Friday, February 27, 2009

Martin's Vacation

Beach Time

Three years is too long between vacations. I am out of here and heading toward the North Carolina coast. Actually I am sitting in Panera near my house writing this post. I WILL be out of here soon for a week of R&R on a tiny island off the coast. Have to take a ferry to get there and no cars allowed. This time of year, a full month before even "early season" the island should be quiet. Quiet is exactly what I seek (lol). I would keep my head down and plow through, but I was losing my sense of humor last week. You must have a sense of humor to work at Think about it. Almost everything you say on any given day could have double meaning in our business. If you've been here before you know we take our service to you VERY seriously, but fun is part of any balanced life or business.

I've worked for big guns (P&G, Mars Candy) and I've created several companies. Working for Sinclair and is the most fun I've had in my almost 30 year business career (MAN that makes me feel old). Selling soap and candy is cool, but helping people connect helps you get up in the morning and start another day.

Thanks from Martin

I can take a vacation because has AMAZING customers. You guys pay for my PTO (Paid Time Off). It is much appreciated. Some reading this post may be facing tough times as we head into what seems like a never ending recession / depression. Connection at times like these is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Hug your wife, husband or partner. I don't know when our collective lives we be better. We view our jobs broadly - WE HELP PEOPLE. Our primary mission is to help people connect. Our products are designed to create loving connection. Our business is booming because our mission is most important RIGHT NOW.

I hate advice. Advice always stinks. I will spare you any trite bromides. We want you to know your support, guidance and commitment is something we are grateful for EVERY day (not just when you give us money for things). We must earn your trust, attention and involvement. We try to LISTEN intently and hard when you speak. In the end, if you boil them down, every product we sell is about better communication. Can a sex toy or vibrator communicate? Absolutely is what I am thinking (lol). Everyone reading this post helped us in 2008 and already in 2009. We know that. I know that. THANKS.

Martin's Apology
I've spent much of the year behind. I suspect many reading this know exactly what I am talking about. When you think you are behind you sometimes act like a behind (little pun there :). Slowing down, appreciating small things, taking care requires skill and attention, a skill I am working on. If you tried to reach me and found me slow to respond forgive me. My favorite part of my chosen profession is connecting with our customers, our writers and people with ideas about how to help us. I will work on "less overwhelmed" and "more patient" AFTER vacation (LOL). Know at my core I love dogs, our country, know my limitations and live to serve. Our whole team shares these values and we always get great guidance from our customers.

Last Weekend Of Buzz Team Sale

This is it for our Buzz Team sale. We are also coming to the end of our search for more Buzzers. Buzz Team members get FREE STUFF to write reviews and contribute to If you would like to join us, click on the Free Sex Toys link on the right of our home page.

Get Out Of Town
My team has cool stuff to share with you when I am away. In fact, I suspect they will find all kinds of new ideas to try (one reason why good bosses have to get out of town frequently). I received the gift of a GREAT new team last year. It is testimony to just how good they are that I feel confident to get out of town. Great job guys (they will read this when I am on the beach).

What Will I Do?

I have 10 books and will possibly read two. I will try to put some serious miles on my bike or as many miles as an island can provide (lol) and I will write (working on a book you can read about on ScentTrail my blog if interested). Traffic should be thinned by now, so I AM OUT OF HERE :). Have a great week everybody.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall Fiction Contest Checks

Checks In Mail
Fiction Contest Checks for weeks 6 through the finals went to accounting today. There was a slight delay due to Martin having the flu, but accounting should have check out by mid-week. If you are expecting a Weekly Winner or other prize check it should be to you in about 10 days.

Royalty checks have been mailed for authors we had addresses for. If your story was included in our book ( Erotic Fiction Book), please email Martin if you did not receive a royalty check.

Another Contest Soon
Many authors have asked us about our next contest. We plan another Fiction contest in the Summer.

2nd Book Publication Date
Several have asked about the 2nd book. This book will combine Summer and Fall Better Sex Erotic Fiction winners into a book. We are working on the book now now and it should be ready for publication by May.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We-Vibe Goes To Hollywood

We-Vibe was named Viewer's Choice Toy of the Year in 2008 on Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and now We-Vibe is going to Hollywood.

Canadian sex toy inventors of the We-Vibe have recently been invited to showcase their product at the Oscars, participating in the Oscar gifting suites. This is a new journey for the adult sex toy industry, "proof positive that adult sex toys are going mainstream" ~Bruce Murison, We-Vibe Inventor.

"The We-Vibe is a huge leap forward in the adult toy market - a paradigm shift really - in that the adult toy market now has a vibrator that can actually be shared by a couple while making love," says Murison.

Expand your sexual boundaries with this innovative new product specially designed for heterosexual couples. Click Here to Learn More About the We-Vibe.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Better Sex TV

Better Sex Online Videos
We've taken the lead in using video to help explain sex toys in our Better Sex Video Product Description. We wanted a more engaging way to explain products. We work with sex educators and therapists too. Want to learn about lubrication, ED or Menopause, check out our videos.

Take me to Better Sex Videos page

Thanks For Best Better Sex Valentine...Ever!

Best Better Sex Valentine....Ever!
We hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Your support of made this is best Valentine's in our history. We appreciate your support, encouragement and patronage (i.e. giving us money for things). You have our pledge we will repay your trust with hard work, the best Value for our customers and new creative ideas in 2009. Everyone here is exhausted and happy. I'm even going to get out of town for a week at the beach here soon. I know, and we all know, YOU pay for our ability to continue to serve (and week's at the beach). Thanks seems to fall a tad short, but it is what we have. THANKS from everyone at

Were we perfect?
Nope, not even close, but we wanted to be (and that counts for a lot). We are seeing BizRate customer notes about not delivering what we promise (in our ads). We ALWAYS deliver any promise we ever make. BUT the only way to receive special ad stuff is with a code (called an "extension" in our ads).

Ads are NOT CHEAP. We look at each advertising expenditure HARD especially now. Codes are the PAIN IN THE ASS thing that allows us to allocate your dollars to the right ad. We know using a code is a pain so we provide incentives to remember and use the codes. Shipping is cheaper and free gifts offered in ads are very specific. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you use an ad code, you may ONLY receive free gifts mentioned in the ad. The ad eliminates whatever you see on this page:

Offers vary. Some customers may prefer web offers to advertised offers and BELIEVE ME we are cool with anything you want to do. Just remember if you want what is offered in an ad USE THE EXTENSION by typing that code into our search box or going to our /ad page ( or go to the Better Sex ad page.

Entering Ad Code (extension) such as 8ME143 (a Men's Health ad) into our Search Box will bring up the ad:

That ad is pretty hot, so I will just let you click on the link if you are curious. In any case, you get the idea. Use the code get the deal. Don't use the code and you will receive something else. We ALWAYS have FREE GIFTS, so that is not a worry. Standard Shipping is FREE when you order $59.00 or more online.

Best Deal - Spend $59.00, Get Free Shipping
Our average ad customer buys more than $45 worth of adult sex education videos and sex toys from us. This is $14 away from FREE SHIPPING online. $5.00 of that difference will be eaten up by the ad shipping charge. This means spending $9.00 more (less than the cost of a bottle of Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant), would trigger FREE Standard Shipping.

50% of our Free Standard customers UPGRADE to 2-Day Air for $6.00. Here is what you see in our cart when your order is equal to or greater than $59.00:

For me and 50% of our customers who qualify for free standard shipping, this is a "no-brainer". In for a penny in for six bucks for tracking number, 2 day instead of a week shipping and warehouse picking priority.

Thanks again, we will work to get better in 2009.


Better Sex Buzz Team - We're Hiring

We're Hiring....New Buzz Team Members
We are looking for a few good men and women to become part of our Better Sex Buzz Team. Membership in our Buzz Team is now highly sought after. Free sex toys is one reason. Being Listened to, asked for input, part of a community and team is another reward. We are expanding and changing the Buzz Team in 2009.

Yes, I want to be on the Better Sex Buzz Team, Tell Me How To Join

Better Sex Blog Team
Blogging about relationships, the "man / woman thing" and sex is common and increasingly popular. We are looking for the Best Better Sex Blogs. The Better Sex Blog Team will help in many of the same ways as the Buzz Team AND we will link out to "Recommended Blogs" thus sharing Better Sex Blog Team blogs with our customers and friends.

Yes, I want to be on the Better Sex Blog Team, Tell Me How To Join

Better Sex Price Checkers
Prices may be the most elastic thing on the Internet. We are in the business and can't keep up with them. We can keep up with our commitment to provide the most VALUE and REWARD for our customers, but we need help. We have a limited number of Buzz Team Price Checkers, so if you like to dog out stuff online please help us by joining the team.

Yes, I want to be a Better Sex Price Checker, Tell How To Join

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talking Sex with Sue

Talk Sex Host Sue Johanson Holds Class at the University of North Carolina
Tickets for her show sold out an hour after they went on sale. Sue Johanson, from Talk Sex with Sue on the Oxygen Network, came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tuesday night as part of the “Carolina V-Day Initiative”. UNC students showered Sue with abundant applause after a short introduction following with a standing ovation after Sue demonstrated how to put a condom on using only her mouth, a true show stopper. Before we discuss the end of Talk Sex at UNC, let’s talk a little bit about Sue Johanson.

In 1970, Sue began the first birth control clinic in a Canadian high school. Planned Parenthood counselor, a Human Sexuality instructor, and hosted the Sunday Night Sex Show on the W Network and created Talk Sex With Sue, Oxygen’s top rated sexuality call-in show. In 2008, Sue left Talk Sex (reruns still show on Oxygen).

Sue has visited David Letterman, Conan O’Brian, The Ellen DeGeneres’s show and sat on the couch next to Jay Leno. Sue’s authored three books: Talk Sex, Sex is Perfectly Natural – But Not Naturally Perfect and Sex, Sex and More Sex. She’s earned the Order of Canada in 2001, Canadian knighthood and the Excellence in Education award by The Ontario Institute in 1990.

Now to the Tuesday night show at UNC.

Sue spoke about the human body in detail not provided in traditional sex-ed classes. She stressed the importance of women learning about and understanding their bodies early in life. "Nice Girls Don't Do That" stigma may prevent women from healthy exploration. Sue agrees with Plato’s “know thyself” lesson. She stressed masturbation with the knowledge that "orgasms are grossly over rated". You can’t teach what you don’t know. Men masturbate early and often, Sue noted. “Nice girls” stigma may prevent similar exploration by women. Even nice girls need to share feedback and instruction with their partners, impossible if you don’t know yourself. Experimentation and exploration were common answers to student’s questions.

"Most women do not orgasms every time and if they say they do, they're lying or don't know what an orgasm is," Sue joked. Did you know orgasm and ejaculation are not synonymous for men? Many in the audience didn’t. A man’s penis is created for procreation. Expelling sperm is its job. Yes, sex for men is always good, but sometimes it is GOOD!

Orgasms are like cars. Some orgasms are big, flashy and dramatic. Other orgasms are small, more conservative. Every orgasm is good. Have I had the BIG O? If you don't know, the answer is probably NO. Sue's advice was fun, helpful and well received. Give yourself permission to explore so you know what you need. Once you know, tell others. Orgasms may be over rated, but we vote for having them versus not having them. Sue’s two hour class in Tar Heel country was a night to remember.

Lunch with Sue Johanson
Before Sue's UNC class we took her to lunch at A Southern Season. Sue is just like she is on television - straightforward, funny, specific and honest. She is your grandmother if your grandmother could talk about sex without pulling a single punch (mine sure couldn't LOL). Candor describes Sue to a tee. I was sitting next to her. At one point she grabbed my knee. I must have looked surprised. "I am a touchy person," she said smiling impishly. Immediately warm and sharing, our lunch was full of great conversation and funny one liners. It was funny to hear "dildo" said with such abandoned in The Wethervane inside of A Southern Season (a high end Chapel Hill eatery). Everyone warmed to Sue. She was gracious taking pictures with Sinclair staff, Southern Season wait staff and several locals. Sue's single faux pas was when she called UNC "Chapel Hill University". She also said something about it being the only college around. UNC and Duke are a few basketball bounces away from each other. The room was evenly split based on the immediate reaction to Sue's misstep. Sue didn't realize she uttered fighting words in basketball season in North Carolina so we hustled her out to the balcony for pictures before a skirmish could break out. I couldn't make Sue's class that night, so our Merchandiser wrote up her notes for me (and our blog readers). Sue is real, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Her Talk Sex with Sue show on Oxygen will be missed. Her candor about sex and sexuality is irreplaceable. If Sue visits a college or university near you, catch the show and ask her to show you how she can put a condom on with her mouth.


Sue Johanson Reviews Of Better Sex Products:

Click Here to Learn More about the Better Sex Synergy Pleasure System

Click Here to Learn More about Natural Contours Ideal Massager

Valentine Sale Ends Monday

Better Sex Valentine's Sale Continues
We hope your relationship is so strong even if you missed Valentine's Day on Saturday it doesn't matter. 2.14 is JUST ANOTHER DAY, but some meaningful expression of your love and care is never a BAD idea. Buying something is one way to express care and consideration, but certainly not nearly the only way. Our thought is 2.14 is an excuse, a convenient logic, to try something new. Daily routine is such a powerful thing getting a free "try something new" pass once a year is helpful.

If your relationship is all Eckhart Tolle balanced congratulations. One thing we know from Eckert is whatever you feel is truth. If you feel like you missed an important opportunity on 2.14 then you did. We are keeping our Better Sex Valentine Sale going until Tuesday the 17th. On the surface this may seem goofystupid. Our LAST MINUTE overnight shipping required cut off is Thursday noon, so you could spend a ton of $$ and have your new toy, adult sex education video or Better Sex Essentials lubricant by Valentine.

Don't Pay UPS For Overnight....
That may seem like strange advice since your purchases pay our mortgages, but place your order greater than $60 and upgrade the shipping to 2 day for $6.00. This means your Better Sex Valentine purchase will arrive early next week. SAY NOTHING. Do the usual things for 2.14 - dinner, movie, chocolate, flowers, whatever. Our stuff always ships discreet, so let your partner know you are expecting some office supplies from SI. Office supplies are boring enough that curiosity won't get that cat.

Don't open the package the first night. You will be home from work and dog tired. Let it sit and explain you will look at it tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, ask for some clear air, some undisturbed together time. THEN open your "office supplies" and tell your partner you think of them every day not just 2.14. Tell them every financial investment you have is in the toilet, but your investment in her (or him) has always paid magical returns. Who needs new cars, college educations, or the ability to retire as long as you are together. WAIT, strike that last bit as it is way to depressing and not accurate. The stuff that sucks now will get better. All the more reason to STAY HOME and find each other all over again. The price is right and THAT is why we will extend our Better Sex Valentine Sale to Tuesday the 17th.

Better Sex Video Series Mess Up
Yesterday we had a SNAFU on our best selling adult sex education series. Our systems did as they were incorrectly instructed taking the Better Sex Video Series off sale. This was an "our bad" mistake. If you purchased our award winning series yesterday and were charged $39.85 instead of $29.85 we apologize and will be glad to correct via a credit. Contact customer service cs(at)BetterSex(dot)com or call them toll free at 1.800.955.0888 with your order number so we can issue a credit.

Liberator Shapes
Liberator just increased their prices to us, so prices may not be as good as they are right now. We know at $210 this is not a cheap thing. I just got my knee scope bill from December and if I could pay $200 so my knees didn't HURT I would cough up the money (several times over). If you are going to buy one thing from us buy our Better Sex Video Series as those 3 dvds pack the best relationship improvement for the money. If you are going to SPLURGE on one thing, buy The Liberator Ramp and Wedge combination and save your back, knees, shoulders and hips. The cost of replacing those is a tad more than two hundred bucks (lol).

Several of our best sellers have been hit HARD this year wiping out our stock. We have orders in and should be back in stock soon depending on where stock is coming from (usually far off lands). Read my blog riff on replacement ideas for our Valentine Best Sellers that are out. We honor sale prices on back orders and ship on a first-ordered-first-shipped basis. We appreciate anyone who waits to buy from us and understand those who place orders with other sites who are in stock. C'est la guerre and our bad for not buying more. Who knew everyone would WANT our stuff during a recession. Don't misunderstand, we ARE GLAD and we understand. Our average order is less than the cost of dinner and a movie (if you drink anything other than water), so spend a little get a lot. We get it and are increasing our forecasts to reduce out-of-stocks in 2009.

Happy Valentine's Day and THANKS from everyone at and the Sinclair Institute.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Better Sex Buzz Team Competition

We are hiring....New Buzz Team Members
In 2009 we will increase our Better Sex Buzz Team from 45 members to 150. We have 105 openings. Buzz Team members earn free products worth hundreds of dollars for writing reviews and providing helpful information to the web team. Competition for our 105 open slots will begin on Tuesday February 17 and end with a community vote from March 2nd to March 8th.

We are also searching for 50 Better Sex Buzz Blogs.

Full details on how to enter our Better Sex Buzz Team Competition will be posted soon. If you can write, have a blog and like free sex toys (and who doesn't LOL) stay posted.
Better Sex Buzz Team Information (use this link to read about our Buzz Team, NOTE...we are updating this information as I write this so it will change in the next few days but it gives good general background now).


Free 2 Day = 2 Days Left

Procrastinator Deadline
Yes we've reached the end of Valentine 2009, or almost anyway. Orders before noon Wednesday $89.00 or more will be upgraded to 2 Day Air for Free and should arrive in time for Saturday 2.14. I had lunch with our Warehouse Director and he told me we are seeing our usual last minute Valentine spike, but we are in good shape as of today.

"Good shape" means his picking and packing crew are not falling behind. 2-Day air always has picking and packing priority, so we used the same target ($89.00) we used during the holidays. It worked then and it is working now as about half of our customers are opting for the faster shipping (with tracking). At this point, 2 Day Air is really the only option (other than overnight) to have your purchases by Valentine's Day.

Valentine Sale Ending on Monday
If you don't need your adult sex education, sex toys or lingerie by Saturday you can use standard shipping. Keep in mind our biggest Valentine Sale Ever will be ending on Monday morning February 16th so to save some $$$ buy before Monday.

Valentine Giveaway Update
We've been picking and shipping winners in our $10,000 Better Sex Valentine Giveaway every day. Five more drawings to go with a total of 27 winners still to pick.

We've been hit hard on a handful of best selling toys. This always happens at this time of year. Oprah contributed a mighty "Oprah Effect" this year too. Read our 2009 Valentine Best Sellers post for merchandise that is in stock and similar to what is out. If your heart is set on something that is out, not a bad idea to go ahead and place an order as back orders are shipped first-order-first-ship. You will be notified when the product that is currently out comes in and before we ship. We've also included suggestions on our site for alternative to out-of-stock products on our web site's product page. We should have all out-of-stocks resolved by sometime in March (some products take longer than others to arrive). Orders have been placed to fill every merchandising hole and we have a several hundred new products arriving over the next few weeks.

Fiction Contest - 3 Finalists
With a record number of votes, 520, our community selected 3 Erotic Fiction Finalists:

A Safer Life

Lucky Lady

A Valentine Heart


Who do you think should win our $3,000 Grand Prize? Vote in our non-binding community poll. Our 3 judge panel will cast their votes and a winner will be determined by Monday, February 16.

Hope you can make the procrastinator's deadline and thanks for everyone's continued support.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - 3 Days Left

Only 3 Days Left To Vote
In three days three stories will go to a three judge panel to select the $3,000 Grand Prize. Way too many 3's there, but be sure to vote for your favorite and help an unemployed or under-employed writer.

Ahead now: A Safer Life

Followed by: Lucky Lady

Followed by: Seven Months


Valentine 2009 Best Sellers Best Valentine Sellers
Best Sellers this year include perennial best sellers along with some new sex toys. Some best sellers are SOLD OUT for this Valentine. We always fill backorders on a first-ordered-first shipped basis, so if you hvee to have it and it is out go ahead and get in queue. I asked our merchandiser to share some alternatives that can operate on the same pleasure points as out-of-stock toys and are IN STOCK right now and available for THIS VALENTINE:

#1 Better Sex Video Series
Our most popular adult sex education series continues its “best selling” ways. Over 4,000,000 couples have used recommendations from educators, therapists and real people to improve their love lives.

Listen to my thirty minute interview with Susan and Tim Bratton, creators of Personal Life Media, about how The Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Martin's Inteview with Susan and Tim

#2 Dr. Berman’s Aphrodite - Out-Of-Stock (see recommendations below)
What happens when Dr. Berman discuss one of her toys on the Ophrah Winfrey show? We have a tough time keeping it in stock. Back orders will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis so you may want to get in queue. We won’t be back in stock until the end of March, so here are two other suggestions:

#3 Great Sex For A Lifetime
Our “better boomer sex” series seems to be selling beyond its intended audience and that is all good as far as we are concerned (lol). There is enough new information in our latest series owners of The Better Sex Video Series are buying Great Sex For A Lifetime too, again all fine with us. Glad we achieved one of our goals – not to repeat ourselves.

Don't forget to check out our cool Boomer site and play BOOMER BLOTS.

#4 Better Sex Essentials Lubricant
Our “never too rich, too thin or too much lubricant” message seems to be hitting home. Essentials is a clear customer favorite and one of our most reviewed products. Good lubricant is something everyone needs and feels passionately about apparently.

K-Y Your + Mine Honorable Mention
Johnson and Johnson, the creators of K-Y and a few other brands you know, is a little tiny company with a miniscule ad budget. I am kidding, but I am glad we added K-Y’s “personal lubricant” as it is doing exceptionally well too. We may have our Buzz Team do a heads up between K-Y and Better Sex Essentials. If you’ve tried both, email your thoughts to us at siiweb(at)

#5 Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
When Heather told me this vibrator was going to go crazy I thought she was crazy. I thought it looked like an alien. Remember I had the same “it won’t sell” reaction in another life when I saw Magnetic Poetry Kit for the first time. Magnetic Poetry Kit, words on magnets people play with on their fridge, became the Pet Rock of my generation so picking the next big thing is not my forte. Buzz Team LOVES their Butterfly Kisses and they are always a better Wisdom of Crowds indicator than Moi. BTW, we will be including Magnetic Poetry Kit – the fun racy words – soon as it was one of our purchases at the New York Gift Show last week.

#6 Silicone Triple Cock Ring
In my Cock Ring Revolution article I theorized increasing love ring sales means hope for men – we were acting on our unselfish desires to make love fun for our partners. Do cock rings make sex more fun for men too, yes, but how hard is that? No, the real benefit is finding a toy that helps everyone involved. Cock rings in general fit that description and this bad boy is our most popular ring and has been for over a year. If you buy one sex toy this Valentine this is what we would recommend. Actually, we don’t recommend buying one thing. Buy five things because that hedges your bet. ALWAYS hedge your bet on Valentine (read my other Valentine wisdom here). Is this advice self serving, duh, papa needs a new pair of shows here and this is our BIGGEST time of year. But, never depend on one magic bullet to improve your love life. This is a hard lesson to learn. If we knew what worked for everyone every time we would be on a beach somewhere drinking long cold beverages with little umbrellas in them served by….well let’s just stop there as you get the idea.

#7 Exploring Better Sex
There is something very “Indiana Jones” like in this Exploring Better Sex series. I see wearing a vest, one of those safari helmets and a dense jungle for some reason whenever I think of this series. Apparently exploring the jungle that is anyone’s love life, dense confusing jungle, is a trip many want to take this Valentine’s Day. Explore your love life than send your findings to us at siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com. If we get cool riffs and advice we will anonymously share them somewhere on (like we always do).

#8 G-Gasm Delight
This is another “sleeper” story. Finding and stimulating a woman’s g-spot has reached a clear tipping point. We get tons of questions about where, how and why on this topic. We are about to kit this popular vibe with our educational dvd on the same topic, so look for that soon.

#9 Rabbit Super Vibe – Currently Out-of-Stock
We have to put a cape on this Rabbit. Since our Buzz Team got a hold of it and explained how it REALLY WORKS we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock. We are doubling down on shipments and back orders will be filled on first-order-first-filled, so you may want to get in line. If you want some Rabbit pleasure by Valentine’s try these ideas:

#10. B3 Onye
These B3’s are cool, well loved by the Buzz Team and winners of our “high design” award. Our thinking is sex toys should look COOL because if these bad boys are boring there is no hope. Cool has to WORK too and, luckily, B3 Onye (and Tuyo) do both.

Heather created a great kit for Valentine with B3, see it B3 Valentine Kit HERE.

Honorable Mentions

Here are five products that finished just out of the top 10 best sellers:

We-Vibe (great Couples Valentine’s Gift and our Toy Of The Year in 2008 )

Head Honcho (alone on Valentine’s, treat yourself despite my Valentine advice riff).

O’ My Clitoral Stimulating Gel (this product’s name is its benefit)

TILF (yes the Teacher I would like to you-know-what was popular this Valentine)

* Martin

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Better Sex Fiction Contest 5 - Semifinals

13 Erotic Fiction Stories Fight for 3 Slots
After hundreds of stories, thousands of votes and over $1,000 already in prize money to writers who won their week, the 5th Better Sex Fiction Contest comes down a big vote to determine the top 3 stories. Three stories with the most votes move to a 3 judge panel and one will win the largest amateur erotic fiction Grand Prize of $3,000 awarded on 2.16. Voting time is HERE and ends Sunday.


Current Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest standings (changing almost hourly right now):

Story 1: " Naughty or Nice "
Story 2: " A Rule Worth Breaking "
Story 3: " A Safer Life "

Story 4: " Road Trip "
Story 5: " Fantasy "
Story 6: " Getting Personal "
Story 7: " Lucky Lady "
Story 8: " Under Inspection "
Story 9: " Trade "
Story 10: " Behave "
Story 11: " Wet "
Story 12: " Seven Months "
Story 13: " A Valentine's Heart for Adam..& Rick! "

Good luck to all authors!!!