Monday, June 1, 2009

Rabbit Sale = Last Day

We had an email snafu last weekend, a case of our left hand slapping right hand. Email declared our Better Sex Couples Sex Toy Sale and ALL Rabbits Sale over a week early. Managing a web site is a lot like what my friend Tony does for a living. Tony is a behind the scenes guy on Broadway. I knew Tony in college where he set me straight about what it really meant to be on the AV squad (meant you were uber-cool not uber-geek as I incorrectly thought). If you go to a Broadway play and lighting is perfect and stages change exactly when and how they are supposed to chances are my friend Tony (or his friends) are running the scene changing technology.

We couldn't have ended our Rabbit and Couples sale until today because the noise you hear, the hammering and stressed voices, is my team staying up the better part of several nights to work on a new play, the play that starts tomorrow. We are calling this play the Summer of FREE Love and it is going to be massively cool.

BUT, not every Rabbit vibrator is on sale tomorrow as they are now. Some of our couples sex toy selections are coming off sale too, so if you've been thinking about something in either of those categories best to get 'er done tonight.

Summer of Free Love starts tomorrow.



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