Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better Sex White Album

New Look
Today we've launched a new look and feel for our web site. Our internal name for this new site is the Better Sex White Album. When you see our new home page design you will understand the name. Six years ago we changed web design ethos for adult toy web sites. We know sex toys, vibrators and our adult sex education dvds are just like any other products. Well that is not entirely true, our products are much more fun, but the way we sell our products should be on par with brands we all know and trust such as Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma and Target. This is the philosophy we created six years ago. We are proud to create and sell the best sex toys around and our customers are proud too. Our idea caught fire and many competitors adopted clean lines, clear presentation and a "branded" approach. One sure way to judge success of an Internet idea is to see who copies and improves it. We salute our competitors for intelligent adoption of an important idea - sex toys are cool, fun and nothing to ever be ashamed to purchase. We take care of the world as we take care of ourselves and a little pleasure is never a bad thing.

Mainstream Sex Toys
There is little doubt sex toys are moving mainstream. When you go to a movie such as Burn After Reading or Zack and Miri Create A Porno and they intelligently discuss Liberator Shapes, Fleshlights and Rabbits you know sex toys are mainstream and coming to a Walgreen’s near you soon. We've helped create this trend and are glad we, the collective we, can buy sex toys without shame. We think it will be a bit before Walgreen's understands what makes a great sex toy such as the We-Vibe, but mainstream will join the party we helped start sooner rather than later.

Better Sex Mission
Our mission is to help couples find, create and improve their sex life. We know better sex leads to better relationships and vice versa. Even when we mess up, we always start with our desire to help. I restate this here, regular readers of this blog will know I am little crazy about service, because from our mission flows everything including development of the Better Sex White Album web site design.

Customer Suggestions
Many changes in our new design were suggested by customers. We love customer suggestions because we don't have to worry if we are doing the right thing. Making it easier to communicate, buy from and contribute to is always our intention. Your feedback helps, so please keep emailing us your ideas, thoughts, reactions and etc... If you really want to help, join our Better Sex Buzz Team. Our Buzz Team helps us know what really works (or doesn't). They are an invaluable resource and special members of our growing community. Use the link below to find out more about how to join our Buzz Team:

Tell me more about the Better Sex Buzz Team?

Feedback on Better Sex White Album
Please send feedback on our new look and feel to siiweb(at)BetterSex(dot)com. We will have special THANKS and, as always, we appreciate the help. Use the link below to go to see our new look and feel:

See Better Sex White Album Web Site

Thanks for everyone's help. We couldn't have created this new album (web site) without your help!

Great effort by Better Sex Web Team and our IT Support Team too! Great job guys!!!


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