piece of mail to determine its admissibility and confirm whether it contains dutiable or taxable goods. If the BSO determines that a mail item is not prohibited from entering Canada and is not subject to duties or taxes, the item is released to Canada Post for immediate delivery.
  • Otherwise, the BSO forwards the item for further inspection by the CBSA or by another government department or agency before the item can continue in the postal process.

The description we choose for products are as discreet as possible for the privacy of our customers. These descriptions include: DVD, massager, lotion, battery, swing, game....etc. While it is our intention to maintain each customer's privacy, we must comply with state and federal guidelines.

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