Thursday, July 24, 2008

Most Unusual Place Poll

Take our Most Unusual Place Poll

What is the most unusual place you've ever done the wild thing?
Personally, I am not an elevator, movie or restaurant person. It is not that I am not creative, at least I hope that isn't what it means. Opportunity and desire have never met in a very unusual venue.

This is not true for our customers. The last time we riffed a "most unusual place" question we included an "other" entry and received great reponses from all around the world. My favorite was the story of a young couple who made love on a Hong Kong park bench as elders went through their usual Tai Chi next to them. From the three or four sentences this customer wrote I could see the foggy morning rolling into the park while a group of Tai Chi exercisers slowly, gracefully moved through their routines paying no mind to the couple on the bench.

Is your story more "unusual" than a Hong Kong park bench?
Share your most unusual places story and we will aoonymously publish them here and maybe on If we use your story, we will be sure to send along special THANKS.

Email your most unusual place you've made love to siiweb @ bettersex . com.


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