Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Lucky...Last Weekend

Luck of the Irish Ends Monday
Boy that headline doesn't sound good. What we meant to say is our Get Lucky sale, the one we started for St. Patty's day, ends Monday. Every green sex toy we could find is on sale. Sure to tickle your leprechaun, find a pot of pleasurable gold at the end of our sale. Enough bad Irish spin already? Hear that :).

Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest Ends March 31st
Another fastly approaching deadline is our Canyon Ranch Better Sex Testimonial spa weekend. Who doesn't need a serious pampered break right about now? We see your hands raised, but can't take you with us to a special place where your every desire is fulfilled UNLESS YOU ENTER.

Enter Better Sex Spa Weekend Contest

Martin's Podcast
Getting a lot of feedback about hearing my voice. I interviewed silicone valley entrepreneurs Susan and Tim Bratton about how our Better Sex Video Series helped save their marriage.

Listen to Martin's Interview with Susan and Tim Bratton

Martin's Back from Vacation
First week back from vacation has to be the hardest in the world. I am in my second week and would crawl back to the coast (if possible). Appreciate every one's good thoughts and support (while I was away). Only good things happen prompting my boss to say, "Why don't you take a vacation more often than once every three years." No problem boss I am there :).

Have a "lucky" weekend everyone.


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