Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BetterSex.com Says Thanks!!!

Best Customers In The World
Everyone at BetterSex.com, the Sinclair Institute and my web teams says a huge THANKS to our customers for making this year's Better Sex Summer Sale so successful. It sounds like brown nosing to say we have the best customers in the world, but we do. Here are just a few exciting things we accomplished together this summer:

  • Over 500 customers voted in our, "Tell BetterSex.com what to put on sale" poll.
  • The winning toy, the Pearl Panther, went on back order for a short period (until the truck arrived). We've kept the Panther on sale to say THANKS for voting and helping.
  • We received great feedback on how to improve our shopping cart. Tomorrow we will share our new design for your feedback here. Read my How BetterSex.com Free Shipping Works article inspired by customer feedback. My take-away is, when you have to work as hard as I did to explain something it is TOO HARD. We will fix our cart and appreciate our customer's insight and ideas.
  • We created a His and Hers iPod contest that thousands entered (this is only a week left to enter and don't forget you can't win if you don't double opt in).
  • We've discovered great new authors in our Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest - the semi-finals start next week. Who will be the Best Erotic Fiction writer this summer? Your vote will determine.
  • Our last day Free Shipping email was a HUGE hit, so be sure to sign up for our emails so you don't miss the next "email only" special.

We are taking about a minute to breathe, hum our mantras and say THANKS after our biggest online sale ever. While we can't believe the summer is almost over, here in North Carolina school buses will dot the landscape again in about a week. We appreciate everyone's support, ideas and encouragement this summer!

We are riffing new ideas in August. We replaced our Better Sex Summer Sale with $19.95 DVD sale. We are testing this lower price on more than 200 DVD titles. We sell adult movies because therapists and sex educators tell us adult movies can be a source of ideas and creative inspiration for couples trying to get out of a sexual rut. And, yes we did used to read the articles in Playboy too....:)

Almost All DVD's $19.95 + Buy any 2 DVD's Receive 25% off any toy

BetterSex.com sells the adult sex education titles we create such as The Better Sex Video Series ® and Great Sex For A Lifetime more than anything. Sex Toys are next and a distant third is the sex positive adult movies that clear our Sinclair Select screening process. Every adult DVD we sell is reviewed and checked against "sex positive" criteria. Our reviewer writes several hundred words on every DVD. We are working on moving these reviews online. They are hilarious and insightful (read TailGunners review as an example). Please don't apply to be our Adult Movie Reviewer as that job is currently filled (lol). We will be enrolling Better Sex Buzz Team members again in September, and.....

I Want To Work For BetterSex.com Internship Contest...coming soon
I was watching I Want To Work For Diddy last night on VH1 and thought, "Hey we have a cooler, much more fun internship," so I am working on the I Want To Work For BetterSex.com Internship Contest right now. The contest will pit North Carolina residents against each other for the coolest internship on the planet. When you work at BetterSex.com you get to think of Sex and World Peace (literally), so what could be cooler? Work here for 6 months learning SEO, web marketing and content development and we guarantee your resume will jump off the pile. We can help you get their attention, closing the six figure salary you know you deserve will be up to you. More details soon.....

Kudos to BetterSex.com Web Team
I just gathered my team into a meeting room to say THANKS. A little over 90 days ago our Graphic Designer, Web Merchandiser and Email Marketing Manager left us to go to startup land. Yes, I thought my life was over. We hired 3 great people in 3 days and they have rocked the house. THANKS to the BetterSex.com web team for diving in and doing a great job! My privilege is to work with such a great professional team. Way to go guys!!!

Msmith @ bettersex . com

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