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Valentine 2009 Best Sellers Best Valentine Sellers
Best Sellers this year include perennial best sellers along with some new sex toys. Some best sellers are SOLD OUT for this Valentine. We always fill backorders on a first-ordered-first shipped basis, so if you hvee to have it and it is out go ahead and get in queue. I asked our merchandiser to share some alternatives that can operate on the same pleasure points as out-of-stock toys and are IN STOCK right now and available for THIS VALENTINE:

#1 Better Sex Video Series
Our most popular adult sex education series continues its “best selling” ways. Over 4,000,000 couples have used recommendations from educators, therapists and real people to improve their love lives.

Listen to my thirty minute interview with Susan and Tim Bratton, creators of Personal Life Media, about how The Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Martin's Inteview with Susan and Tim

#2 Dr. Berman’s Aphrodite - Out-Of-Stock (see recommendations below)
What happens when Dr. Berman discuss one of her toys on the Ophrah Winfrey show? We have a tough time keeping it in stock. Back orders will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis so you may want to get in queue. We won’t be back in stock until the end of March, so here are two other suggestions:

#3 Great Sex For A Lifetime
Our “better boomer sex” series seems to be selling beyond its intended audience and that is all good as far as we are concerned (lol). There is enough new information in our latest series owners of The Better Sex Video Series are buying Great Sex For A Lifetime too, again all fine with us. Glad we achieved one of our goals – not to repeat ourselves.

Don't forget to check out our cool Boomer site and play BOOMER BLOTS.

#4 Better Sex Essentials Lubricant
Our “never too rich, too thin or too much lubricant” message seems to be hitting home. Essentials is a clear customer favorite and one of our most reviewed products. Good lubricant is something everyone needs and feels passionately about apparently.

K-Y Your + Mine Honorable Mention
Johnson and Johnson, the creators of K-Y and a few other brands you know, is a little tiny company with a miniscule ad budget. I am kidding, but I am glad we added K-Y’s “personal lubricant” as it is doing exceptionally well too. We may have our Buzz Team do a heads up between K-Y and Better Sex Essentials. If you’ve tried both, email your thoughts to us at siiweb(at)

#5 Butterfly Kiss Vibrator
When Heather told me this vibrator was going to go crazy I thought she was crazy. I thought it looked like an alien. Remember I had the same “it won’t sell” reaction in another life when I saw Magnetic Poetry Kit for the first time. Magnetic Poetry Kit, words on magnets people play with on their fridge, became the Pet Rock of my generation so picking the next big thing is not my forte. Buzz Team LOVES their Butterfly Kisses and they are always a better Wisdom of Crowds indicator than Moi. BTW, we will be including Magnetic Poetry Kit – the fun racy words – soon as it was one of our purchases at the New York Gift Show last week.

#6 Silicone Triple Cock Ring
In my Cock Ring Revolution article I theorized increasing love ring sales means hope for men – we were acting on our unselfish desires to make love fun for our partners. Do cock rings make sex more fun for men too, yes, but how hard is that? No, the real benefit is finding a toy that helps everyone involved. Cock rings in general fit that description and this bad boy is our most popular ring and has been for over a year. If you buy one sex toy this Valentine this is what we would recommend. Actually, we don’t recommend buying one thing. Buy five things because that hedges your bet. ALWAYS hedge your bet on Valentine (read my other Valentine wisdom here). Is this advice self serving, duh, papa needs a new pair of shows here and this is our BIGGEST time of year. But, never depend on one magic bullet to improve your love life. This is a hard lesson to learn. If we knew what worked for everyone every time we would be on a beach somewhere drinking long cold beverages with little umbrellas in them served by….well let’s just stop there as you get the idea.

#7 Exploring Better Sex
There is something very “Indiana Jones” like in this Exploring Better Sex series. I see wearing a vest, one of those safari helmets and a dense jungle for some reason whenever I think of this series. Apparently exploring the jungle that is anyone’s love life, dense confusing jungle, is a trip many want to take this Valentine’s Day. Explore your love life than send your findings to us at siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com. If we get cool riffs and advice we will anonymously share them somewhere on (like we always do).

#8 G-Gasm Delight
This is another “sleeper” story. Finding and stimulating a woman’s g-spot has reached a clear tipping point. We get tons of questions about where, how and why on this topic. We are about to kit this popular vibe with our educational dvd on the same topic, so look for that soon.

#9 Rabbit Super Vibe – Currently Out-of-Stock
We have to put a cape on this Rabbit. Since our Buzz Team got a hold of it and explained how it REALLY WORKS we’ve had trouble keeping it in stock. We are doubling down on shipments and back orders will be filled on first-order-first-filled, so you may want to get in line. If you want some Rabbit pleasure by Valentine’s try these ideas:

#10. B3 Onye
These B3’s are cool, well loved by the Buzz Team and winners of our “high design” award. Our thinking is sex toys should look COOL because if these bad boys are boring there is no hope. Cool has to WORK too and, luckily, B3 Onye (and Tuyo) do both.

Heather created a great kit for Valentine with B3, see it B3 Valentine Kit HERE.

Honorable Mentions

Here are five products that finished just out of the top 10 best sellers:

We-Vibe (great Couples Valentine’s Gift and our Toy Of The Year in 2008 )

Head Honcho (alone on Valentine’s, treat yourself despite my Valentine advice riff).

O’ My Clitoral Stimulating Gel (this product’s name is its benefit)

TILF (yes the Teacher I would like to you-know-what was popular this Valentine)

* Martin

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