Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Talking Sex with Sue

Talk Sex Host Sue Johanson Holds Class at the University of North Carolina
Tickets for her show sold out an hour after they went on sale. Sue Johanson, from Talk Sex with Sue on the Oxygen Network, came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Tuesday night as part of the “Carolina V-Day Initiative”. UNC students showered Sue with abundant applause after a short introduction following with a standing ovation after Sue demonstrated how to put a condom on using only her mouth, a true show stopper. Before we discuss the end of Talk Sex at UNC, let’s talk a little bit about Sue Johanson.

In 1970, Sue began the first birth control clinic in a Canadian high school. Planned Parenthood counselor, a Human Sexuality instructor, and hosted the Sunday Night Sex Show on the W Network and created Talk Sex With Sue, Oxygen’s top rated sexuality call-in show. In 2008, Sue left Talk Sex (reruns still show on Oxygen).

Sue has visited David Letterman, Conan O’Brian, The Ellen DeGeneres’s show and sat on the couch next to Jay Leno. Sue’s authored three books: Talk Sex, Sex is Perfectly Natural – But Not Naturally Perfect and Sex, Sex and More Sex. She’s earned the Order of Canada in 2001, Canadian knighthood and the Excellence in Education award by The Ontario Institute in 1990.

Now to the Tuesday night show at UNC.

Sue spoke about the human body in detail not provided in traditional sex-ed classes. She stressed the importance of women learning about and understanding their bodies early in life. "Nice Girls Don't Do That" stigma may prevent women from healthy exploration. Sue agrees with Plato’s “know thyself” lesson. She stressed masturbation with the knowledge that "orgasms are grossly over rated". You can’t teach what you don’t know. Men masturbate early and often, Sue noted. “Nice girls” stigma may prevent similar exploration by women. Even nice girls need to share feedback and instruction with their partners, impossible if you don’t know yourself. Experimentation and exploration were common answers to student’s questions.

"Most women do not orgasms every time and if they say they do, they're lying or don't know what an orgasm is," Sue joked. Did you know orgasm and ejaculation are not synonymous for men? Many in the audience didn’t. A man’s penis is created for procreation. Expelling sperm is its job. Yes, sex for men is always good, but sometimes it is GOOD!

Orgasms are like cars. Some orgasms are big, flashy and dramatic. Other orgasms are small, more conservative. Every orgasm is good. Have I had the BIG O? If you don't know, the answer is probably NO. Sue's advice was fun, helpful and well received. Give yourself permission to explore so you know what you need. Once you know, tell others. Orgasms may be over rated, but we vote for having them versus not having them. Sue’s two hour class in Tar Heel country was a night to remember.

Lunch with Sue Johanson
Before Sue's UNC class we took her to lunch at A Southern Season. Sue is just like she is on television - straightforward, funny, specific and honest. She is your grandmother if your grandmother could talk about sex without pulling a single punch (mine sure couldn't LOL). Candor describes Sue to a tee. I was sitting next to her. At one point she grabbed my knee. I must have looked surprised. "I am a touchy person," she said smiling impishly. Immediately warm and sharing, our lunch was full of great conversation and funny one liners. It was funny to hear "dildo" said with such abandoned in The Wethervane inside of A Southern Season (a high end Chapel Hill eatery). Everyone warmed to Sue. She was gracious taking pictures with Sinclair staff, Southern Season wait staff and several locals. Sue's single faux pas was when she called UNC "Chapel Hill University". She also said something about it being the only college around. UNC and Duke are a few basketball bounces away from each other. The room was evenly split based on the immediate reaction to Sue's misstep. Sue didn't realize she uttered fighting words in basketball season in North Carolina so we hustled her out to the balcony for pictures before a skirmish could break out. I couldn't make Sue's class that night, so our Merchandiser wrote up her notes for me (and our blog readers). Sue is real, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Her Talk Sex with Sue show on Oxygen will be missed. Her candor about sex and sexuality is irreplaceable. If Sue visits a college or university near you, catch the show and ask her to show you how she can put a condom on with her mouth.


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