Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City Movie Review

Sex and the City
The Sex and the City movie is a big deal around We love all the "sex is back" coverage and will blog on that soon. We've set up a special Sex and the City area on our site with fun ideas for how your sex life can be hotter than the characters in the movie. We also thought it would be fun to share reviews from a male and female staff member.

Sex and the City Movie Review - (he said)
I saw Sex and the City on a Sunday afternoon in a small theater with about 100 mostly women. I enjoyed the television series because the writing was always crisp, the women's characters well drawn and the sex was erotic and hot. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it with some caveats:

  • The sex is not very hot.
  • The movie plays long.
  • Watch the DVD's first

Sex is Not Hot
What is with Samantha? For even casual fans of the HBO series Samantha's sexual appetites are well known. She never has sex in this movie! Having Samantha distant, she lives in LA, and monogamous took heat out of the movie. The film's producer and writer, Michael Patrick King, must have been worried about a NC-17 rating. The sex left in looks cut down, quick and not shot very well. No one, with the exception of Smanatha's next door neighbor (who we never meet or get to know), looks like they are having much fun. There are a few moments of passion between Mr. Big and Carrie, but there is much more time trying on dresses. What is Sex and the City without hot, almost shocking sex? The good news is the relationship between the "sisters" is deep, entertaining and instructive (if you are a man).

The Movie Plays Long
A half an hour could have been left on the editing room floor. There are three "try on dresses" catwalk sequences. There is a long and mostly depressing trip to Mexico and a lot of apartment decorating that could have been shaped, sharpened and cut. There is also a new intriguing character, Jennifer Hudson as Louise, who has little to do and not much screen time. The idea of passing the baton to the next generation of twenty-something women trying to find love in New York is present but not well executed.

Watch the DVD's First
The movie assumes you know about the series. If don't know Miranda is uptight, Samantha is a slut and Carrie is looking for love in all the wrong men then some of the movie will not make much sense. Seems crazy to do homework for a movie, but you will enjoy it more if you know the "why" behind some of the movie's conventions.

I realize these caveats sounds like I do not like the movie. I liked seeing characters I knew so well reunited. I liked seeing how differently women bond than men and I liked seeing the ever-present fifth character of the film (New York). I would recommend Sex and the City - the movie, but take a date.


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