Friday, May 30, 2008

Sarah Jessica on Charlie Rose 2

Sarah Jessica Parker on Charlie Rose - Use that link to go to the Charlie Rose site.

Just watched a great interview with Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City writer / producer Michael Patrick King. Sarah Jessica is beautiful and intelligent as always. The real revelation in tonight's interview (video not available yet) was Michael Patrick King. Charlie asked King a great question. How does a man write so well for mostly women characters. King said he channeled emotion and his three sisters trained him.

This video is an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker when the Family Stone was released in 2005. As soon as they post tonight's fascinating discussion we will post it. For now a little SJP goes a long way to getting us ready for THE movie release Friday night.

Don't forget about our new kits inspired by characters from the movie. Bet you can't figure out what kit goes with SJP's character?

  1. Flirty Kit
  2. Sinfully Sweet Kit
  3. Dirty Kit
  4. Let Loose Kit
What kit was meant for Carrie? We aren't telling. See if you can guess and email us at Click the link below to go to our page celebrating the movie.

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