Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks For Best Better Sex Valentine...Ever!

Best Better Sex Valentine....Ever!
We hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Your support of BetterSex.com made this is best Valentine's in our history. We appreciate your support, encouragement and patronage (i.e. giving us money for things). You have our pledge we will repay your trust with hard work, the best Value for our customers and new creative ideas in 2009. Everyone here is exhausted and happy. I'm even going to get out of town for a week at the beach here soon. I know, and we all know, YOU pay for our ability to continue to serve (and week's at the beach). Thanks seems to fall a tad short, but it is what we have. THANKS from everyone at BetterSex.com.

Were we perfect?
Nope, not even close, but we wanted to be (and that counts for a lot). We are seeing BizRate customer notes about not delivering what we promise (in our ads). We ALWAYS deliver any promise we ever make. BUT the only way to receive special ad stuff is with a code (called an "extension" in our ads).

Ads are NOT CHEAP. We look at each advertising expenditure HARD especially now. Codes are the PAIN IN THE ASS thing that allows us to allocate your dollars to the right ad. We know using a code is a pain so we provide incentives to remember and use the codes. Shipping is cheaper and free gifts offered in ads are very specific. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you use an ad code, you may ONLY receive free gifts mentioned in the ad. The ad eliminates whatever you see on this page: http://www.bettersex.com/free_gift_offer.aspx.

Offers vary. Some customers may prefer web offers to advertised offers and BELIEVE ME we are cool with anything you want to do. Just remember if you want what is offered in an ad USE THE EXTENSION by typing that code into our search box or going to our /ad page (http://www.bettersex.com/ad) or go to the Better Sex ad page.

Entering Ad Code (extension) such as 8ME143 (a Men's Health ad) into our Search Box will bring up the ad:


That ad is pretty hot, so I will just let you click on the link if you are curious. In any case, you get the idea. Use the code get the deal. Don't use the code and you will receive something else. We ALWAYS have FREE GIFTS, so that is not a worry. Standard Shipping is FREE when you order $59.00 or more online.

Best Deal - Spend $59.00, Get Free Shipping
Our average ad customer buys more than $45 worth of adult sex education videos and sex toys from us. This is $14 away from FREE SHIPPING online. $5.00 of that difference will be eaten up by the ad shipping charge. This means spending $9.00 more (less than the cost of a bottle of Better Sex Essentials Gel Lubricant), would trigger FREE Standard Shipping.

50% of our Free Standard customers UPGRADE to 2-Day Air for $6.00. Here is what you see in our cart when your order is equal to or greater than $59.00:

For me and 50% of our customers who qualify for free standard shipping, this is a "no-brainer". In for a penny in for six bucks for tracking number, 2 day instead of a week shipping and warehouse picking priority.

Thanks again, we will work to get better in 2009.


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