Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tailgunners $14.95 - Last Days

Tailgunners Review
Here is what our in-house movie critic had to say about Tailgunners.
"While the script for this flick can be offensive at times and some of the F/X is less than convincing, this three hour plus fantasy about American Women fighting the World War II axis powers is pretty sexy stuff. There are eleven imaginative incendiary numbers that really give customers a lot of return on their investment."

The story revolves around wannabe fighter pilot Austyn Moore who wants to fight the Nazi menace. Carman Luvana plays the villain making "Tokyo Rose" like broadcast praising the enemy and creating far fetch plots to bomb New York. After much intrigue, Austyn finds herself behind enemy lines playing a game of sexual chess with villain Carmen. The two women duel and, no surprise, the good girl wins. Carvmen Luvana's Tokyo Rose (or whatever the German equivalent would have been) rides a bomb into the ocean. It that sounds familiar it is a direct lift from Slim Pickens famous ride in Dr. Strangelove. Our reviewer continues, "Yes this one is silly and stupid in parts, but the movie moves at a quick pace and the sex scenes are fast and furious."

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