Tuesday, August 26, 2008

25% off Site Labor Day Sale

25% Off The Site Labor Day Sale *
Every now and again we get to create one of our favorite sales. We love 25% off the site sales because:

  • Easy to create for us because the offer fires into your cart. Put an item in there and presto, chango 25% off.
  • Customers love site wide sales because they get to buy whatever they want ON SALE.
  • Easy to understand - put stuff in your cart and 25% comes off the top.

Why Did we create this sale?
Here is what came to mind (included on our Learn More) page:

  • End of the Summer
  • Olympics are over
  • Football really hasn't started yet
  • Everyone in NC is at the beach
  • Economy sucks
  • The Jungian thing

The Jungian Thing
The Jungian Thing is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your mind at once a la Private Joker in Kurick's movie Full Metal Jacket. The two opposing ideas, in this case, would be "shop online" over the last weekend of summer. We started the sale yesterday so you can achieve a Jungian state (buy stuff and then hit the beach).

* Almost Everything ...
Less than 1% of our products can't play in a sale like this usually due to agreements with manufacturers or high costs to us. We try to clearly tattoo "not available for discounts" on products affected by either condition.

Best Sellers
Use that link to view our Learn More page, top 10 best sellers this summer on the bottom of the page.

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