Monday, June 9, 2008

Better Sex Summer Sale

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Summer has arrived in North Carolina with record heat, $4.00 gas and air conditioners that run all night long. The better news is our Summer Sale starts NOW.

Summer Sale Details
We have over 130 products up to 60% off while supplies last. The last part of that sentence, "while supplies last", is important since, for the first time, we've included new products in our Better Sex Summer Sale. We have no sales history on these newbies, so we bought what we thought made sense. Our guesstimates should mean we have plenty, but since some of these products have to have boat fare to reach us when you see something you like the safest bet is to buy it now.

2 Free Summer Sale Gifts
We have some great free gifts for anyone buying $24 or more (and that is just about everyone) including: Screaming O Love Ring, Petal Pusher Vibrator (one of our best sellers) and 6 Amazing Sex Techniques DVD and 26 Incredible Sex Positions DVD (two new educational titles).

Getting Your 2 Free Gifts
Our current free gift system is awkward and we know it and apologize for it. Go to this page to see your free gift options

Free Gifts with Ad or Catalog Codes
When you use a promotion code from one of our advertisements or catalog, the free gifts you are offered may be different than what is on our "free gifts" page. Please keep that in mind.

Select Free Gifts - Last Page of Checkout
Free gifts are always offered on the last page of check-out just before the confirmation. That location at the very end of our checkout process is the awkward part. Hang in there and you will be able to select 2 cool gifts.

Take me to the Better Sex Summer Sale - use that link to go direclty to our sale area.

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