Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Better Sex Podcasts - Soon

Personal Life Media
We are working with our friends at Personal Life Media to create a free Better Sex podcast widget. PLM is a very cool site with tons of great free content on just about any subject you can name. We have the Better Sex Podcast widget on our QA site, think of QA as a scene that is backstage waiting for its turn on stage. I am about to write copy for the top of our Better Sex University page.

End of Free Condoms
If you are playing at home you know that our new Better Sex Podcasts will replace our Free Condom offer. We shipped 100 people free condoms this summer just because we thought that would be a cool thing to do. Today is the last day of the free condoms at least for a little bit.

Funny Free Condom Story
Before I sold sex toys and worked for world peace as I do now, I owned a cool gift company. If you've ever played with magnetic words on your fridge or locker then you've bought or played with a product the company I co-founded helped bring to market. We went to large gift shows in New York and San Francisco. Our booth contained thousands of magnetic words on a metal wall and bowls of Jenny Holzer condoms.

In New York we would come in every morning and read the wall. I've never seen so many creative uses of "sausage" before. We would edit out the most raunchy haiku and get ready for another day of trade show craziness. We had to refill Jenny Holzer condoms, we kept them in a huge glass bowl, a couple of times during the New York show.

Jenny's art is words. She creates advertising-like riffs such as THE FUTURE IS STUPID and usually paints her art on LED displays in museums or projected on the side of buildings (cool picture of projecting Jenny's art on Wikipedia - use the link above). We sold Holzer condoms with "Holzerisms" printed on them. The most popular Holzer condom was PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT.

When we moved our traveling circus to the San Francisco gift show we had to read the wall every morning, AND we had to fill the condom bowl every morning. The San Francisco Gift Show is about 1/4 the size of New York, but we always had to plan for 4X as many condoms for San Francisco, the city by the bay. I love San Francisco. If I could afford it I would be writing this blog from a warehouse at the bottom of one of those great giant hills. If you can, be sure to get to Frisco before September is over to see Frida Kahlo at SF MoMA. This show of Kahlo's singular paintings, from what friends tell me, is not to be missed.

Long story about why if you want a free condom, you need to visit the Better Sex University before tomorrow. If Free Condoms is something you like and want us to do again let us know.

Protect me from what I want,

msmith @ BetterSex . com

P.S. Want to read more Martin museum riff? Read Top 5 Summer Museums on ScentTrail, or type "top summer museums" into Google.

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