Monday, July 21, 2008

Better Sex Sweepstakes - Why US Only?

Why USA Only?

We owe our Canadian customers an apology. We sent an email about our iPod contest, a contest Canadians can not enter, last week. My bad and I hope our loyal friends to the North and South will forgive me. Sweepstakes law is variable by state and country. It is also complicated and a true pain. We read an entire book to understand United States limitations, requirements and issues. Here is what one of our customers told us today about Canadain law:

Many thanks for your response - I only formed the question as a "curiosity" as I am fully aware of the complexities of Canadian laws so please don't waste a lot of time on this issue---besides I have never won anything anyway.

Have a great day
Legal limitations are why we created our Better Sex Sweepstakes as a USA only event. We are thinking about ways to create a "make-up" for non-USA customers and will find a material and fun way to say sorry for the mistake.

Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.

msmith @ bettersex . com

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