Friday, February 27, 2009

Martin's Vacation

Beach Time

Three years is too long between vacations. I am out of here and heading toward the North Carolina coast. Actually I am sitting in Panera near my house writing this post. I WILL be out of here soon for a week of R&R on a tiny island off the coast. Have to take a ferry to get there and no cars allowed. This time of year, a full month before even "early season" the island should be quiet. Quiet is exactly what I seek (lol). I would keep my head down and plow through, but I was losing my sense of humor last week. You must have a sense of humor to work at Think about it. Almost everything you say on any given day could have double meaning in our business. If you've been here before you know we take our service to you VERY seriously, but fun is part of any balanced life or business.

I've worked for big guns (P&G, Mars Candy) and I've created several companies. Working for Sinclair and is the most fun I've had in my almost 30 year business career (MAN that makes me feel old). Selling soap and candy is cool, but helping people connect helps you get up in the morning and start another day.

Thanks from Martin

I can take a vacation because has AMAZING customers. You guys pay for my PTO (Paid Time Off). It is much appreciated. Some reading this post may be facing tough times as we head into what seems like a never ending recession / depression. Connection at times like these is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Hug your wife, husband or partner. I don't know when our collective lives we be better. We view our jobs broadly - WE HELP PEOPLE. Our primary mission is to help people connect. Our products are designed to create loving connection. Our business is booming because our mission is most important RIGHT NOW.

I hate advice. Advice always stinks. I will spare you any trite bromides. We want you to know your support, guidance and commitment is something we are grateful for EVERY day (not just when you give us money for things). We must earn your trust, attention and involvement. We try to LISTEN intently and hard when you speak. In the end, if you boil them down, every product we sell is about better communication. Can a sex toy or vibrator communicate? Absolutely is what I am thinking (lol). Everyone reading this post helped us in 2008 and already in 2009. We know that. I know that. THANKS.

Martin's Apology
I've spent much of the year behind. I suspect many reading this know exactly what I am talking about. When you think you are behind you sometimes act like a behind (little pun there :). Slowing down, appreciating small things, taking care requires skill and attention, a skill I am working on. If you tried to reach me and found me slow to respond forgive me. My favorite part of my chosen profession is connecting with our customers, our writers and people with ideas about how to help us. I will work on "less overwhelmed" and "more patient" AFTER vacation (LOL). Know at my core I love dogs, our country, know my limitations and live to serve. Our whole team shares these values and we always get great guidance from our customers.

Last Weekend Of Buzz Team Sale

This is it for our Buzz Team sale. We are also coming to the end of our search for more Buzzers. Buzz Team members get FREE STUFF to write reviews and contribute to If you would like to join us, click on the Free Sex Toys link on the right of our home page.

Get Out Of Town
My team has cool stuff to share with you when I am away. In fact, I suspect they will find all kinds of new ideas to try (one reason why good bosses have to get out of town frequently). I received the gift of a GREAT new team last year. It is testimony to just how good they are that I feel confident to get out of town. Great job guys (they will read this when I am on the beach).

What Will I Do?

I have 10 books and will possibly read two. I will try to put some serious miles on my bike or as many miles as an island can provide (lol) and I will write (working on a book you can read about on ScentTrail my blog if interested). Traffic should be thinned by now, so I AM OUT OF HERE :). Have a great week everybody.


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