Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We-Vibe Goes To Hollywood

We-Vibe was named Viewer's Choice Toy of the Year in 2008 on Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and now We-Vibe is going to Hollywood.

Canadian sex toy inventors of the We-Vibe have recently been invited to showcase their product at the Oscars, participating in the Oscar gifting suites. This is a new journey for the adult sex toy industry, "proof positive that adult sex toys are going mainstream" ~Bruce Murison, We-Vibe Inventor.

"The We-Vibe is a huge leap forward in the adult toy market - a paradigm shift really - in that the adult toy market now has a vibrator that can actually be shared by a couple while making love," says Murison.

Expand your sexual boundaries with this innovative new product specially designed for heterosexual couples. Click Here to Learn More About the We-Vibe.

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